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Editor's post: Our email address is edgefielddaily@att.net.  What's on your mind? 
web posted April 12, 2019
On the evening of Tuesday, April 9th, shots were fired on Mims Street in Edgefield near the corner of Mims and Coral Street. Five shots in quick succession were fired at a group of young people walking down Mims Street towards Main Street. Police were called and arrived quickly. The area was swarming with Police for about an hour. The next day in the news there was nothing. Not one word. A brazen shooting in the street got no coverage. And this is not the first shooting in this area. Everyone needs to know what is going on and we all need to keep our eyes open and report any suspicious activity. This has to be stopped.
web posted April 12, 2019
You say a small town should be civil. I agree. Have you considered civility on Wandering minds? You have been very uncivil and posted several very uncivil comments:
"I have heard on occasions , open bashing and spreading forth rumors about delectable delights.
He is a closet racist
He is a backstabber and uses people only for what he needs but he maintains a large following of white people and continues to diminish her business because she is African American."
Your comments are uncivil and appear to stoke the fires of racism and division in our community.
You have made several charges of criminal behavior against the unnamed owner competing with Delights. Based on your statement that you have never been in the unnamed (Chef's?) restaurant are we to believe all those slanderous charges. It appears that you may be the one spreading nefarious rumors and racist accusations.
By the way; I have never been in either restaurant, and do not know the owner of either restaurant. But it could be reasonable to conclude that the owner of Delights is the author of the comment.
web posted April 1, 2019
I guess JPD read Wandering Minds this morning. Police  car was parked in front of elementary school. Maybe more post needed to make them earn their pay.
web posted April 1, 2019
To the person that keeps starting his rants with "Edgefield Law" and ending it in Forrest Gump's "that's all I have to say", if you have such a hard time with the police because you claim they don't have a HEART and are only helping the rich man, then explain to me why you still live here... I mean you rant yet do nothing to better the issues. You don't put your life on the line to deal with people that doesn't care if you make it home to your family or not. If you break the law, not that you do, why should they have a heart? The law is the law no matter how or why you broke it. I know for a fact that there are several Deputies, Officers and Troopers that don't care what your name is or how much you make, if you deserve a ticket then that's what you're getting. But feel free to keep trying to build a wall between the Community and Law Enforcement because that's gonna make things better right?
web posted April 1, 2019
To the person that apparently struggled to write, "well I gest you don't like me but that all right yes the edgefield law don't like some people  I know I am one of them  people have saw off shot guns and they wont do any thing about it", spell check goes a long ways. You GUESSED wrong because "Edgefield Law" likes everyone and only frown on those who decides to break the law. If you are claiming to have SAWED OFF SHOTGUNS and claim the police won't do anything about it then feel free to bring it to the Sheriff's Office. I'm sure they will gladly take them off your hands.
web posted April 1, 2019
Just want everyone to know if u are in Johnston watch out for the big trucks coming from Saluda way in to town. The big trucks are running the lights everyday and someone is going to get hurt or killed .The town will not do anything about it. They come by a school zone flying, what is the speed limit 55???, because that is what they are doing. Never see the town cops drive by the school or stop any trucks.  I was sitting in my car and saw 3 trucks run the light and ya'll say our police patrol. Not during the day, just saying watch out.!!!!!! Come back news media and you can see for yourself how this town is really patrolled. Not!!!!!
web posted March 29, 2019
In response to the other owner. I completely agree that there has been open animosity and although I understand business, this is a small town and should be civil. I have heard on occasions , open bashing and spreading forth rumors about delectable delights. There is a strong sense of jealousy due to the fact the her recipes are far superior to his. He also made it abundantly clear about the disdain for the building owner because of the space renting. He is a closet racist and only makes decisions that suit him. He is a backstabber and uses people only for what he needs but he maintains a large following of white people and continues to diminish her business because she is African American. It is  a shame that She will have to move her business over to a side street but I suppose he likes the Rosa Parks mentality of move to the back of the bus. It is a shame that also she is there everyday with way better prices, equal or better food, and staff that don't appear to present themselves in questionable taste and giving the appearance that much more is going on behind closed doors there. It would be a shame for anyone to allow there children to work there because of the stigma that goes with it. There are already nefarious rumors about what goes on with the nighttime BBQ's underage drinking and drug use in the open while the police turn a blind eye..I for One have not gone in there because the food is sub par and the wait staff are slow and rude and RACIST. Be careful if you work there or associate there because you will be caught up in it.
web posted March 25, 2019
What the heck is going on at Wardlaw. I heard they have two headmasters and teachers are leaving left and right. I think one of them was a special needs teacher or something.
web posted March 21, 2019
One of the controversies in Edgefield County surrounds the desire of some on County Council to make Edgefield into an Aiken or North Augusta, looking at those cities, with all their issues, with envious eyes. Last year the County Council, to great secrecy, code words for the company and the like, negotiated a deal with an employer to cap their taxes using whatever credits are needed at a fixed rate, I believe $7k/year for the next generation or so. Now the County Council wants a millage increase to purchase new technology and phones, purportedly at a millage increase of a couple of points. Absent details, one does not know if the increase is for one year to pay for the improvements or if the increase will be in perpetuity because technology is constantly changing. In any case, one of the things a lot of taxpayers absolutely cannot stand is having to pay millage increases partially because others have had their taxes capped, but the "citizens" never get those breaks, we just pay for them. It is especially annoying as the County looks with longing eyes at raising the appraised value of our homes, but those with the capped taxes have nothing to be concerned about.
web posted March 21, 2019
To the business owner who complained about Delectable Delight taking his business, your pettiness just caused you to lose a lot of customers.  To the person who listened to you, you lost the respect of a lot of people.
web posted March 21, 2019
In response to the Peach Blossom Festival being just a yard sale…how many yard sales have you been to where there is a parade, rides and games, hours of entertainment on a stage, a tractor show, a car show, a fishing tournament, fair foods, and, oh yeah, arts and crafts.  I doubt if that person has ever spent more than a few minutes at the festival.  Typical drive by media tactic.  Instead of finding fault, why don’t you become part of something and help improve it since you seem to have all the answers.
web posted March 21, 2019
What is going on with Johnston?    It seems Johnston has been left behind, lost in a twilight zone. No jobs or businesses a mayor who only can been seen when he wants votes. A police department that does no policing. Drive through May Street you’ll find young black boys loitering during school hours. I mean I’ve never in my life seen people want to go sit on bricks and carry guns in a town where mainly everyone is relatives, I mean who are you going to shoot someone’s granny? People who don’t even live their pull up and post in the “projects” teenagers walking around with guns I guess to protect themselves from a dying town. I’m sorry the only thing the police in edgefield county care about are drugs. Your chief of police is a bus driver. I really truly wonder is your mayor is capable of bringing any type of economy to his town? No jobs, no growth means a ghost town. Peach blossom is no longer a festival it’s just a yard sale. What happened to Johnston?
web posted March 19, 2019

