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Bored With God

By Pastor Phillip Howle
web posted October 22, 2014

RELIGION Ė Bored. I am bored; this may be the most constant refrain that we hear today. This is true not just for the 10 year old hooked to an IPod, but for the adult who spends each and every second of their day and weekend running around looking for the next thrill or excitement. The reality is that we do so much all the time it takes a lot to shrug off boredom and to be thrilled. We find ourselves hyper stimulated and nothing at all brings a thrill to our hearts.

What are we saying when say we are bored? First, we are saying that we are not satisfied with what God has given us. Second, it shows that we are blind to what we have already been given. And because we fail to see whatís there before us, we cry boredom.

I have a confession to make; there are times when I become bored with God. I wish each day and morning I awake to a cacophony of the grace and power of Jesus exploding in my heart. But this is not always the case. I can tell when I become bored, the things of God cease to capture my attention and enthrall me. I become dull to message of salvation. I fail to be impressed by Godís creation. I fail to be thankful for all the little processes of my body aligning by His grace to keep me breathing and upright today.

One of the reasons that boredom with God happens in my life is that I start treating Godís word as a material to build a sermon out of, much like wood and nails to carpenter as opposed to letting it be alive to me. For you it may mean your devotions have become simple routine or it may mean that you donít even make an effort at all to spend time with God. Either way monotony can lead to spiritual staleness.
How insulting is this to God? I know that I get upset with my children when they say they are bored. Why? Because it is offensive to me after all I do for them. But Godís word offers a corrective: Isaiah 66:2 ďBut this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word."

The last experience that truly caused me to tremble was a few years back. I was running with a friend at Lick Fork Lake and I almost ran right on top of a rattlesnake. It coiled up and started to rattle and my heart was racing. I turned to quickly run away. There was a real fear and real respect for the power of the creature now angry and looking right me. I would like to think he was equally scared of me huffing and puffing in a sleeveless T-shirt. But I canít be certain.

I felt a lot of emotions, but in that moment I was not bored! When we forget the power and awesomeness of our God perpetual boredom will set in. I mean if the God who created the beating wings of the hummingbird and the on again and off again planet of Pluto, cared enough to encapsulate His words for us in the Bible, then we should by all means give it awesome and fearful attention!

But what do you when you become with bored with God? First, donít stop! Even when you donít feel like it, you must continue to be like a farmer tending the garden. The farmer has to get out there every day and pull the weeds and till the soil, not because that day the fruit is going to grow up, but because sooner or later in Godís sovereign timing it will grow if you tend your garden. So preserve!

Second, look at your church involvement. Church attendance will not keep away boredom with God from time to time, I am here all the time and I am not immune, but poor involvement with church is a contributing factor. Maybe change up and come to an evening service or a Sunday school class.

Third, look at what you expect from God. If you expect to put nothing into a relationship and have goose-bumps and stars whenever you desire it from God, you are misled. Relationships are cultivated through time, love and devotion. If you are giving nothing to God, then boredom will result.

Fourth, do something a little exciting. Pray and commit to sharing your faith with someone. Look for opportunities to serve or a short-term mission trip. Read some books about missionaries and their work with other peoples around the world. Read the Gospels and Acts.

Fifth, confess your boredom to a friend and ask for their help to reignite your excitement for God.

Just donít get comfortable bored with God. Too many people live in continual low grade apathy largely indifferent to the best that God has in store for them. Boredom may come for a season, but with work, devotion, and the Grace of God the little spark of Christ in your life can be quickly fanned back into flame(1 Tim 1:6)!

Pastor Phillip

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