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Editor's post: Have a great week everyone!
web posted January 17, 2017
Re: Teacher's money stolen at school
Did they ever find out who took that money? It's not like teachers make so much money. I heard that many of the rest of the teachers didn't even know it happened. Why didn't  they warn the rest of the school? Teachers work hard for their money and if it was important enough to be a headline, then maybe there should've been more follow up in trying to find out who did it than just a report made.

Editor's Note: I believe the school did what they could to find the person responsible, but I'm not sure if they caught them or not.
web posted January 17, 2017
There is so much litter on Martintown Rd. It looks like someone threw out bags of trash along the road.  It's close to the county line so I don't know if North Augusta is responsible or Edgefield County. Either way, it looks awful.
web posted January 12, 2017

Trump acknowledges Russia Role in US election hacking


This is a little misleading of a title, the "aide" is Reince Priebus, aka Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, aka former RNC Chairperson.

Those Facts Will Get You Every Time. 
web posted January 11, 2017
I would be interested to know who the logging operation is on Sweetwater Road just past Mays Way? I would also be interested to know why they are not being held accountable for all the mud on the road. It was terrible today (Tuesday). It was worse with all the rain last week. Why are they not being made to keep the road cleaned off or gravel put down before they enter the roadway?
web posted January 11, 2017
Well, the so called intelligence agencies have spoken! It was the Russians that "hacked" the DNC servers and lost Hillary the presidential race! B.S.! Don't you people believe it for a second! The Russians hacked NO ONE! They had nothing to do with rigging the outcome of our presidential election. But, you may say, Lindsay Graham and John McCain both said they did. They are not only wrong, they think YOU are stupid! But why would they say this - putting America in peril of a nuclear war with Russia? Because of two words that Wikileaks uncovered in the John Podesta emails: Cheese Pizza otherwise known as Pizza Gate. Google it! It is code and stands for Child Molesting!

My fellow American, you must understand that 90% of our congress and senate are pedophiles either by choice or by trickery and are so scared of regular people like you and me finding out that they would rather have the country destroyed by nuclear conflagration than face you with the truth. The Main Stream Media is complicit, also! This sickens me! These SOBs that we elected to make our laws and keep us safe are dirty child molesters and would rather have a Nuclear War with Russia that face you!

Russia did NOT plant child porn on their computers! Russia did NOT kill Seth Rich, the real DNC leak! Russia did NOT create these pedophiles that are in our government. Maybe we should be nuked, to get rid of these dirty child molesters and murderers and us for allowing them to keep existing.

Sending letters and emails to your congressmen won't work. Instead, we need to send in the Marines! God help us all!
web posted January 10, 2017

Re: House fire
Heartbreaking news to read this morning.  Really hate this happened to such good people.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them as they lost priceless items and a lifetime of memories. 
web posted January 3, 2017
To the individual who promised to talk about the SCDNR giving $2 million to the NWTF........

To begin with, the NWTF employes over 100 local men and women. How much do you think those people invest back into Edgefield County yearly? Secondly, the money is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come for our natural resources. The number of hunters has been declining for years, and without a proactive approach to countering that trend, money from license sales will be lost, in turn preventing the SCDNR from managing our those resources at the needed levels.

Studies have shown that the best way to introduce young people or new hunters to the sport is through the shooting sports. The undeniable success of the Palmetto Shooting Complex will introduce thousands upon thousands to the shooting sports and in turn create hunters........ hunters who purchase firearms, ammunition, clothing and yes, purchase hunting licenses which in turn help fuel our SCDNR.  I look forward to your rebuttal.
web posted December 29, 2016

I would like to know why our police department in Johnston does not do anything about the 3 houses on Edisto Street after the railroad tracks , by the liquor store. I drive down this street daily with my children in the car and all I see is drug transactions from cars pulling up or they are drinking out of brown bags as early as 7am. These properties need to be cleaned up and it is nothing but a hangout for all the druggies and town drunks sitting on the porches and wandering the street. There have been many a time I drive down this street and the people in front of the house do not move from the street and give you a look like go ahead and hit me. They are rude, crude and a disgrace to this town.
web posted December 29, 2016

To see all these scammers targeting the elderly makes me sick.  It's time this people get a real job and leave the elderly alone to enjoy their retirement.
web posted December 27, 2016
I am so glad they caught the guy responsible for the death of Mr. and Mrs. Deas  Great job to our law enforcement. Justicee has been served!!
web posted December 20, 2016
This is probably a repeat for most of you but if it isn't you will enjoy how well these two people preform together and also how well they do this song.
Just beautiful
Click here:  https://www.facebook.com/ASaviorIsBornChristmas/videos/1119123908098839/
web posted December 19, 2016

Re:  Electoral College.  Since the Electoral College is a part of the Constitution, it would take 3/4 of the states and 2/3 of Congress to approve any amendment to change it.  Please ignore the idiots who think it can be changed with Obama's "pen and phone".  Obviously, civics hasn't been taught for quite some time.

And liberals, if you're really serious about this popular vote thing, put up or shut up.  Your primary awards delegates like the general election EXCEPT, Super Delegates that can cast a ballot for any candidate.  Those rules were written in by the DNC, stacking the deck in favor of the "chosen" candidate, this time Hillary.  If the popular vote means so much to you as a Party, show the country and run your primary on popular vote alone.
web posted December 19, 2016
I am requesting the Edgefield Country Sheriff's office visit ( removed ) McQueen Street in Johnston where for several weeks I have observed a black & white dog chained to a tree behind the small rental house, and appear unable to get into the dog house. The owner has been reported numerous times to Animal Control for animal abuse. There is no excuse for this abuse by someone who doesn't work and is home all day

Editor's Note: We hope you have reached out to the Sheriff's Department about this matter.  If not, they can be reached at (803) 278-1625
web posted December 16, 2016

To the person driving a black Mazda pickup truck with some fake looking rims - I hope to see you out on Hwy25 cleaning up your mess of old aluminum cans that fell off your truck. I seen a whole huge bag fall off and hit the car behind you as well as another that exploded all over the road. Please pick up your mess! I have dashcam footage of the entire incident.
web posted December 15, 2016

There is a vacant house across from the hospital with a huge pile of garbage by the road.  It looks horrible.  Obviously the owner doesn’t live there, but aren’t they still responsible for trash removal?  Who within our town or county government manages this type of problem?

Editor's Note: I would talk with the mayor.  The Edgefield Town Council holds meetings the first Monday of every month, this can also be addressed then.
web posted December 14, 2016

 $493,000 in tax money is going to be given to Edgefield in the form of a Community Block Grant.  The town square will be rebuilt with "areas" for people to gather and perhaps...perhaps entice Tourism!  Good grief.  If there was a news story about oh, say, Salina, KS getting $493,000 tax dollars for a town facelift, most of us would call it out as Pork Barrel Spending.  But no, not when it's for us, right?