well I gest you don't like me but that all right

yes the edgefield law don't like some people  I know I am one of them  people have saw off shot guns and they wont do any thing about it
web posted March 19, 2019
I want to give the road crew a HUGE thanks for fixing the bad spot next to the radio station in Johnston.  Long time coming but hopefully permanently fixed.  No the thanks is not for the repair, but for the SILENCE I have experienced for the past few days.  I live close by the radio station and doing without all the traffic had been great especially no trucks.  Now if the town gets those "No Engine Brake in Town Limits" signs in stalled this will be a better place.
web posted March 18, 2019
Thank you highway patrol and Edgefield Co. Sheriff dept. for helping out the town of Johnston when there are no police to be seen, o wait, they are never seen!!!
web posted March 15, 2019
edgefield county people need to thank scdot but they don't  all they do is talk bad about then  we did not make the mass on 230 just trying to clean it up and that all I have to say
web posted March 6, 2019
The selection of the new Superintendent has been quite a topic of conversation and one many disagree with the Board's choice for many reasons.

The concern I have is not so much with the Boards' choice, but the lack of coverage from ED. The Editor said he had to cover another issue. That is fine. Perhaps the Edit should hire another reporter. When there is a major  controversy in the County, that is what needs to be focus of the Editor. Roy Blackwell, (love him or hate him) knew this and reported with a passion even adding his own editorials that drew response from   readers. In fact, he was up at all hours of the night covering breaking news. That is why I read  this site daily and now seldom do.

 I would dare suggest the daily 'hits" on the site is less than half of what the former editor had built it to be in this site's hayday.  No coverage and no editorial comment equals no readership.
web posted March 5, 2019
Well it is evident that the School Board is not interested in what the general public or staff needs or wants and has no intention of responding to us. They think “this too shall pass.” I have news for them.  We are not forgetting what they did. As stated before, we are watching, we are not happy, and WE VOTE.
web posted March 1, 2019

Editor's Note: I have asked the board for a comment on this topic, but as of yet, there has been no statement.
"The board had several excellent candidates for our next superintendent. It was a difficult decision; however, the board is confident Dr. O’Gorman will continue to lead Edgefield County Schools in a productive and positive manner,” said Robin Ball, the chairwoman of the Edgefield County Board of Trustees, in a news release.  Dr.O'Gorman is knowledgeable about our district. He presented us with intriguing, well-conceived ideas to address the needs of our district and students. Moreover, he has the experience, attitude and leadership abilities to cross all lines and create a cohesive culture of excellence in our district.”
An extensive search cost our district how much money to get "several" excellent candidates?
Just exactly what does the new superintendent know about our district that we do not know about our own district?
How many board members have an educational background to know if his ideas are intriguing or well-conceived?
Anyone on the board checked to see how people that he has worked with feel about his attitude?
We have a culture of excellence in our district - we have one of our own that could have carried it on.
What are all the lines that this person can reach with his attitude, experience, and leadership? Define these lines. 
Did the consultant write this press release.
Moral is so low - getting lower each day.
web posted February 18, 2019
No response from the school board members?? Why aren't they answering questions about their process or why they decided against any outside input? Is there any truth to the post about a former Superintendent pulling strings?? Some of us still want answers. Did the board ask around about this person they have hired?? Some have and the reviews are mixed but lean towards the negative. Which would make sense...if he were that good Aiken would have never let him go....
web posted February 18, 2019
To 'way to go school board ' I know how you feel. Some people have been experiencing this in Edgefield County on a regular basis. They were overlooked for jobs that they were more than qualified for and the person that was hired had no qualifications. They were of the "good ole boy " qualifications. Just surprised it happened to Mr.Fallaw. He's one of us now.
web posted February 18, 2019
Did you attend the Board meeting?   Have you received any response from the Board members?  Why do you think that they are not responding to any questions from citizens?

