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Edgefield County crime stats released for 2005
web posted February 1, 2006

EDGEFIELD – Sheriff Adell Dobey supplied with a Summary of Crime Report for Edgefield County in the year 2005, per our request, on Tuesday. One type of crime, thankfully, reported zero incidents in 2005, murder. In addition to a complete breakdown of crimes committed in the county handled by the Sheriff's Office, the report also lists the number of calls all local law enforcement agencies took as well.

Crime is categorized into two groups in the report; Group A or B Incidents with Group A taking in violent crimes and Group B reports encompassing all other non-violent crimes.

In the Group A report there were no reported murders in the county last year. The remaining categories showed one forcible rape, two armed robberies, and thirty-one aggravated assaults. Of the 34 total violent crimes, 88% of the cases have been cleared. New cases are opened almost daily as the Sheriff’s Office will begin between "thirty-five to forty new investigations each month" Sheriff Dobey said.

Non-violent crimes consisted of the following; 82 breaking and enterings, 206 larcenies, 26 motor vehicle thefts, with the Sheriff’s Office closing 148 of those cases for a clearing rate of 47.1%.

Together the two groups show a total of 348 crimes handled by the Sheriff’s Office that resulted in 172, or 49.4% being cleared as of the end of the year. The 49.4% rate is above average for a county the size of Edgefield County statewide. The complete report may be found here.

Sheriff Dobey said his Office is constantly looking forward to find ways to stop, not just solve, crimes committed in the county. Presently the Sheriff’s Office has between two to four deputies on patrol per shift covering a 502 square mile area. Comparatively the two larger towns have an average of two officers on patrol per shift covering the towns.

Enclosed with the Crime Report was a break down of emergency 911 calls the Sheriff’s Office responded to, as well as non-emergency calls. A similar breakdown is provided for the towns as well. On average, about 30% of calls move forward to investigations.

Total Number of calls for Edgefield County Deputies in 2005, by month

Month        Non-911 calls        911 calls
January        588                    437
February      290                    156
March          325                    237
April            308                    219
May            318                    227
June            348                    267
July             426                    316
August        322                    234
September   329                    245
October        388                   295
November     415                   334
December    329                    272

Total            4,386               3,239
Total all calls:     7,625

By the breakdown, Deputies respond to an average of 21 calls a day.

The Animal Control yearly report shows 915 incidents for the year with 1065 animals captured. The Town of Edgefield reported 98 incidents with 72 animals captured. Johnston reported 93 incidents and 128 captures followed by Trenton reporting 16 incidents and 24 captures. The total for the county was 1122 incidents with 1289 animals captured.

Total Number of calls for Edgefield Police Department in 2005, by month

Month        Non-911 calls        911 calls
January                115            55
February                73            42
March                  122            48
April                     113            60
May                     138            67
June                     143            65
July                      109            66
August                    97            65
September              77            54
October                 246            60
November              238            59
December              135            65

Total                  1,606            644
Total all calls:     2,312

Total Number of calls for Johnston Police Department in 2005, by month

Month        Non-911 calls        911 calls
January                 113            55
February               142            42
March                   136            48
April                      147            60
May                      112            67
June                      123            65
July                       126            66
August                   108           65
September             106            54
October                   93            60
November               105            59
December                93            65

Total                    1,404            860
Total all calls:     2,264

Total Number of calls for Trenton Police Department in 2005 was 34 non-emergency and 30 emergency calls for a total of 64 calls.

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