Why not Ridge Spring?  Why not Johnston or Graniteville?  Say this does attract "tourists".  Say they spend $75 here on their visit.  That's $75 that wasn't spent in their community, at their local businesses.  This is another shade of government choosing winners and losers.  Just what is the Constitutional basis for taking tax money from other people and giving it to Edgefield or any other community so that it can try to increase its tax base on false hopes?

The federal and state governments are spending $25 million to widen US 25 in the "hopes" of attracting tenants to the Business Park.  Guess what.   They are going to stay closer to a larger workforce in the I-20 / I-520 corridors.  What are politicians are about to give us is more truck traffic through the county, resulting in even worse road conditions in Johnston.   Main St in Saluda is a washboard.

I'll talk about the $2 million that SCDNR gave NWTF another time.
web posted December 14, 2016

It's terrible that people are trying to hack into other's information especially here at Christmas time.  Seems like new ways of hacking information is becoming more and more common.  What a shame.  I love Amazon and do a great bit of Christmas shopping on there, I'll have to be sure to watch out for this scam.
web posted December 12, 2016
Well, seems like the right person won the Sheriff’s election. If the other candidate cannot collect his signs, or his supporters cannot, then it shows a lot of irresponsibility on his part and on his supporters’ parts. Good grief, collect your signs!
web posted December 12, 2016

You can add Stephens Road, Hwy #25, Shortcut Road as well as other roads in the Merriwether district to the post for the other candidate for sheriff to come get his signs. Probably are spread through out the county.   How long can you leave them up before you get fined?  Guess he went back to Saluda and forgot about Edgefield County.  Most likely it was his supporters who have failed to remove the signs.
web posted December 7, 2016

The residents on Gregory Lake Road and Martintown Road in North Augusta would appreciate the candidate for  sheriff who did not win to take his signs down.
web posted December 6, 2016

So glad to see the giveaway still being continued! This is the best times of the year

Editor's Note: We are excited to continue the tradition as well.
web posted December 5, 2016
Why do people keep leaving their keys in their cars? I keep seeing all these stories about vehicles being stolen on here, and it never fails, the keys are always left in the car….And then people are surprised when their car is stolen….. Find a place in your house to put your keys, and then you wont have to worry as much about your car being stolen.  Good grief
web posted December 5, 2016

It is a sad truth but I guess a word to the wise- always lock your car or truck! I know that is obvious, but I also know how easy it is to forget or think nothing will happen. What a crummy situation that people steal and hurt people!
web posted November 28, 2016

The tree on the square in Edgefied already looks beautiful, cant wait for the ceremony to see it all lit up.  Always such a wonderful tradition following Thanksgiving
web posted November 22, 2016
How awful to see that someone ripped off that older woman like that.  Its bad enough to rip off anyone but especially our elderly. I hate to see this happened to someone. Theres a special place for people like that
web posted November 18, 2016

So glad to see the daily is back up again. I have missed getting the local news

Editor's Note: Thank you for reading.  We are glad to be back up again as well!
web posted November 17, 2016
Sincere thanks to the town of Edgefield and everyone involved in providing the Trunk or Treat on the square.  The children had a safe and happy place to celebrate.  Although many folks love Trick or Treat, for others, it can be a bit of a hardship, especially for folks on a limited income.  So, again, gratitude for a win-win situation.
web posted November 16, 2016

I came across this letter & just felt it in my heart to share. This is not about any particular athlete, it is to all of the athletes that are working & have worked their butts off, to become & have become outstanding in the sport that they so love. I have attended many sports at Strom Thurmond High School over many, many years. From all of the talk going around this small knit community we live in, there are a number of coaches that I believe this letter really speaks to. I hope that this will grab the hearts of those coaches & open their eyes to the talent right in front of them. It isn't about what last name you have, who's parent(s) give the most money or who is related to you. It is about the true talent that is literally slapping you in the face.

I have watched many athletes come & go over the years from Strom Thurmond. I have seen many of those with outstanding talent never go to the next level, because of stories just like this. I am truly heartbroken like many in our community to see things like this happening. 😢 Read more here.
web posted November 15, 2016

How sad that people are so ugly on both sides of the sheriff contest. The fact that Edgefield  Daily cannot keep the poll going due to inappropriate comments is disturbing. This whole election cycle is showing some real heart issues with people! People are entitled to opinions! To see campaign headquarters in NC and now CO vandalized and fire bombed is ridiculous! People are hurting each other etc. Good grief!! I worry how people will react when their candidates lose.We know there will be winners and losers.  We need to pray for level heads and God's wisdom to prevail. I believe in a sovereign God Who is in control. It is people I worry about!
web posted November 14, 2016
Thankful my child didn't want to do a pumpkin carving this year.  Just another added expense to having to buy drinks, snack cakes, chips, etc., for them to turn around and sell it back to me.  I participate with my child in as many school functions as possible, and definitely contribute my part as well as others that don't/can't contribute.  Yes, I want my child to be involved.  But when did painting a pumpkin be considered as Pumpkin Carving?  Carving means, cut it open, get the great smelling insides out, reminding me of my childhood when we actually carved pumpkins, and cut out the triangle eyes and nose with a mouth missing many teeth.  Let the children be children and have fun!!!  They grow up way too fast these days.
web posted November 14, 2016

Re:  pumpkin carving
I don’t know who the kid was, or the parents, but I heard about it.  I told my kid that he’d grow up to be a better man if he did his projects on his own, without help from his Mom and I. Will we help him when he needs it? Absolutely. But I flat out refuse to do things like this FOR HIM, when he’d get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of doing it himself. And people wonder why there’s an entire generation of 20 something year old entitled acting brats running around with their hands out……
web posted October 27, 2016

Re:  Will someone in education please tell us why, in this day of modern educational methods.
Will someone please tell me what pumpkin carving has to do with education, and why is it a school project?
web posted October 27, 2016

RE:  what happens on a national level is definitely going to affect localities.