Editor's Note:
I was unable to attend due to working the story about the double suicide.  Although I know that they will not rescind their decision to hire Dr. O'Gorman, which is not the purpose at this point, I believe that the citizens want to know if 1.) procedure was followed, and 2.) if so, when was the last time this procedure was reviewed, and does it reflect our current needs in today's business/academic climate.   I will reach out to the board again with an invitation to comment.   

web posted February 18, 2019
Way to go school board!  You not only hurt a good man, but you hurt the ECSD for years to come and possibly succeeded in getting rid of one of the most dedicated administrators we have ever had. No applicant was more qualified, and you “kicked him to the curb.”  Miss “Former Supt.” are you happy since you worked against him behind the scenes? We hope he will stay, but what advancement does he have to look forward to in Edgefield County?  Nothing….absolutely nothing!  It should be a requirement for future board candidates to have an x-ray so we could see if they have a back bone before electing them.  Please don’t leave us, Mr. Fallaw, for the sake of the staff and, most importantly, the students.  We love and appreciate you even if the board doesn’t.
web posted February 16, 2019
Is anyone else not happy with the new stop sign on Penn St. at the square? Not only is traffic one way around the square but now vehicles have to stop on Penn St too.  Is it because the cross walk was moved to the edge of the motel instead of where it was before the renovation? Ridiculous.
web posted February 16, 2019
And, have you considered interviewing and publishing the thoughts and process that the school board members followed throughout this process on the front page of your website? Publish their response to all of the concerns and questions.

Editor's Note: I sent some of the posts I have received to a school board member, and asked them to share these with the board.  I also told them that I'd be happy to publish any explanation, or statement that they had on the subject.  I have heard nothing further from anyone.  There will be a school board meeting at 7:00pm, Tuesday evening, February 12th.  I plan to attend.  I hope others will join us.
web posted February 12, 2019
Disappointed does not even begin to describe how I and many others feel about our school boards "extensive search" for our next Superintendent.  The candidates were posted on the district Facebook page with no notice to faculty and staff beforehand.  Many were shocked as word of mouth spread that the candidates were listed on social media.  Many were even more shocked when reading about the candidates.  One candidate began his career in Florida and is currently in Chesterfield County, a county that has 8000 students, two primary schools, seven elementary schools, three middle schools and four high schools. The second candidate has bounced around some and is currently in Berkeley County, an even larger school district. While both are qualified, what do their current districts have in common with our small, rural district of around 3500 students? The third candidate... Well, he has never taught or worked in the state of South Carolina! Are these the best candidates their "extensive search" found for our community? It's interesting to find out that the two candidates that do work in South Carolina have applied for Superintendent jobs across the state.  In fact, they were both finalist in the running for the Darlington County Superintendent last year, which was run by the same consultant our board used for their search. Coincidence? Perhaps. What is really troubling is that while conducting the Darlington search, the consultant presented the Darlington School Board with a survey of the characteristics the districts staff and community members wanted in a leader. The survey was sent out to Darlington school district staff, community buisisness and placed on the districts website for parents, students and community members to complete. Where was our survey??? Why did our school board not ask administrators, teachers, staff, parents, students, or community members what they wanted in a Superintendent. Hasn't our school district seen enough turn over at the top? If they had bothered to conduct a survey, I am sure that they would have discovered that most people want a leader that is vested in our community. We want a leader that has a passion for education and wants the best for our district and our children. We want a leader that will stand by us and not use our district as a platform for their own advancement in their career.  We want someone that understands our district, our schools, our students and our county. Sadly, the school board had a more than qualified candidate that fits this description and they decided to pass him over for these three.  Many of us are left wondering why and searching for answers...
web posted February 7, 2019
The discussion of the incident on Sweetwater Road brings to mind the issues with the road itself, as with many roads in the county. They could change the name of Sweetwater to “Catch 22”. Engineer a road, post limits and rules and dare anyone that really does have something to do other than enjoy their retirement to get from Point A to Point B using that road to try and get somewhere. It’s a conundrum faced across the county.

The county is full of poorly engineered roads that follow old wagon trails, poorly maintained road surfaces, sharp curves, steep inclines, no shoulders, lack of right-a-way maintenance, clay/rock washing into the main highway in places due to lacking oversight of private access to public roads, etc. I could go on and on. One time pot holes were getting filled with crusher run! I have thought at times that it would be nice to force all that have some authority in how our tax dollars are spent and used, to be forced to ride down Lanham, Rainsford/ Vann or Stephens Roads with a hot scalding cup of hot coffee with no lids in both hands.

The problem is not confined to county maintained roads themselves, but includes state roads as well as our federal highway. We often here about progress from elected officials and I wonder progress? For who? Because the majority of county citizens reap little reward for their tax dollars. But I do suspect a handful are doing quite well.

Additionally I am not very interested in the debate, or excuse, about money from this fund or that fund. Blah, blah, blah. If you are an elected official getting paid with our hard earned money do something about how projects are financed. Do something about government employees using tax money for personal use. Do something about the waste. It’s your job to be a steward of our tax money. As well it is the responsibility of government employees, local, state, federal to be good stewards as well.

Quite frankly if elected officials were doing their jobs correctly they wouldn’t want to make a career of it would they? Progress? Prove it!
web posted February 7, 2019
I am so very disappointed in the Edgefield County School Board.  I think the citizens of Edgefield County deserve answers from the members of  the Board.  (We are the ones that  voted to elect them.)  Why didn't they seek any input from  employees, students  and members of the community about what characteristics and qualities we thought a superintendent should have?  Why do they think that three candidates that live hours  away and have never  been in our District are better for the District than the internal candidate that people trust and respect?  (One of the finalist has NEVER even worked in a SC school system..... but he is a  better choice????)  From my understanding, the internal candidate has been a teacher, assistant principal, CFO, HR, Assistant Superintendent and works first hand with the recently passed bond project.  He would not use the District as a stepping stone.  Members of the School Board ..... what is really going on?  What kind of agenda is really behind this?  Something is fishy.  It is obvious that  you are NOT doing what is in the best interest of the students of Edgefield County.
web posted February 7, 2019
After reading the posts regarding the superintendent issue it made me think here we go again.  Since 2012 Edgefield County has had two superintendents and now be seeking a third superintendent. It comes only a few months after taxpayers passed the largest bond referendum in 25 years.  We are facing huge challenges in getting these issues moving forward and we now will have an unknown leading or will it be just another stepping stone for a new superintendent.  Perhaps there needs to be a rethink before setting us on that course.
web posted February 5, 2019
Would the writer challenging the writing of a ticket to the driver of a vehicle striking the guardrail prefer that the citation read, "Driving too fast for the driver's skills," as opposed to "driving too fast for conditions?"
web posted February 5, 2019
The poster asking the questions about the superintendent must be new to Edgefield.  They have never recognized the qualified people in Edgefield. They have always looked elsewhere. They even hired someone with no experience at all, in fact,  he was a lawyer who almost caused the school lose accreditation. Again "good ole boy" mentality. They have 3 finalists but I bet they are only considering 2. That's just how it is. It's not going to change. At least not in my lifetime.
web posted February 5, 2019
yes the edgefield law helps the rich man but not the poor man  so I do not vote for them I don't like to talk to them  and that all I have to say
web posted February 5, 2019
We lost out on Mathis, Laurence, and now Fallaw. Way to go Edgefield County School Board of Trustees. Way to go.
web posted February 5, 2019
I have some questions:

1. Did the local school board solicit input as to what people that work in our district and tax payers want in a school superintendent? If so, please report the results of the input. If there was not input, please report that this was strictly a 7 person decision. How many board members have an education degree or certified experience in a school district? One?

2. We see the three finalists that were posted by the school district on facebook. Have the teachers been notified other than on social media and local news? And, if these finalists are so qualified, why have they been passed over for other superintendent positions that they have applied for? Simply google their names and read.

3. Why was a former superintendent seen showing one of the finalists all around our county? 

4. How much does it cost our district to find people to apply for our superintendent's position? Did we hire a firm to search for someone? How much was the total cost of this?

5. How many people from within our district applied for superintendent? If their names cannot be reported - can their qualifications and experience?

6. Teachers are noticing. Teachers are asking questions. Teachers are voting.
web posted February 4, 2019
I wonder if the Edgefield County School Board realizes how many district employees and community members are disappointed and concerned about their process for determining the next superintendent? What was their process? Were teachers, administrators, or even community members even asked or surveyed as to what they wanted in their next leader? I am certain that the word among the people in schools is that a leader was wanted that would not use our district as a stepping stone and only be here for a few years before moving on to another district.  So, as it seems, the board had complete voice in determining who would lead our district. And, while we certainly have a teacher shortage, we will soon have an administrator shortage in Edgefield County.  Why would anyone devote years to this district when qualified and well respected people are passed over for positions at the district level? Why do we not believe in our own people? The grass is not always greener with these that we bring in that we think are going to "save" our district. So instead of stability, we get this..... We have just lost the chance to hire someone with exemplary experience in multiple facets of our district. He definitely has the intestinal fortitude to successfully lead a school district. Where he leads, many of us will follow.
web posted February 4, 2019
The poster complaining about the reporting of the accident on Sweetwater Rd needs to go and recheck the speed limits on Sweetwater Rd.  The posted speed limits on that road vary from 35 MPH to possible 50 MPH a small portion of the way. The speed limit around Briggs Rd is certainly not 50 MPH.  I travel this road frequently and know for a fact that the speed limit varies from one turn to the next.  I also recall an article on Edgefield Daily concerning the speed limits at the time they were implemented several years ago.
web posted February 2, 2019
Ref: Driver Strikes Guardrail On Sweetwater Road

Not sure who writes these or makes these posts, but last I checked the speed limit for Sweetwater Rd was/is 50 MPH, so y’all’s statement “traveling north at a high rate of speed”, and “was cited for driving too fast for conditions”, was uncalled for and very unnecessary and quite frankly none of y’alls business. I’m simply expressing how I feel because I know for a fact the driver was doing 50 MPH, considering we have an app together called Life360 tracking each other and their speeds. Lastly, when it is a one car accident in the state of South Carolina, the trooper by law has to write some sort of citation until it’s taken to court, therefore the citation will more than likely be dropped, considering the officer also stated the same thing. Thanks have a nice day.