At a recent exam visit with my doctor, I asked him during a discussion why he had emigrated to this country from Canada.  His reply: "because of Canada's socialized medicine."  He continued saying that "a vote for Hillary will result in socialized medicine here, but by the time it is completely implemented, and the public realizes they didn't like it, it will be too late".  Interesting take from someone who worked under that system.
web posted October 27, 2016

To the administrator at the nursing home, when are you going to get your head out of your butt and do your job?  How many complaints do you need against a staff member before you grow a pair and fire them? When is right for a patient to be scared to get out of bed because they don't want their CNA to get mad for asking? You have staff members sitting in patients room doing nothing, hiding from people that actually need their assistance. How many falls with injuries that are undocumented do you need? When is it ever appropriate for a CNA to tell a patient "to use their brief" vs them actually doing their job and taking them to the restroom. The only time your staff does anything productive is when state is there to make your building look better than it actually is. How about you start holding people accountable for their actions, instead of sweeping it under the rug, or admit that nursing home is WAY under staff and that's the reason it takes a CNA 30 plus minutes to answer a call light.
web posted October 27, 2016

In the past, Sheriff Dobey has always refused to attend and/or participate in any type of public forum.  Now, after the publication in the Jailhouse Report, he seems to be a little more willing.  He seems to have an explanation to the report but no documentation regarding his military time served.  If he's decided to come clean about his service record it might be a good time to explain to taxpayers why the county provides 3 different vehicles (Dodge Charger, a White SUV and a Black Crown Victoria) solely for the Sheriff's use.  How many vehicles can one person drive at a time?
web posted October 27, 2016

Sounds like things haven’t changed since my kids were in school and now my kids have kids in school. So, that means my kids were in school a long time ago. That being said, parents that do their kids’ projects are only hurting their children.  A child takes that behavior as a way of saying that what the child produces isn’t good enough. It really is a hurtful thing for a child’s self esteem. Plus, why aren’t those judging the projects a little more wise as to what a child can produce on their own? We saw that a lot with science projects. The winners were usually the ones that were obviously done by an adult.  So, good for the adult-they can produce something that wins on a child’s level. To me that is a lose/lose for the child and the parent.  What is wrong with parents? Problem is , there have been those parents in every decade.  So do they go to college and then to work with their child and do their work for them?  Must make those kids feel like real failures to have mommy or daddy bailing them out.   Just some words from a former teacher that saw way too much of that stuff .  I could tell when a kid did their own homework or project and when they didn’t. It wasn’t my job to grade the parents.  Good Grief!
web posted October 25, 2016

To the person who is more interested in the local election than the national election, all I can say is I am still scratching my head. Both are important but what happens on a national level is definitely going to affect localities. Our local election, however, will have no affect on the nation.  Also, to go into the gutter with some vague accusation about a candidate on business trips is pretty low. That is enough for me to vote for the one that is being attacked. And I thought the liberals had taken this national election into the gutter-guess they weren’t the only ones. What happened to focusing on issues?  And for heaven sakes-please wake up and  think about the importance of the national issues that are at stake. If many people are as naïve as this writer, then I can understand why our country is in so much trouble.
web posted October 24, 2016
Will someone in education please tell us why, in this day of modern educational methods, school projects are consistently rewarded when they are obviously done by parents.   The rough-looking ones done by the child are completely eliminated.  In this instance, I am referring to pumpkin carving.
web posted October 24, 2016

The poll for the Sheriffs race has been very interesting to watch over the past few days. This will be am interesting election for sure
web posted October 21, 2016
Just curious; now that the first two Raffied Town Halls have been held, how is the attendance?

Editor's Note: There was a decent turnout at the first town hall, and a lighter crowd at the Merriwether Community Center. 
web posted October 21, 2016

Michael Raffield if you're such a great guy and such a great officer how come you can't stay at one department.  Is it because you can't remain trustworthy and get the boot. You speak on the pay of deputies compared to that of North Augusta and other surrounding departments but in your resume it shows where you left North Augusta to work for the Edgefield County Sheriffs Office so what happened there.  Did they run you off too? Michael Raffield you also speak on the matter of the deputies and administration staff do not have a relationship with other Emergency personnel in Edgefield County and I will say I have seen all parties work together on numerous occasions. Michael Raffield you have no idea how to run a department. How about you attempt to solve Crime in the big ole Town of Ridge Spring and not have SLED do all your work and leave the real policing to Sheriff Dobey and his guys. Sheriff Dobey 2016.
web posted October 21, 2016

I'm more interested with the local elections than the national elections...
Sheriff Dobey has been called out by the Jail Report, but bringing up something that may or may not have happened 46 years ago is just dirty. Let's bring up what Michael Raffield may or may not have done on his many trips as an Air Marshall, when he was away from his family.
And please re-elect Albert Talbert for County Council over Norman Dorn....we don't his needless rambling again.
Dean Campbell vs TC McCain....who knows?
School Board...3 way toss up
Clerk of Court...Charles Sonny Reel (the incumbent) is the best choice. Mims can't handle her own finances and plays the race card too much, and Beck lives off his parents (son...grow up).
web posted October 21, 2016

Absentee voting is taking place now. Remember if you are over 65 you can vote absentee because of your age. Thank goodness you need a photo ID to vote-wouldn’t it be wise if every state required that?  I hope everyone exercises their right to vote.  It is a right that many have died to protect. 
web posted October 21, 2016
Is it illegal for Deputies while working in marked cars to put out campaign signs and advertising on facebook for people to contact them for Dobey signs.  Was just wondering seen several doing that this weekend. Just wondering if my tax money should be used that way? If so I think they should do it for both candidates not just their boss. Are they scared for their jobs?
web posted October 18, 2016

If anyone is following Congressman Duncan on Twitter, they would know he is speaking out. The problem is , a lot of folks don’t twitter. I would urge Congressman Duncan to put out a statement to Edgefield Daily and other local outlets and repeat some of what he is twittering about. He makes very good points and is a good leader-some of the responses he is getting are negative and ridiculous. We need to continue those that are speaking out for we the people.
web posted October 18, 2016

Re:   Mrs. Mims did not do an interview. Makes you wonder if she has something to hide?
web posted October 17, 2016
The ST Homecoming court wore tasteful dresses, with the exception of one. She was constantly pulling down her way too short and way too tight dress. I thought there had to be a dress code - it definitely was NOT fingertip length.
web posted October 17, 2016
Recently I have been exercising and taking jogs along the Merriwether community, and the other day I noticed while jogging on the road that a good many of Sheriff Adell Dobey's campaign signs had been knocked down and were lying in the ditch, I think its odd how it was only his signs I saw that had mysteriously been removed and lying in the ditch, and in many cases where his campaign signs once were there were two of Michael Raffields signs. A coincidence? I don’t think so. I believe that Mr. Raffield is running a dirty campaign, and at all cost. I just want to know if he thinks that by removing his opponents signs if he has a better chance of winning? because if that is the case than he is wrong. The people of Edgefield County know Sheriff Dobey and his reputable reputation that many respect. Sheriff Dobey doesn’t just do his job he goes beyond his job and cares for his community as a whole. So Mr. Raffield all your campaign signs that you post at every corner wont help the fact of your reputation of resigning from the E.C.D.C Police force, that you so diligently want to serve now, and playing a dirty campaign. My vote has been, an always will be for Sheriff Dobey.
web posted October 17, 2016

Question: If it true that if a patient of the Edgefield Medical Clinic needs a physician, he must go to the Edgefield Hospital Emergency Room  if he doesn't have an appointment?  