Editor's Note: First, I'm glad that your friend wasn't seriously injured.  Regarding the comments that you enclosed in quotations above... these were the comments of the patrolman at the scene.    
web posted February 1, 2019
I have call to this store several times and couldn't get through, and I've also heard several other people say the same thing, so I happened to stop by one day/night I walks in the store, I seen a man soon as I walk in on the phone, talking like he having a whole conversation, I hear a customer in front on me saying to the cashier, he's on the phone every time I come in here ain't he, the cashier shook her head saying yes and he be on for 30-45 minutes at a time, so to the Cashier tell him that's a business phone not a personal phone, you have people calling and cant get through because he's always on the phone. And to the man: Get a phone in your home or a cell phone and stop using other people.
web posted January 29, 2019
edgefield law: they have no hart they let the rich man do what he wants  and the poor man has to pay the price that all I have to say
web posted January 29, 2019
Perhaps phones are perks of that job since babysitting only provides opportunities to establish deeper relationships with fathers of children
web posted January 28, 2019

I went in to the local store and wanted to make a purchase. It is typical but a shame because I went to make my purchase and had to wait for the older lady to stop helping others while the young lady sat at her computer and phone and didn’t so much as acknowledge me in there. The place is expensive and people know her history but she is in retail and need to get off of her phone and work and not try to be occupied with people that don’t belong to her.
web posted January 26, 2019

Amen to the comment on the members of the House of Representatives. I have another idea concerning the government shutdown. Put the workers back to work and withhold the pay to the members of the House. Once you hit them in the pocketbook, then things might change for the better.
web posted January 22, 2019
law in edgefield; they have no love in there hart   I hope god will help them see the light  that all I have to say
web posted January 22, 2019
I think it is time for the people of the USA to say enough is enough. Ask for inpeachment of all House of Representatives, because they have not balanced a budget in ten years on time, the laws they are making only hurt Americans. Congress is a joke to the world. If we didn't do our jobs we would have been fired. That's my opinion.
web posted January 18, 2019
RE:  Out of state tags/ metal detectors.
SC Dirt Diggers (a metal detecting group)
hosted a paid dig on private property. They have a FB page if your interested. They're a responsible bunch of folks and  it's a fun hobby.
web posted January 15, 2019
Regarding Mr. Biggs statement, the outcome of the elections should be self explanatory.
web posted January 15, 2019
Wondering who all the people were and what they were metal detecting for on meeting street road this week. A lot of out of state tags in multiple locations.
web posted January 14, 2019
What was up with Mr. Biggs speech before the choosing of a new chairman and vice chairman? I understand his removing his name from the running, but all the other comments were really unnecessary. Ulterior motive?

Editor's Note: At face value, and I have no reason to believe that there was any other motive, Mr. Biggs believed that the momentum of the recent progress made in the county has been due to Mr. Campbell's leadership.  He was simply trying to get another council member to support him in retaining Mr. Campbell as chair, so that they could continue some of the projects that were in the works. 
web posted January 14, 2019
There's a lot of good things to be said about living in a small town. Of course, there are a few things we lack as far as convenience goes but that's the price we pay for peace and quiet. I wouldn't have it any other way and I don't mind the ride to N Augusta or Aiken to do any shoppingfor things not available here.
It's really not even competition and we should stop viewing it as such.  Really, why in the world is everything about money these days? Edgefield is doing fine economically yet it seems our administration and some of our citizens are hell-bent on growing and spending because, "look at Aiken and N Augusta, we need to be like them."
Got to get a piece of the pie...
Edgefield  (hopefully) will never have all the stores, restaurants, subdivisions, apartments, etc within our vicinity our neighboring towns do. Traffic is a nightmare in those places, crime is a growing factor, people don't KNOW each other.
Sure, we have to travel to shop for larger items or eat at a chain restaurant but we have so much more than that here. We know each other. Our children are safe. Our circle is small. It's a really GOOD thing.
Edgefield has a rare element going for it that we should desperately be trying to hang on to it. Peace and Quiet.
Building subdivisions, "branding" to draw in economic growth, creating incentive areas and the like is ridiculous. Check the numbers. Tell your council to SLOW DOWN or better yet, just stop.
web posted December 22, 2018
Re the comment about our county administrator. I am in a position to deal with him on an almost weekly basis, (Not a county employee.) He is as honest and up front as any in recent years. He does not spend county money, county council does. If you don't like the logo, or even paying for it, contact the chairman. As for living in Aiken, county employees can live anywhere. Elected officials must live in the county and district they represent.
web posted December 22, 2018

Why doesn't the flag pole at the DSS building in Edgefield have a flag on it.  No US or state flag.  Being a state agency, you would think they would be required to.  Especially during the time when flags are at half-staff to honor the death of one of our presidents.  That alone is disrespectful but not to fly them at all at any time for a state agency is shameful.
web posted December 19, 2018
Once again elected "leaders" have proven that for sure they do not know the best way to do things.The park in Johnston is being renovated to include a walking track. The renovation includes the loss of more than one LARGE tree for what seems like no good reason. To place a fence and thus block access from Highway 121.  The blocked access does have some good points as well, but more not good. The loss of the trees has absolutely no good points. The one huge Oak tree was likely over 150 years old and very healthy. Gone now forever. It was older than the town of Johnston itself.

Did our fearless leaders invite public comment or seek the advice of an Arborist?  Not that I am aware of on either count. We do need a good place for a walking track and we have had that for several years. Safe, secure, and far from any traffic concerns. The unfinished soccer fields near the old National Guard Armory. Not one tree would have had to be cut. Occasionally elected officials need to be reminded who pays them and who put them in their office.  I do hope folks in Johnston will take a moment to call town hall and voice their opinion.
web posted December 18, 2018
To answer the person that complained about the branding, I have heard it ended up costing $70,000-$90,000... crap way to spend tax payer money huh? This County Administrator shouldn't run a County he don't live in, much less be allowed to touch the county money. I think he is shady, unfit and needs to go back where he came from.

Editor's Note: The Administrator handles day-to-day task, but the Council is the one that approves spending.  He can make recommendations, but ultimately it is they, that control the purse strings.  For what it's worth, I've dealt with the Administrator several times and have found him sincere and responsive to any question I've posed.
web posted December 13, 2018 
I am pondering the commitment of the editor to the success of Edgefield Daily because of the obvious glaring disregard for the appearance of the site. I have understood that it is the editor's responsibility to maintain the contents and presentation of the media.

Tuesday December 11, 2018   "Edgefield County as

                                                    it Happens"

Psalm 115:14-15 "May the Lord give you increase more and mo

Editor's Note: The copy that is uploaded to the website doesn't contain the same errors, but on some devices (my personal iphone for example) there are spacing errors and fragments of past verses of the day.  I have found myself correcting phantom errors on the upload copy, but with mixed success.  There is some good news to share on this subject.  Within the next few months, we will be moving to a more stable platform that is more compatible with today's technology.  The current site was great when it was first introduced a few years ago, but the time has come to upgrade.  As for my commitment, rest assured, I am dedicated to the success of the site.  As for my execution...it's always a good idea to keep me on my toes.
web posted December 12, 2018
In response to the person defending the convicted criminal speaking in front of an entire student body of innocent children about honor & courage @ JET Middle School... Is it honorable & courageous to drive around drunk w/ your own children & pass out in a parking lot with them in the car? Or to have numerous affairs with multiple women? Or to discharge a firearm when one of them breaks up with you? How about beating your wife & her father in front of your children,  threatening your own kids, even discharging a firearm in your own home in front of them? Then to barricade your highly intoxicated self into your home causing multiple law enforcement agencies to respond? This man has shown a pattern of instability & escalating violence over many years! This is not an isolated event where he should be given "leeway!" Yet he continuously receives a slap on the wrist. If he has no regard for the safety of his own wife & kids, why would he care about mine or anyone else's? Why has the district not responded to keep our kids safe? This man is at Parker and JET on a regular basis and nothing is said! If his wife chooses to put her own kids in danger, that's her decision, but I should not have to worry about this man being around my kids at school where they should be safe! Who is going to put the safety of our kids first?
web posted December 11, 2018
Are you serious? The last post thinks this is “exactly” who needs to speak with our children about honor and courage? He has every resource at his disposal to help his “issues”. Remember, this is the same man who ran through town after getting caught with his mistress and fired shots in town? I guess this is a flat case of white privilege in small town America! Money can buy you out of anything and into any school! I am ashamed that the administration at JET allowed this man access to all of those children, MY child!!! The board better wake up and do something before something happens!!!! Our kids know his name, his face! They know his crimes! What’s next? The local sex offender in to talk to the kids during the “touch” seminar?!?!  Seems about par for the course with the system right now!
web posted November 29, 2018
I have read with interest the posts from readers concerning the young man who was recently in the news.  Some thought he had no business talking to the school children about "honor and courage".  I believe he was an excellent example to speak on the subject--I believe he was a U. S. Marine who served two tours in the Middle East.  No one, except him, knows what he experienced during that time.  I am not condoning his recent actions, but he did have a trial and was sentenced.  I hope he will take advantage of programs offered by the VA.  I think he should be given some leeway and doubt that being a good old boy has anything to with his situation.
web posted November 27, 2018
Editor's Note: I believe that what many are concerned about is how the system has failed this man, and our citizens, more than once.  Is it really the good ol' boy thing? Or is it the system, or those operating it, that are unable to render the assistance that this man clearly needs?  These questions need answers before this happens again.
In regards to the previous post(s)....yes, the good ole boy mentality is very much alive and well in our little town! The same person everyone is referencing should not be allowed on ANY school ground! I agree that his antics have only escalated with each incident and it is a matter of time before he does something that they can’t hide. Think about how kids feel that witnessed this last incident and see him at their school?
web posted November 16, 2018
In regards to the trial of the man who barricaded himself in his home:
I believe that anyone who is harmed by this person in the future should absolutely sue the local judicial system and every single person involved in this entire farce. This man has proven to be a real threat to society, and those responsible for letting him continue to walk freely should also be held responsible when another event occurs. It is not a matter of if, but when and to whom.
web posted November 16, 2018
I am absolutely appalled that any school would allow this man around our children! I am required, as a parent, to complete a background check to accompany my child on a field trip yet this violent, convicted criminal is allowed to roam the halls, have lunch, and even speak at an event in front of all students? Why has he not been placed on trespass notice by the school and/or district for all Edgefield County Schools? Surely no judge would question this decision in order to keep hundreds of children safe. This is absurd! Why are we raising taxes to secure the front entrances of schools when unstable, violent criminals who are known to possess & use firearms are allowed to walk right through the door around our defenseless children?
web posted November 16, 2018
I agree with the post about safety of our children, but as long as the "good ole boy" mentality is here in Edgefield, no one is safe.  They are only concerned with covering up for one of their own. They don't care about the population.  These people are the ones in authority and they will do as they please, as always.
web posted November 16, 2018
The same reason Edgefield don't give a s**t. My kids have been molested by a man that is still running the streets, going to your grocery and convenience stores, driving by the schools and sometimes park and hasn't at least been registered as a sex offender even though this man has confessed to the crime. Yet, still been waiting on a court date for a couple of years now to put this past us. I also wondered why his name was printed wrong as someone else when put in the crime Daily Booking Report as if it was a cover up....the public needs to know. When will we consider crimes like this serious and for the ones hurting. Again, I agree, what message are we sending to our kids? That when someone does a bad thing or commits a crime, justice wont and may never be served.