Editor's Note: I have not heard of this being true. However, you can contact the Medical Clinic at (803)-637-3146.
web posted October 17, 2016
If our Congressman cannot openly support the chosen presidental candidate of the Republican Party he should immediately resign from the Party, and that goes for all of the the other Republicans who have stated that they cannot support  Donald Trump and that includes Senator Lindsey Graham. Stand by your Partys chosen candidate or get out!
web posted October 13, 2016

I think Donald Trump won that debate Clinton didn't know how to respond well to the things Trump would say about her. She just smiled, and did her fake laugh. We would be in big trouble if she got in the white house
web posted October 12, 2016

I would like a statement from Congressman Jeff Duncan regarding his support or non support of Donald Trump. His constituents need to know where he stands. Hopefully he is supporting the choice of the people but I would appreciate him letting us know what he thinks.
web posted October 12, 2016
Some people are paying one third of their check for healthcare. They cannot afford to go to the emergency room with a 3,000 dollar copay and are still paying a third of their  pay check for coverage . We talked to a guy today who is dealing with that. Easy for liberals who aren't facing those things to support HRC. Wake up people- it is going to get worse! Bill Clinton is right- Obamacare is a crazy system. But remember,  the Clintons want socialized medicine instead. That is the scary part- goodness!
web posted October 11, 2016

The Gala held last night by the Edgefield Theater Group at PRCC was ‘wonderful’.  The whole event was absolutely perfectly planned.  The attendance was awesome and the show was a definite ‘must see’.  Can’t wait until their next event.
web posted October 7, 2016

I enjoyed reading the interviews of Mr. Beck, and Mr. Reel, disappointed that Mrs. Mims did not do an interview. this has made me think a little harder about who I will vote for.

Editor's Note: Thank you for reading.
web posted October 7, 2016

It’s Boarder bash week - Turn it up

Editor's Note: Can't wait to watch Carolina beat Georgia this week!
web posted October 5, 2016

I agree that the Clinton campaign is trying so hard to discredit Trump but if one thinks of all the scandals the Clintons have had or caused it is almost laughable. What they do is put things out there about Trump that they are actually guilty of in many ways and worse. Liberals must have blinders on. I just cannot understand how this election is as close as it is. What about pay for play with the Clinton Foundation? And the Trump foundation is in trouble? Seriously, all one needs to do is a little research and figure out what is going on. Things are so upside down these days.I just pray that this country can be saved from the liberals. Look at the mess they have us in. I think the Editor is right - there are not many intelligent people any more. There are a lot of folks that think they are intelligent. They are good at talking down to the rest of us.  However, many self proclaimed intelligent folks seem to lack wisdom and a good foundation of our history. Maybe they are just brain washed and have quit thinking.  Either way, I wish they would wake up and honestly look at the realities around them.  It is not stupid to look at both side of things and truly evaluate what is going on. Maybe it is just scary to do that because one's beliefs might have to change.  Just a mind wandering...
web posted October 5, 2016

Just saw the Kevin Beck ad and clicked the link. Under his Mission Statement Mr. Beck seems to think using a Deputy Sheriff for security would save the county money...Not So At All! Basic Salary is around $30k, then add the cost of uniform, equipment, insurance, retirement, training, and vehicle brings the cost up to about $75k. Oh yeah...keeping the money in Edgefield County??? All Deputies don't live in Edgefield County!  He also wants to implement online child support payments....According to those at the courthouse, this is already in the works when the NEW STATE system is put in place by 2018. Lastly, Mr. Beck would collaborate with the Judicial Dept to bring E-filing to Edgefield County....Again, when asked the courthouse said that E-filing will be implemented on a schedule that has already been determined by the SC Court Administration, so Mr. Beck has no power to get it done faster that the state is able. Before making statements, it would be imperative to know what you are talking about before making promises you can't keep! Just because you have a law degree (laugh) does not mean you know anything.
web posted October 5, 2016

This is reference to the posts about the Sheriff's upcoming election. All these people are posting about how great Dobey is and that he's the best. If he is the best then why does he not talk at any meetings he attends he refers everything to Wash. Is it because no one can understand what he is mumbling about or makes no sense. Also he doesn't know half of what is going on at his department because Wash covers everything up so he doesn't see it. I was at the Edgefield Festival this past weekend and saw only a few people talking to Dobey it was mostly his employees that were made to campaign for him or to secure their spot in the trash that is going on. Read more
web posted October 5, 2016
Curious to know  if Mike Raffield got permission from Parker Brothers to use the "Get Out of Jail Free" cards that he is passing out.  If not, he could be breaking copyright law.
web posted October 4, 2016

I feel compelled to speak because of some of the negative posts I've read here concerning our current Sheriff. He's done a fine job and he certainly has this Republican's vote. I didn't move here for economic growth or residential growth, or any 'growth' for that manner. I like the small town rural feel here and I hope our local government officials are able to see past the dollar signs and maintain it. I've had the displeasure of dealing with the opponent when he was a deputy here. His arrogant and demeaning manner of dealing with people is certainly not welcome. Please remember, everything that glitters...is not gold.
web posted October 3, 2016

You were fortunate to tag along with your dad and to gain his insights.  What I most appreciated about him, although I never met him off the pages of the EdgefieldDaily, is he was not afraid to let light shine into the dark crevices around Edgefield.  It is much easier to turn away but truth is infinitely superior to any discomfort assured the holder of the light. Many of his readers/posters were not always objective and let prejudices, emotions ambition and sometimes anger taint their posts, but even out of such failings a glimmer of light shown forth adding to the light of your dad and those who desired truth over their limited sight of the time.  I always thought EdgefieldDaily was a rare treasure among its peers in media because it was strong enough to allow the truth to told.Grow strong in the shadow of your dad, remembering: "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Editor's Note: Thank you for your kind words
web posted October 3, 2016

This going to be short Sheriff DOBEY has done more for the sheriffs office than any other past sheriff just do your home work more people on the road two sub stations animal control more investigators it goes on an on Raffield is not even from Edgefield co he moved here all the people he will bring in will be out of town people an for as Raffield being fired he was demoted because of Bad Bad decisions he made an I think Ridge Spring has a murder not been cleared a body two blocks from the police dept wow an he wants to throw rocks I guess Sled was not called quick enough wake up folks VOTE DOBEY OUR SHERIFF!!!
web posted October 3, 2016

The biggest concern I have in this election is the appointment of Supreme Court judges and all judges that will be put in place in the next administration. That is the key to protecting this  country. We are so close to losing the country we know-so much is already lost! Wake up liberals- you stand to lose as much as the rest of us. Liberal policies have harmed this country, not helped it.  How can intelligent people not see this?

Editor's Note: Unfortunatley there are not many intelligent people anymore. 
web posted October 3, 2016

We have all heard stories about the Travelers but no matter what is said, they are a family oriented group of people. I have had many friends in Murphy Village and feel very sorry for them for the way outsiders want to change their life style. Give them their children back and good christian people don't be judge, jury and God with these people, they deserve fair treatment. If it were you or one of your family members you would expect the same.
web posted October 3, 2016
I was recently in the huddle house during a storm and I thought I was in a rain forest!! The water was pouring out the ceiling from the lights the employees had to put small trash cans or whatever they could find to caught the water pouring down.. you can plainly see its been doing this for some time.. In the back where the bathrooms are at the back exit (emergency exit no doubt) was pouring down the door!! there were buckets all the way across the door to caught the rain and a caution sign that clearly looked like it has been used for a while because looked faded hardly could tell wut it was on there.. now my concern is the safety of the customers and employees...I would be afraid to use the emergency door for fear of electricution in case u couldnt use the entrance door.. the condition of the building and roof are of a big concern and personally want to know why its not being fixed!! and iknow the building has had to be inspected at some point...why has not the inspector made the owner fix this building? why are their rating graded so good when clearly the building needs attention!! can someone tell me how anyone is safe in the huddle house Iam quite upset and concern for all whom eat in there!! The owner needs to fix it!! we do not have a lot to choose from to eat out in town ar least make it safe where we go.. personally i do not feel safe in that building...can someone make a suggestion to.the owner to improve the roof and the building for all of us who ear in there!! thanks
web posted October 3, 2016
Kevin Beck is a lousy attorney. Just ask anyone at the Aiken Courthouse. He just wants a steady paycheck. Why do you think he tried for Probate Judge just 2 years ago. Hell, Mims tried for school board in 2012 and got beat by her party's president. People better wake up or we are in big trouble!
web posted October 3, 2016

I am appalled by the general tendency of the media to decry Donald Trump over non criminal issues such as legal tax avoidance, and comments made about a beauty queen twenty years ago. Why are Hillary Clinton’s previous alleged criminal activities never discussed by today’s media?  I’m talking about White Water, and Travel Gate. Are the advertisers and owners of these news outlets that in bed with the Democratic party?
And in more recent times, what has occurred with Hillary’s emails and Benghazi is much more serious than whatever crime Trump did or did not commit with Trump University. Trump never threatened the security of America, never left four Americans to die in Benghazi. Think  about it.
web posted October 3, 2016

Dobey is a joke. Attend a council meeting you say. How many has Dobey attended? I will wait. He doesn't go. Why not compare Edgefield to Aiken County as we are growing, especially on the South End of the county, and we do get a lot of the criminals funneling this way. How about fix the radio system on the South End before someone gets killed. The radio system in place is trash and is going to get someone hurt. The busiest part of the county and the deputies can't even talk on their radios. Been an issue for a decade now. Even with the new repeater in place it's a joke like Dobey leading. Look inside and this could a great place with some quality deputies still in place and not a wait for a call and do the paperwork people wake up this county is getting beat down with break ins and thefts. Make a difference get out and vote for a change.
web posted September 30, 2016

To poster who stated commit a crime and u will see the sheriff. Why should someone have to commit a crime to see someone who holds a public office. I am pretty sure even if I did commit a crime I wouldn't see him anyway I would only see deputies.
web posted September 30, 2016
I wish people cared as much about real issues in this country as they do the attire of the STHS football coaches, or whatever it is they seem so concerned about.  Some of this kind of stuff is really pretty insignificant in the scope of what we are facing as a nation.  Even the elections in Edgefield have consequences for all of us. Has all the griping about the coaches clothes changed anything? I hope so because then maybe we can think about real problems.  I know there needs to be a certain amount of decorum but seriously….
web posted September 30, 2016

There is a dangerous spot uptown near the pool room and the antique shop.   There are parking places there that should be eliminated.   If a car is coming up the hill, it presents a problem.   Couldn't we do without these parking places.   We can't see what is coming, and the parked vehicles cause us to get into the other lane.
web posted September 30, 2016

To the poster who thinks its ok for our deputies to make 28k a year while putting there life on the line. Take the sheriff canidates out of it for a second. People at walmart are making that a year. Yes aiken county is bigger which means more officers and they have a nice goverment building that they fund also and a new top of the line jail. Edgefield on the other hand has a jail thats rotting away and working on technology 20 plus years old. The courthouse is also in need of a face lift. Saying all that where does the money go in our county. Why cant our deputies be paid a decent salary. The sheriff does not fight for it. If he did it would have increased in the last 10 years which is hasnt. They did a survey a few years and and the county sheriffs department was so far from being on track with averages it was embarassing. Dobey has not stood up for his deputies and fought for more competive pay. He is the sheriff and has the power to do so. Yes its ultimaly the county consuels choice in the end but if he was asking and fighting for it then we would have seen some type of increase in the last years.
web posted September 30, 2016
I too served in the Cuban Crisis at the age of 20 and also served one year in Vietnam. I agree 100%
with this writer. In reference to the Cuban Crisis it is forgotten how close the United States could have
been destroyed. If Gitmo is given back to Cuba it will Russia will take control and it is all over as we know
the United States today.
As time passes we forget who fights and gives their all for this Country, Our children and Grandchildren
will face times we do not want them to face. It is up to you, the people to save the future of our Nation.
Let us go back and feel in your hearts to those who gave all  for us to be free today. Will it be free
tomorrow, next week, four years or less. What is this "Black Lives Matter". I served and protected this country along with my servicemen of all races during the Cuban Crisis (1962) which America could have been destroyed and this generation does not have a clue that it could happen again once Gitmo is
given back to Cuba and Russia moves back in with ballistic missiles.
web posted September 30, 2016

To the poster who addressed Coach Hillary, we really couldn't care less about the attire, we just want a WIN!! (like most normal people)
web posted September 28, 2016

Coach Hillary, Please make sure that all coaches including yourself have your shirts neatly tucked in and also have your players to have their uniforms tucked in neatly as well. We would like to make a good impression for the people including our alumni. Remember we are supporting you and the game but we also would like to make sure that you  and the team look you're very best.
web posted September 28, 2016

To the poster that is concerned about Sheriff Dobey (not Doby). How do you know what the Sheriff does at the County Council Meetings? Do you attend them? All of them? For your Information Sheriff Dobey (not Doby) constantly goes before County Council to ask for raises, cars, and other things to help better his department. Sometimes the County Council may grant the decision and sometimes they may not. Also realize that Aiken County is bigger than Edgefield therefore, it is like comparing apples to oranges. To find the real truth attend a meeting. Or better yet, talk to him Sheriff Dobey(not Doby).
web posted September 28, 2016

As I said in my last post, I made an observation about the coaching staff’s attire. I also said that it was my opinion which I am entitled to form just like you! I NEVER said anything about race nor did I insinuate that race played ANY role in my opinion! But like with most people these days, YOU brought race into it!! I don’t care what color the coaches are! They could be purple with green polka dots for all I care!! They should still look presentable!! I don’t care what Lane Kiffin wears on the sidelines. He’s not the coach of our High School. And NO, I certainly don’t expect to see suits and ties on the sidelines. And as far as why am I there, I love STHS! I am an alumni and I have every right to my opinion. Also, I have every right to want the impression that its employees make to be one that is positive and appropriate!
web posted September 28, 2016

As I said in my last post, I made an observation about the coaching staff’s attire. I also said that it was my opinion which I am entitled to form just like you! I NEVER said anything about race nor did I insinuate that race played ANY role in my opinion! But like with most people these days, YOU brought race into it!! I don’t care what color the coaches are! They could be purple with green polka dots for all I care!! They should still look presentable!! I don’t care what Lane Kiffin wears on the sidelines. He’s not the coach of our High School. And NO, I certainly don’t expect to see suits and ties on the sidelines. And as far as why am I there, I love STHS! I am an alumni and I have every right to my opinion. Also, I have every right to want the impression that its employees make to be one that is positive and appropriate!
web posted September 27, 2016

Vote for Sheriff Dobey and McCain and Beck.
web posted September 27, 2016

Re: The STHS Football Coaching Staff..........have you seen how Lane Kiffin of Alabama dresses? How about 90% of all collegiate coaching staffs? They all dress loosely now for a reason. The days of Lombardi and The Bear are over. Coaches today do much more than walk onto the field, holding a clip board and call plays. The primary reason they dress the way they do is so they can help warm up their players prior to the games. You can't do that in a suit and tie and even a tucked in shirt would be difficult to perform in.

I understand the need to "look" presentable when representing our school, however this style of "coach dress" is now the norm.
web posted September 26, 2016
To the poster who is so concerned about the staff at the football games. Why are you there? With all the running around the coaches are doing,  why would you be concerned with shirts being tucked in. The only reason you are concerned is because we have a black coach. All the years that Sawyer was there, you never complained about the staff’s attire. Now that Hillary is the coach, you are concerned. Just do us all a favor and stay home. We know what your real agenda is.
web posted September 26, 2016
Lets talk about the upcoming election for Sheriff. Sheriff Doby is not a bad sheriff just stuck in the old times. The turnover is so high in the county for officers because the salary is 28k for a new officer. Thats $11 an hour which is ridiclious when aiken and north augusta are neighboring counties and start at 38k. They cant say its because the lack of money. The taxes in the county are higher than aiken and we have no big buildings in the county that need taken care of. The deputies are driving old cars and used gear.Sheriff Doby wont go before the county counsel and fight to get more. There is no traffic enforcement in the county by anyone. The SCHP is short also and has a maxium of 3 troopers for edgefield saludia and Mccormick county. Read more.

Editor's Note: The county council has just recently looked into a salary study for law enforcement.  I am not sure if it has been implemented at this time

web posted September 26, 2016
I have to agree with the other person who stated that the STHS Football staff looks sloppy with their shirts untucked. I noticed the same thing at the STHS vs. N.A. game tonight. It looked so unprofessional that I was embarrassed for them.
web posted September 26, 2016
Re: volleyball team: Who is the assistant coach(s)?
web posted September 26, 2016

To the poster who says he’s never seen the sheriff. Commit a crime and you will definitely see him. Stop showing your ignorance!!!!!
web posted September 26, 2016

What does it take to get the idiots in this county council (Dandy Dean)to take notice that you are undeserving the citizens of this county? I was listening to the scanner and you have a wreck and need more help and a ambulance is sitting at the Strom Thurmond football game and it doesn't respond are you kidding me!  

This is a emergency it doesn't matter if STHS hired a COUNTY AMBULANCE to be at a ball game the FIRST response is to a COUNTY emergency if you can call EMS workers in on mass casualties from home but can't redirect COUNTY personnel that have COUNTY EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT in the county ? I want to be that LAWYER at that trial. Im not one but you wouldn't have to be ! Why doesn't the school hire one of the transport companies that serves the county oh I forgot they don't do squat for the county an are not required by ordnance to do anything but continue to work in the county.  Thanks Dean !

I guess it will take a family member of a county council to not get a ambulance that will change the current EMS service or one family that has the resources.  I say make a change in County Council vote Dandy Dean out! Get someone in that spends money for services that serve all not a few.

Editor's Note: Try contacting Tommy Paradise, administrator for Edgefield County (803) 637-4000.  He may be able to help you with your concerns.
web posted September 26, 2016
I would say that if someone has not seen the Sheriff in person, that is a good thing. Apparently this person has never had an issue that required the Sheriff’s attention. What in the world does seeing the Sheriff in person have to do with voting for him or not?  I don’t understand that logic.  Also, do candidates running for Sheriff normally debate? I am asking because I am just wondering if that is a normal activity.  Who would moderate something like that?  Just trying to think about the details of something like that.

Editor's Note: Debates are normally held on a national or federal level, but I guess anyone can have a debate if both parties are willing.  The media normally moderates debates. 
web posted September 26, 2016
To the reader who posted in response to the Football staff’s appearance, I saw more than one staff member with their shirts tucked in. I was referring to those who didn’t. Whether they wear a pull over or a straight tailed shirt, doesn’t mean that they can’t look professional. My observation and my opinion is that it looks sloppy! Apparently they don’t take as much pride as they should in how they look. They represent our school as well as our children and in my opinion, their sloppy appearance doesn’t give a very good impression of our school or our children. 
web posted September 23, 2016
All this talk about how our sheriff is so good. I live in Edgefield county and have never seen him in person so I have no idea what he looks like. So if I can't pick him out in a crowd why should I vote for him?? 
web posted September 23, 2016
You stated "Vote for..........and anyone running against Sonny Reel". Well, lets look at your other two choices...#1 has sticky fingers at work and at church,bad credit, criminal record and racist.  #2 has no vested interest in Edgefield County, i.e. pays no taxes here, and supposedly still lives with mom and dad.

With choices like that and as a past juror....I'm voting for Mr. Reel, as he was very professional in his duties.
web posted September 23, 2016

It doesn't matter what the event is blocking the parking spaces in front of the library is wrong. Especially the handicap space. The town has done this in past with a bandstand. Which was very disturbing to anyone using the library.
web posted September 23, 2016
So let me get this right.  The guy running against sheriff Dobey challenge him to a debate but he refused. What is the sheriff afraid of.  kind of makes you wonder???  Also want to know why theses  settled lawsuits never made headlines.???
web posted September 23, 2016

I find some of the posts about the Sheriff’s race fascinating but not very helpful.  I do have concern about some of the cases that have not been solved. The disappearance of Tamera Kingery is very troubling to me. Is it just a cold case at this point? So sad for all who knew her. We need to remember that this is a small town and community. Maybe the resources needed aren’t  available for cases like this.

I am just not convinced that the person running against the current Sherriff would do a better job. This is a very confusing race to me.   One correction to make though, this page is called Wandering Minds, not Wondering Minds. I am guessing it was a typo or people are new to the page. Anyway, just a clarification. I know we are all wondering about things, but I think the original idea is that it is a place for “wandering minds” to express their thoughts. I have read it for years and often write in. My mind wanders a lot, I guess.  😊
web posted September 22, 2016
Vote for Sheriff Dobey and anyone running against Sonny Reel.
web posted September 22, 2016

To Avid Fan:
At home games the STHS Varsity Football staff wears white all-weather pull-overs not shirts like usual. They wear other shirts underneath the pull-overs tucked into their pants. Most of them also wear belts with their pants. This is their “uniform”. They are ALL wearing them with either khaki pants or khaki shorts and they all have matching shoes and hats. Worry about something else. Spoiler Alert-They will be wearing the same thing this week at home too!
web posted September 22, 2016

In reference to the post on the 15th, you stated it sounded like a deputy or a staff member at the Sheriffs Office wrote into wondering minds. You stated: “the deputy’s and the Staff thank you”. When in reality on the 12th; the comment actually stated: "To the Edgefield County Sheriffs Deputies and Command Staff thank you and keep up the good work to protect my family and I." Sounds like to me you changed it up and now your hand is called on it. And if your wondering I did not write the original post on the 12th, it just happened to catch my attention. As for me, Thank You Sheriff and Staff for your unnoticed sacrifices that you provide to our county.
web posted September 19, 2016

Dedicated to Colin Kaepernick and other low-life's that refuse to honor our American Flag and respect those who have fought for our freedom and those who are still on the battlefield.

Toby Keith - Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)
web posted September 19, 2016

Re: Lady Rebels Volleyball Plays Augusta Prep Fall Classic
Who are the coaches, head and assistants, of the STHS Volleyball team?

Editor's Note: Nick Lorimer is the head coach for the volleyball team
web posted September 19, 2016

Looking at the post that starts out { For the people of Edgefield Co if you want a bunch } posted on 9-15, I'm sure I would value this persons opinion. Learn to spell, people might take you serious. The end of the post stated !!!! More to come !!!!! looking forward to this, everyone needs a good laugh.
web posted September 19, 2016

I am an avid fan of STHS football and attend all home games as well as travel to many away games. The last 2 weeks, I have observed the coaching staff looking less than appropriate on the side lines with their shirts not tucked in. They look sloppy and unprofessional!!! They want the players to look good on the field and they should give more thought to how they look as well.
web posted September 19, 2016

The people at the sheriff's office would stay to work because they love the job. The few who don't work are the ones saying people would leave to scare the people to vote to keep the same system where supervisors avoid calls, go off the radio, and sit in dispatch. The people who will stay and stand up outweighs the lazy ones who will leave or be terminated. Winds of change are blowing
web posted September 19, 2016

One post mentioned the missing woman in the south end of the county meaning Tamera Kingery  but she is not alone. The ball has been dropped more than once in the past few years. A time back a gentleman left his job at Walmart and got lost on Sylvan Road off of Sweetwater Road and was not found until long after his death and  another was Brodise McCain lost on Rainbow Falls Road and given up on after  Edgefield County Sheriff Adell Dobey said his office was using every available resource, agency, and deputy in order to find Mrs. McCain. "We're going to keep looking until we find her," Sheriff Dobey said. Well that statement wasn't true, she was found by volunteers after our Sheriff gave up. Its not all about the loss of life or lost people but this should make every voter think. We get lied to and halfheartedly protected. Its time for change and I know I am not the only one that feels this way.
web posted September 19, 2016

I think Dobey, has been a great sheriff, and truly cares about people, their families, and Edgefield county as a whole. I will vote for him in this up coming election, because I do not believe there is any one else who could do a better job as he has. He's not just our sheriff in Edgefield County he is like a lifeline. Because he is the one in the background getting things done and making the decisions. Anyways I hope everyone will vote for Mr. Dobey he is a great man, intelligent, honorable, with a high character of morals, and integrity.
web posted September 16, 2016

I see in one of the last posts on Wondering Minds that someone wrote in defending Sheriff Dobey and referenced his achievements over the past sixteen years, but failed to name one. So, what are his achievements? It was also written originally to sound like a citizen wrote it, but there was a give-away in the last sentence, “the deputy’s and the Staff thank you”. Looks like someone needs proof their work. And if the command staff has time to play twiddle-winks on the computer, does that mean they have located the missing woman on the south end of the county? Does it mean they have identified and arrested the people responsible for the Winn Grocery incident? Looks like to me if they have time to do mortal combat on Wondering Minds they could be out on the road running down leads, LAUGH LAUGH.
web posted September 15, 2016

RE: Armadillo problems? Shoot them!  They are in season year round.
We have a friend who works with the gov't environmental dept. in DC.  She says that when armadillos invade, coyotes are not far behind.  Coyotes are already here: We recently  lost a pet to them.

Editor's Note: So sorry for the loss of your pet.
web posted September 15, 2016
I have talked to a professional dillo trapper, bait doesn't work dillos don’t eat anything that they don't dig. The scent from another dillo previously caught helps.  Catching armadillos.  Contact: The Armadillo Trap Co.  Tel. 601 408 1070   the armadillotrap@gmail.com  Excellent Reviews

Editor's Note: Great information, thank you.
web posted September 15, 2016
For the people of Edgefield Co if you want a bunch of people that have not lived here very long an knows no one in this county RAFFIELD is your man but if you had rather have home town guys an gals by all means Sheriff DOBEY is our guy none of the ones let go are demoted were from here that should tell you something the Sheriff's office is an always has been ran in a very professional manner RAFFIELD is a joke ask anyone that works with him are knows him an for the other three are jokes !!!! More to come !!!!!
web posted September 15, 2016

While i am so PROUD of the local Students picking up garbage on Star Road (the road between China 1 and Bil-Lo), there lives are seriously being put in danger by having them do it during afternoon traffic. I was so worried about them last Friday afternoon around 4:00 PM, as 2 young girls were walking across the bridge at the bottom of the Hill and cars were "fortunately" going slowly around the girls. I can't say enough how proud of them I am for volunteering their time but I implore the teacher or their sponsor to allow them to do this at a more quiet time for their sake. Sadly, years ago a good friend lost their mother to a hit and run driver while she was doing the same adopt-a-hwy. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt. All drivers won't be as careful as they all were that day.
web posted September 14, 2016

Mike Raffield has our vote. Thank you for all that you have done helping my family and me.
web posted September 14, 2016
Armadillo problems? Shoot them! Pg 68 on SCDNR, Rules and Regulations. They are in season year round.
They can also be trapped. A cage trap for Raccoons work. Bait with over ripened fruits, worms and even shelled corn works. Place the cage against wall, fence. Go to Armadillo Trap.com, for videos on trapping. They also sell wooden traps.

Editor's Note: Thank you for sharing
web posted September 14, 2016

I'm scratching my head & have a question to ponder. How has the last four deputies fired or demoted; from the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office been hired immediately by Saluda County Sheriff John Perry? If there was something truly wrong with their performance or conduct, would not a neighboring county police department pass on hiring them? Two of the four were promoted in Saluda from what I understand. Doesn't the new employer have to check out what happened at the academy? Kind of mas you wonder exactly what is going on.
web posted September 14, 2016

Well folks if you like the wasteful spending and law suits the current sheriff have put on our county tax payers please vote for him .  I bet the public have no ideas on the thousands of dollars the sheriff was sued for and had to settle because of his incompetence as a leader .  Lets don't mention the lack of patrolling he does .  He's no different then crooked Hillary . 
web posted September 14, 2016
Sheriff Adell Dobey has done an amazing job in the last 16 years. Sheriff Dobey has brought many things to the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office and also to the community. Sheriff Dobey has proven himself as a leader within this community. Michael Raffield was terminated by the Edgefield County Sheriff's Department. Michael Raffield has an extensive work history, and I'm sure the public would like to know the real reasons for him not working at any of the other department listed on his résumé. Sheriff Dobey has held the current office of Sheriff since 2001 and I plan on voting for him in November 2016 and have him in office until he so chooses to retire. To the Edgefield County Sheriffs Deputies and Command Staff thank you and keep up the good work to protect my family and I.
web posted September 12, 2016

This column would be better if people’s comments were much shorter.  I’m not interested in reading their “books”.  Otherwise, I  look forward to reading Wandering Minds.

Editor's Note: Thank you for reading, glad you are enjoying for the most part!
web posted September 12, 2016

The comment that begins with "No need to go into statistics" is so absurd that it begs for a rebuttal. Edgefield County as well as the town of Edgefield statistically, which means by objective standards, does better in terms of crime than the national and state averages. Places where the challenger works and has worked do not fare as well by objective standards, aka statistics, despite his impressive resume. It would appear that by objective standards, aka statistics, the methods being used in Edgefield County and the Town of Edgefield outperform the methods used by the challenger in his current employment and previous employment.
The author is correct that the Sheriff's Department works for us and does not own us. It is also true that the Sheriff's Office as well as the Police Department work with what the Town and County can afford to provide in terms of resources. Could the challenger do a better job with the resources available to him? Perhaps, but there is no evidence of it from his current performance.
web posted September 9, 2016

The crime rate has gone up in Ridge Spring people getting ran over. Wait didn't those guys get put in jail facing murder charges. Well what about the armed robbery, wait that was solved too. If we are going to speak about records then let's pull some records. How many cases were solved that Dobey worked. I will wait. So as for the churches, hey least he knows how to use facebook isn't both candidates showing up to churches that's right election year. Better than going to Gary's hamburgers everyday when you don't eat there. Or drive around in 5 cars not to be seen. Mike you got my vote. Clean this mess up please.
web posted September 9, 2016
Mr Raffield anybody that ever worked with you knows it has always been about you brother what you have done an how you done it nobody knows how to police but you its not that way it's a TEAM effort not just you !! You were demoted at Edgefield S O after making a VERY bad call on a case made leave Saluda S O by Sheriff Perry so Mr smell good an skirt chaser it ain't happening in Edgefield co Brother Dobey all the way in 2016 OUR SHERIFF !!!
web posted September 9, 2016

I am a little confused about the Sheriff’s race. I didn’t realize we had any issues with our current sheriff. At least my family doesn’t. I would like to see the department staffed more and have enough patrol cars etc. but I am thinking it is up to the county to provide the funds for those things. I was concerned about the challenger lying about being invited to a church-not saying I believe he did lie or not, but if by chance he did, then I will not vote for him. We have enough lying going on in our country and in our leaders right now. What a sad state of affairs we are in.
web posted September 9, 2016

I would like to get this out there...armadillo has no business here.   Animal rights..whatever..I have worked on a  yard for 2 years..only  to find it torn up in 2 nights..these creatures are destructive....I would like to know who...where..what..to get rid of these

Editor's Note: Try getting in touch with animal control, or SCDNR to see what legal processes need to take place.  They should be able to help more. 
web posted September 9, 2016
Twice this week we have received phone calls stating that "This is an auto-call from the IRS...", stating that we owe money to the IRS, and threatens us if we, or our lawyer, don't call back the given number to 'settle' this with them immediately.
As someone who has in real life, dealt with the IRS in the past, I can tell you that the IRS DOES NOT--REPEAT--DOES NOT!!!, leave robot calls on your answering machine demanding settlement NOW!!  Unlike these scammers, the IRS moves at its own pace, taking their own sweet time: they do not demand immediate settlement.
Instead, the IRS does things the old-fashioned way: THEY SEND LETTERS TO YOU IN THE MAIL, asking you to make an appointment to meet with them in their office.  You sit down face-to-face with the IRS man, go over all the facts & figures of your case, and then at the end, you will receive another letter in the mail from the IRS stating exactly how much you owe.  
These calls are scams!!!  Please, please, please people, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!!!  You CANNOT negotiate with these scammers; you CANNOT reason with them.  They only want one thing: to scam you out as much of your money as they can.  
Your best defense is to hang up immediately!  If someone knocks on your door, you--hopefully, use some discernment and don't invite just anyone in; then, WHY would you possibly talk to someone on the phone who threatens you??!!??  
Just a word to the wise.
web posted September 8, 2016

No need to go into statistics, we all know the truth about our outdated way of running the Sheriffs dept. Its time to get rid of Andy and Barney. Lets step up to the plate and change the leadership and not be afraid of repercussions. Remember, they work for us they don't own us.
web posted September 8,