web posted November 16, 2018
I totally agree with the comment from the person regarding the safety of our children at school from a local man who’s clearly shown a history of violence and instability over an extended period of time. This man has been arrested on multiple occasions for DUIs and gun violence and with his most recent charges escalating to a new level of violence. Why was this man even allowed inside of our middle school around our children much less allowed to speak in front of them. Parents were allowed to enter through the gym doors and were not even required to get a visitor pass in the office during school hours. There are approximately 500 students at JET middle school who were unnecessarily put into harms way. Who allowed this to happen? Who is looking out for our children’s safety?
web posted November 15, 2018
Just checking online court records & noticed that the man who barricaded himself into his home causing neighbors to be evacuated, a street to be closed, multiple law enforcement agencies including a helicopter to become involved, who was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high & aggravated nature (which means the suspect used a weapon and/or intended to kill the victim) was granted a plea to a reduced charge of assault? This means that this clearly unstable person will still be allowed to possess firearms, keep his job, and enter our schools with hundreds of innocent children. As a matter of fact, this man stood up in front of the entire study body at a veteran's day program and spoke to our children about courage and honor!  I cannot be the only parent terrified by this! What message are we sending our kids? How many chances does this man get before someone is killed? Why does he deserve yet another slap on the wrist & given probation for his hideous acts of violence? He has clearly shown a pattern of instability over many years as a threat to society.
web posted November 14, 2018
Here we are just a few days before the Nov 6 election, have you received your tax bill?  Checking last years taxes all we can do is guess what the new ones are going to look like.  What we do know is that the county increased the garbage fee from $80 to $100 and that the car tax for road maintenance fee increased from $20 to $27.  The school operating mills increased and the school bond that was paid off in March remains on the taxes.  If the school bond passes the tax bond will increase a little more than double. Car taxes will also increase  We can guess what those costs will be but won't really know until after the fact.  While we agree many of the needs listed on the bond are long overdue, a major hit like this to the taxpayers should be reviewed and perhaps taken back to the drawing board.  While the county is trying to bring in new business, this proposed tax increase may work against us.  How much money is going to be received from the current school bond,  paid off this year yet still on the tax bills?  These questions should be carefully thought out before we vote on Tuesday.
web posted November 5, 2018
When the primary ended with all the council districts having no challenging candidates I thought all the campaigning was over.   After the primaries were over the council approved placing    a question on the November 6th ballot asking if the citizens want to change the rules from 2 year terms to 4 year terms. Now we have an interesting situation.  If this is approved 3 of the candidates will be elected to 4 year terms with the other 2 having to face a possible challenger in 2 years.  Wonder how they will determine which 3 get the 4 year terms ?   If the citizens had known that those candidates who were chosen in the primaries would have the potential to serve for 4 years without the normal 2 year elections would they have voted for these or if more people would have turned out for the primaries?   No wonder Chairman Campbell is pushing so hard for the 4 year terms.  Who besides the council members benefit from this.  I think Mrs. Blackwell had it right in so many ways.  When was the last time your council member asked you what you want?  When was the last time that your member told you what was taking place and sought your input?  We are to blame as much as they are.   How many of us contact them or try to find them in the community unless there is a problem?  With a 4 year term how often do you think you will hear from them?
web posted October 31, 2018
Elected county representatives should be held to the current 2 year term and if deemed worthy be re-elected at will of the people.
If an official is making bad decisions, regardless of the cause the people should be able to remove him from office as quickly as possible. Allowing 4 year terms wouldn't facilitate quick removal from elected office.
What constitutes a bad decision? This would mean the representative is NOT representing the will of the people.
Government seats and responsibilities were not meant to be cushy, long term stays at the political table.
An elected official represents the people in the community.
The people in this community need to maintain that responsibility of choice of representation* and hold it in the highest regard.
We should not be giving the government yet more authority in matters we are responsible for. That includes original term limits.
Mr. Campbell asked what other counties know that we don’t know…
How about we in Edgefield not act like sheep and lead the way by staying true to what the founding fathers meant government to be, which is what is best for us.
Let's not shun our responsibilities and ultimately give our elected government even more control.
web posted October 23, 2018
I see the county is sporting a new logo. I've seen it around the new county building and even on an ambulance passing through town. I would like to know who thought that design was a good idea? The logo looks like something you would find at a flee market vendor. Upon further looking at it I noticed it has images in the EC, well unless those letters are about ten feet tall and five feet wide you cannot tell whats in the letter. Besides the horrible design, my main question is how much  tax payer money was wasted on this?
web posted October 23, 2018
In response to " If you're unhappy about Christmas Break being pushed back a day, keep your child at home on the 17th.".....
1) Why not make October 5th a half day and not have to make up a day at all?
2) Christmas break isn't really pushed back one day. It is pushed back 3 days. People could have gone out of town at noon Friday (12/14) and will now have to wait till noon on Monday (12/17)
3) Keeping kids out really isn't a good option because of exams that will be held on 12/17.
4) It isn't just a matter of kids in school but also teachers and other employees that now have to stay home for the weekend and go to school that Monday.
5) There's also the matter of making arrangements for the surprise day off for people who would then have to be out with their children since their children aren't at school.

This concert was no last minute surprise (though the school cancellation was) and traffic wasn't a problem (especially in the event of a half day on 10/5). As another person commented, Fox Creek had school, was close to the venue, and (according to the post) doesn't have buses therefore they have MORE traffic whereas a bus holds a number of people.

I can understand make up days for weather (like the recent hurricane) but I guess now instead of just snow/weather days we have "Luke Bryan Day".
web posted October 17, 2018
A new bond in the amount of near 55 million dollars is being requested to fund some projects at our schools but I'm curious.
If the 1991 bond for new school construction was paid off in March 2018 shouldn't property tax decrease at that time, or at least until a new bond is approved?

One reason cited for the new bond issuance is the population growth in certain areas of our county.
One of the problems with trying to attract growth to an area verses allowing natural growth is the strain it puts on our public services. For example, we now have schools ill equipped to handle the population boom (particularly in the Merriwether area) thus the need for additional space/funding becomes crucial and immediate. These new residents chose to pay some of the highest property taxes in SC. Oddly enough, that newly generated tax revenue isn't enough to cover the strain placed on our school system.

Edgefield has seen steady, dependable growth for the past twenty years. It is not in decline and certainly in no danger of becoming stagnant. Allowing for the natural ebb and flow of population growth is better than going out of the way to attract people. It's certainly better than gambling by building big manufacturing parks that go unused and neglected the vast majority of the time (which ironically enough,coincides with the property tax break given to the occupying corporation).

Edgefield should build on uniqueness and TRY to stay small, not the other way around. The majority of the people that live here didn't choose Edgefield because of restaurants, shopping, or amenities. We're here because of the peace, the quiet, the lack of strangers, the lack of busyness, the lack of pavement, I could go on.

Why this incessant want to keep up with neighboring towns and cities? Not only that, but why does administration have to hire a person or a firm (for the sum of ninety thousand dollars?) to generate a comprehensive plan for the county? How many *needed* new walkway canopies could that money have built at our schools, without having to raise property tax?

Simply speaking and listening to the people that live here would suffice in finding out what is really needed/wanted.
The survey Edgefield County Council conducted a few months back should have told a great deal about what the citizens actually want. (see link)

Subdivisions aren't a good fit for our little town or the rural parts of our county either yet we have another one approved for construction. Tell me where we'll be in a few years with school growth due to this approved subdivision? Another property tax increase perhaps? Does the firm or person hired to assess the county's needs even take this into consideration or shall we hire another in a few years to tell us that we need a bigger school to accommodate all the new growth we've attracted? Perhaps another bond in the staggering amount of 55 million dollars will be *needed*?

Growth never results in lower taxes or keeping taxes low, as so many like to claim.
We pay enough in property tax.
Can we stop TRYING to attract growth?
Growth will come naturally, just as it always has.
web posted October 16, 2018

I guess the new rules for running for homecoming queen backfired. It didn't eliminate as hoped.
web posted October 15, 2018
The school district shut schools down on the 5th because the Highway Patrol recommended it. The school district DID NOT come up with this idea on their own. The same people complaining about this would be complaining if a student driving home or a school bus was in an accident because the schools did not close. If you're unhappy about Christmas Break being pushed back a day, keep your child at home on the 17th.
web posted October 5, 2018
The fact that Fox Creek has no buses increases traffic, it does not reduce traffic, since all of the students have to either drive or be driven to get there. Had the entire district been on half day on 10/5 and made up the half day on 12/14 the buses would have run 2 days. Since the district closed down for 10/5 the buses will still run on 12/14 which will be a full day and additionally run on 12/17 which will now be a half day. There were zero bus miles saved by shutting down.
web posted October 4, 2018

I think the previous poster answered their own question. The Edgefield County School District has to run buses those 22+ miles and Fox Creek does not have buses.
web posted October 3, 2018

I just read online that even though the entire school district is shut down for the concert on October 5, 2018 that Fox Creek is on a half day schedule that day. Fox Creek is less than 4 miles from the concert site and Strom Thurmond is a bit over 20 miles away with Johnston Elementary +/-22 miles. I am sure this must make sense to someone, but not to me.
web posted October 2, 2018
I really didn't believe what I was hearing, but obviously it's true, closing the school on Oct.5 is ridiculous, the concert doesn't start u till the late afternoon, so why not let kids have school. Making it up for Christmas is not fair to the children nor parents,that look forward to this break and have plans. I like Luke music, but closing schools are not fair.  Please reevaluate the situation...
A puzzled Parent
web posted September 28, 2018
Subject: They're kidding, right?
You could have knocked me over with a feather. I just heard and looked it up because I did not believe it that Edgefield County Schools will be closed on October 5 to accommodate a Luke Bryan concert that will be in the Sweetwater Community on that date. According to information online, that concert is not until 6 p.m. at Misty Morning Farms and they are going to shut down the entire school district. The students will now not get to start their Christmas Break until December 18 in order to make up the day missed and if plans were already made for the holidays, I guess that's just tough. Yes, the calendar allows for the 14th and 17th to be used as makeup days, but shutting down for a concert and inconveniencing thousands? Makeup days are typically used for bad weather incidents or utility calamities, not a concert. At the very least the powers that be could have closed the schools half a day, made up the half day on 12/14, and people would not have to change long standing plans or simply skip school.
web posted September 24, 2018
I wonder what happened to that cute/ugly duck at the town walking track that used to wag its tail when you had bread? 
If he's gone, I'm going to miss him!  He looked similar to this: