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Editor's post: I am taking the weekend off after an unscheduled doctor's appointment on Thursday. One step forward, two steps back. It's getting old fast.

I have nothing to add to the conversation below.

web posted April 19, 2014

Re: one student telling another
Maybe it is more than a coincidence that the child is talking about scores.  A friend of mine ( a parent also) just happened to walk by these children in the hallway and overheard this.  She witnessed this and told me about it.  My child goes to JET now but it still brothers be that this goes on!!!  Say what you will but it is wrong, a child cannot make something like this up!!!
web posted April 19, 2014

RE: Can anybody tell me why MES PTO is paying for a subs postion?  Isn't district suppose to pay for that?

It's not parent/teacher anymore...it's tyranny at the top at MES...The great "Dr." Does what she wants....and with her best friend in the district office, no one dares to question her. Maybe a detailed audit of the "miscellaneous" expenses is in order! Time for a change!
web posted April 19, 2014

The mother & daughter lynching on another girl at Pine Ridge? WOW! Need to throw people like that in jail an lock away the key.  We don't need people like that in our town.  It's a disgrace.  And the mom getting involved?! That's even more of a disgrace.  Shouldn't she be setting an example for her child ? Yet, she's acting like one participating in the situation. These kids should be taught a lesson.  Lynching is a serious thing and could have really hurt someone.  Thankfully both mom & daughter couldn't cause any harm to the other girl ! Come on Edgefield.
web posted April 19, 2014
RE: "The Feds are like drug dealers, and our educators are like junkies....continually coming back for their Federal "Fix""

Don't be so quick to blame the educators.  Look at our School Board.  I wish we could have more women file for the other School Board positions.  We have three good women on the board that are level headed and make informed decisions, but we also have four petulant, childish "little boys" that make decisions based on "what's in it for them".  When they don't get their way, they throw a little tantrum. They are not in it for our children.  That's why we need more women to replace the "little boys."
web posted April 19, 2014

Re: Longevity…

Hum. Couldn’t resist an opportunity for some sarcasm? If you do a little ancestry you realize that your tree branches widely as you go back in years. Two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, etc… And actually it can broaden more quickly due to a lack of longevity, from which our family did/ does suffer, in addition to early childbirth. The term “great grandfathers” is applied to greats, great greats, etc… It was a combination of these that served in those conflicts. The Civil War ended one hundred forty nine years ago? The Revolutionary War, two hundred and thirty one years ago?

The point is that even though some of my ancestors served and died in those conflicts, I do not convict them for doing so, I am not ashamed of their decisions and I am not a Confederate “basher”. I do not believe from my research that, as in the case of the Civil War, my ancestors sought only to preserve slavery. I have many others in the family that have served in various branches of the US military in other conflicts. That does not make me special. I state these things to ensure that those reading the post understand that there is no ulterior motive to the post other than what I thought I had clearly stated. I do not believe flags or politics of any kind belong in the Church. For the most part they only cause separation and discourse among us. In addition, why risk turning away one single person from an opportunity to come to Christ or worship with something that may offend them or make them feel uncomfortable. Why welcome anything in Church that could cause discourse or misunderstanding that has nothing to do with Biblical principle? How much credit should a flag get for our faith and salvation?
web posted April 19, 2014

It’s Time to Relay!!!

Relay For Life of Edgefield County will be Saturday April 26th 1pm – 1am at the Strom Thurmond football field

Calling ALL Survivors to come and start our Relay For Life with the beginning lap at 1pm. Come around 12:00 to get registered

Survivor Dinner will be Thursday April 24th at 6:00pm at the Edgefield First Baptist Church….All Survivors and a Caregiver are invited to attend. We want to honor YOU!!!
web posted April 18, 2014

RE: Simply put, Man’s politics do not belong in God’s church

Longevity must have a stronghold in this person’s family. To have at least one, not to mention “over twenty” great grandfathers is a sheer miracle. The fact that they fought in the Revolutionary, Civil and Second World War is absolutely amazing. They must been resting from the first two monumental wars to participate in the first world war. God bless this family for their patriotism and dedication to preserving this country.
web posted April 18, 2014

i just want to say that ive known the new mayor all my life and he knows what hes doing. i think people dont like the fact that hes our first black mayor.

Editor's note: Just wondering if you've ever heard the name of Johnston Mayor Willie Campbell who defeated Dean Campbell? I had a very close professional relationship with him and, memory serve, I'm pretty sure he was black.
web posted April 18, 2014
Re:  one student telling another student that their test scores dropped-do people forget that kids will be kids? Seems like a leap to blame the teacher for discussing test scores. Maybe the kid that shared the info was just being a bit of a bully or trying to look cool. Perhaps he had no idea what the other kid scored but because his mom is a teacher, he pretended to know. Hmmmm-kids do things like that you know. Why do people always believe the worst possible scenario rather than thinking about other possibilities?

Our thoughts are with the editor and his wife. We hope you feel better soon!

Editor's note: Thank you for your concern.
web posted April 18, 2014
In regards to having pre-approved permission to speak at council meetings...
Maintaining order should be determined by law enforcement, not by county council whim.
Before this rule was adopted and given the power of law, you could be charged with disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace for doing...just that.
Now you can be charged with both of the above and removed from the premises if you even attempt to speak, or say something a council member finds disagreeable. At the least, you can be told to sit down and shut up because you did not call and get approval before hand. Insist on speaking and be removed.
We don't see much of that infringement here in Edgefield. (Yet? It's possible, always.)
We do witness it occuring all through the country, from parents voicing concern at district school board meetings about common core, to citizens being removed for voicing objection at county meetings, city meetings, etc.
Quite frankly, a citizen's voice for objection or approval is being hindered and even removed under the guise of maintaining order.
Offensive or disorderly behavior were already covered by law before this rule was adopted.
While the intention may be good, the possible results are not.
But hey...keep on giving up your voice to well intended legislation folks. It really is The People's best interests being considered after all.
It's the little things that will eventually make big things.
I'm quite sure this will get a rebuttal from some conservative minded fellow about how this is needed and is a good thing, completely forgetting disruptive behavior was already covered by an existing law.

Editor's note: I have attended county meetings (not just county council) for almost 20 years. I've never seen anyone removed from a meeting. I will say that a posting on the door of the county council chambers that says signs are not permitted is illegal and unconstitutional. Speech is not limited to voice.
web posted April 18, 2014

Can Doug Painter or Jill Jett tell me when we can expect to get a new varsity baseball coach?  Recently our 23 year old head coach allowed a former player to come back and practice with the team.  Now while I'm all for trying to do something for a kid who is having problems, I don't agree with the fact that by allowing this non player onto the field, my kid who is a member of the team is losing practice reps. In addition, he allowed this former player to workout in the bullpen, something that our own pitchers have been needing more of.  Furthermore this excuse for a coach came over and observed the former player working in the bullpen, something he hasn't done a handful of times with his own pitchers this year!  After two years at the helm our baseball team has made NO progress in terms of getting better.  Once again, this week the team will play for 4th place in the region.  4th place?  I bet money if the football team placed 4th two years in a row heads would roll!

After the recent JV baseball game the pitchers and catchers lined up to run their "poles" which is team policy based on how many innings you pitch and catch.  Everyone ran the required number of poles with the exception of one pitcher who was allowed to only run half the number he was supposed to.  Meanwhile the young catcher, who had caught almost every inning, ran all 14 of his poles.  He was the last player running after having caught a day game.  This coach has no control, no game plan, no discipline, and none of the real world experience required to build a winning program at this level. 

Both Strom Thurmond baseball and softball are prime examples of what a "culture of failure" looks like.  In order to break that culture you have to take steps that often times aren't easy.  Just for once I want these administrators to stop thinking of themselves and put or kids first.  Stop thinking about how you can save money for your football program and hire the most qualified individuals to do the job.  The parents of the JV players coming up will no longer tolerate being the laughing stock of baseball and softball.  We've spent too much time and money preparing our kids to be the best they can be on the field to allow subpar coaches to ruin them. Either Anderson, Painter and Jett make these changes NOW or the program will lose several quality athletes to Fox Creek before next fall.  Here are the only two names you need to know..... Pete Meadows and Ron Conley.  I understand that it's often hard to admit when we've made a mistake, but Mrs. Jett made a terrible mistake by hiring this kid over Coach Meadows.  Hopefully she can now see that.
web posted April 18, 2014
For those who still think Common Core is a good idea...this is what happened when Georgia Parents decided to refuse that their children participate in the
Georgia CRCT (equivalent to the SC PASS exam).  They were met by police and informed they were trespassing.  Note also that these tests have nothing to do with education, it's about AYP (Annual Yearly Progress), and is tied to Federal Educational Dollars.

Now while this doesn't have a direct correlation to Common Core....think about it, this was just the state of Georgia...imagine when the FEDs get directly involved??
I know there's a lot of religious people in the audience....doesn't it make you a bit uncomfortable, the the politicians and "professional educators" are so quick to sell your children's educational foundation for the Federal Government's, "30 pieces of Silver??"  And for the educators in the audience, he's a fact....YOU DON'T OWN OUR KIDS....we still have and want a say in our kids education.  We don't want it coming from a Leftist such as a Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dorn...and the Annenburg challenge.  Common Core is CRAP...parents need to get smart on this....you're giving up your rights with regards to your kids education, like healthcare, once lost, those rights and freedoms can't be re-acquired.  The Feds are like drug dealers, and our educators are like junkies....continually coming back for their Federal "Fix"

web posted April 18, 2014
Editor's post: The Crime Blotter has not been updated. I spent most of Wednesday in bed due to a setback. I will be back at the doctor's office Thursday and it is possible I will not be able to obtain bookings for today as well. Bookings will be obtained on Friday and will be placed as soon as possible. I apologize for the delay.
web posted April 17, 2014

Can anybody tell me why MES PTO is paying for a subs postion?  Isn't district suppose to pay for that? Shouldn't the parents that are members be made aware of this?  The money raised through fundraisers are to be used for the teachers and their classrooms!!! Something just don't seem right about this....
web posted April 17, 2014

Greg Wallace is a family friend and I have read everything that gets reported on him from tv, newspapers, websites, and here. I appreciate the update provided today [Wednesday] because the more people know about it the more they will pray for him. But I noticed the word "alleged" being used about the beating over and over. I read the related stories and didn't see the same wording. Are you trying to suggest that this wasn't a beating? Mr. Wallace was found on the floor nearly dead and still is on life support. I'm not sure how that can be an "alleged" beating. Why the sudden change? Do you know something we don't know?

Editor's note: It is a word often used in reporting crimes. All of the top investigators are on this case and it is being closely watched from the Sheriff on down. They continue to review the evidence and are working to gather leads. Until a crime is proven it is alleged, even if, as you say, it is clear one has taken place. There was no intent in the use of the word.  
web posted April 17, 2014
Is there any news on the happenings at Mount Vintage Plantation?

Editor's note: I received a copy of a letter to the residents that they (the bank) are working to get the golf course open for play. The legal process is still underway on foreclosure on the current owner.
web posted April 17, 2014

Can anyone please tell me what happened to Good Friday being a Holiday for Edgefield County school system?  Just another way to push God out of our schools
web posted April 17, 2014
The article posted about the Johnston town council meeting stated a citizen from the audience tried to speak and was told she was not on the agenda.
I realize there has to be some order maintained at council meetings but forcing citizens to reserve time to speak before hand is absurd.
This time is usually limited and the subject not allowed to be "carried on" by the next citizen allowed to speak, correct?
What if something comes up a citizen has a question about?
Why were these rules even adopted in the first place, to maintain order or limit a citizen's ability to make his objections to a local government action a part of record?

Editor's note: It is to maintain order. If you wish to speak during the meeting you can call and ask to be added to the agenda to speak and ask questions of the council.
web posted April 17, 2014
Yesterday, I found out that a certain [removed] Teacher’s child, at W.E. Parker Elementary, told (teased) another student about how his scores dropped on the MAP Standardize Test. It devastated this student. These two students aren’t even in the same grade, so why are teachers discussing other students’ scores and telling their children?? Isn’t this against the law?? What happened to Privacy Acts and professionalism?? I just want parents to be aware of what is going on!!!!
web posted April 17, 2014

Simply put, Man’s politics do not belong in God’s church. I have never agreed with churches displaying the American flag or any other Non- Christian symbol at the front of the church. There is no argument for it. Someone will post something that goes like “… this great country made … possible”. Wrong. God made it all possible. I have over twenty great grandfathers that fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, in addition to great grandfathers that served in the Second World War. I am not ashamed of any of their service.

Additionally, since it is in the photo, the Confederate flag is offensive to some. I do not necessarily agree that it is offensive. Of the many ancestors of mine that served for the confederacy, I have only found one great grandfather that may have owned slaves. Hence the remainder of those ancestors, I do not believe packed up their belongings to go off and die a gruesome death, in some cases, so some plantation down the road could keep its slaves. That is just my perspective on the many Southern men who died, only they and God know, however.

Inside the church, nor outside, should we allow anything that would interfere with our worship or make anyone else feel that they are unwelcome. Although it is sometimes difficult practice because we are human, I believe Christ would expect us to handle this and many other situations a little differently.
web posted April 17, 2014

Snodgrass has been a pervert his whole life. They should have put him under the jail and never be allowed to roam the streets again. 
web posted April 16, 2014
Harry Reid says the cattle issue in NV is a matter of people not following the law. Hmmm. This from a man who does nothing but support those who break the law. What about the IRS issue?  Seems a little hypocritical to me.
Anyone following the blood moons-keep your eyes on events in Israel between now and Oct. 2015. Something of significance could happen. There are some fascinating facts about the blood moons that happen during Jewish holidays and significant events affecting the Jewish people. The last three times this happened were 1492 (the Jew were expelled from Spain), 1948 (The Jewish people get Israel back) and 1967 (the six day was and the retaking of Jerusalem) .  Today is the first day of Passover and the first of four blood moons. Again, keep your eyes on Israel. God has not forgotten them.
web posted April 16, 2014
Re:  Maybe you should do something on the animal control that never happens around here.
Could you please elaborate?  Does Animal Control seize, or fine the violator on the first visit, or are they (the violator) given a warning and allowed one chance to rectify their situation?

Editor's note: Over the years, only in cases that are extreme are the animals seized on the first visit. Most are treated with a warning and then followed up on to assure compliance.
web posted April 16, 2014
Sorry to hear things aren’t going so good for you. I never knew things were so bad because there was always something new. Our prayers are with you. Get well soon.

Editor's note: Thank you.
web posted April 16, 2014
Food Stamp use up 1,552 % (1969)
Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Women Who Work Full-Time
April 14, 2014 - 10:52 AM

    46,609,000 people participating in the food stamp program
    44,059,000 women who worked full-time, year-round in 2012
    In 1969, there were only 2,878,000 people on food stamps. Since then, food stamps participants have increased by 44,758,000—or about 1,552 percent.
web posted April 16, 2014
Editor's post: Today was not a good day. The "not getting worse" good news from last week went out the window. I have nothing to add to the conversation below.
web posted April 15, 2014
Please give an update on the neglect/abuse horse case. I understand it went to court and the man received two horses back. Who was the judge over the case?

Editor's note: Stephen Zukowski, 55, has been charged with ill treatment of animals, a misdemeanor. You can expect a slap on the wrist with the charge in Magistrate Court. At this time, according to online court records, the case has been delayed and has not been tried. I have no information on horses being returned.
web posted April 15, 2014
Common core is forcing everyone to think and be the same. Liberal! Don't be different, don't challenge anything, just be like everybody else. Obey your master government and be good subjects.
web posted April 15, 2014

The truck driver who overturned his sand truck sounded like he did everything he could to prevent a worse accident on highway 23. But I wonder how fast he was traveling? That stretch of road is fairly straight. The big trucks go way too fast on the Edgefield county roads. I have had debris from log trucks hit my car.

Editor's note: The location of the crash was just after a curve with very little sight distance approaching the scene.
web posted April 15, 2014
I have a new idea for under garments….. Andy Pants! For when you're full of [excrement] and everybody knows it!   LOL
web posted April 15, 2014

RE: Cocaine Jackson "how does somebody like that even get votes"
They are called Democrats. They vote for crooks and criminals all the time!
web posted April 15, 2014
Maybe you should do something on the animal control that never happens around here. The lady shows up once and you never see her again. How many times do you have to complain before they do something?
web posted April 15, 2014
OMG! I had no idea who Nathaniel Cocaine Jackson was until I read some of the stories the editor listed. We've lived here a little over 3 yrs and I've seen his name now and then but had no idea who he was. How does somebody like that even get votes?
web posted April 14, 2014
When are they going to announce the new [STH] football coach? Spring is here………. time to start practice.

Editor's note: I believe something will break in the next couple of weeks.
web posted April 14, 2014

Re: Johnston gets what they deserve
I have lived in Johnston my whole life as my parents and their parents. Johnston doesn't deserve to have a mayor that doesn't know what he's doing. Personally I don't care for Mayor Livingston but he was the better of the two candidates. It's the small minded people we can thank for the next 4 years of incompetence running Johnston. He may have won but we don't "deserve" to suffer through this.

Editor's note: Elections have consequences.
web posted April 14, 2014
Why does everything have to be a black white thing? If a black guy gets elected it's the white people's fault? So if a white guy wins it's the white people's fault? Maybe 1 person got more votes than the other? That's the voter's fault.
web posted April 14, 2014
Fort Hood soldier: ‘Stripped of God-given right,’ all I could do was ‘wait to die’
web posted April 14, 2014
Re: Well Filled
I agree with you exactly. We too own property which had a well. The first thing my husband did was fill it. Our horses now walk over that spot. We advocate safety for all - human and animal. Exactly why my husband was willing to take our tractor and his time to get this done. He didn't MAKE anything by doing this. He only charged enough to cover fuel and gas for tractor and truck and is awaiting payment. I can't tell you who the owner is. It would be easy to figure out yourself by visiting the town. I will say the owner could not have known as age and handicapness are involved. So unlike you and I it may be a case of its taken care of and done with.
web posted April 12, 2014
Re: nice pants!

What pants? Andy got his pants beat off him LOL!!
web posted April 12, 2014
Dear Mr. Editor,
Glad to hear you are slowly but steady improving. I've studied your case and have come to the conclusion that you have OBAMAITIS!
Take care.
web posted April 12, 2014

Refresh my memory please. Who is Nathaniel Cocaine Jackson?

Editor's note: Take your pick of numerous reports on Mr. Jackson.
web posted April 12, 2014
Interesting article
web posted April 12, 2014
Editor's post: I went back to the doctor Thursday. To put it simply, I thought things were going to get a lot better a lot sooner and finding out that is not the case was very disappointing to say the least. The good news I got today was I am still walking and my condition has not worsened. Thanks to my loving bride, she made me realize under the circumstances, that really was "good news". I suppose I am learning a lesson in patience that is long overdue.
web posted April 11, 2014
Johnston gets what it deserves. The town is a basket case and always will be.
web posted April 11, 2014
I want to know why the county or the state cuts the grass on the roads before they pick up the trash? When they mow there's paper and trash everywhere it little pieces. That's just brilliant!
web posted April 11, 2014
re: Well filled
I was glad to hear the owner did what he should have done a long time ago. They should still be fined or made to pay for the fire department and sheriffs office going out there and then doing the work to find the owner. You said people should know what's on their property and I agree completely. I own property from a few acres to 50 acres and I've never bought any land that I didn't walk the entire place several times before buying it. If I had a well I didn't know about it would be my fault and I should have to pay a fine just like anybody else.

Now I want to know who owns the property.
web posted April 11, 2014
Way to go White People In Johnston. Only 229 white people in Johnston voted? How pathetic! What are you
idiots going to do when the new Mayor wants a raise (cause he ain't got no other job) and your taxes go up?
What are you idiots going to do when his adviser is Mr. Nat Jackson? Myself and my entire family held our noses to vote for Andy Livingston, but we know the alternative. Here is the real problem...the supposed Conservative GOP has no loyalty and does not support candidates like the Democraps do. If Charles Manson were running for Johnston mayor and were a Democrap...Democraps would vote for him...while all you GOPee people stay at home because you don't like the conservative. No wonder the moronic Dems are in power across the country and in little towns like Johnston...you white conservatives stayed at home. I can only pray this new mayor does good things for all the people in Johnston and doesn't bankrupt the town. Maybe the new mayor will clean up Edisto street, tell the Johnston Police to make life uncomfortable for all the local sex offenders and their pals. Nice going white people in Johnston. Time will tell.

Editor's note: I stood at the polls for about an hour or more and I saw more whites than blacks voting. I had many white people emailing me or stopping me the week or so before the election giving me campaign literature for Culbreath. I knew Livingston was in trouble then.
web posted April 11, 2014

Just to put minds at ease, the well and septic tank found uncovered when a dog fell into the well and was rescued has been filled in. My husband and his brother were hired by the landowner to do so. Rest assured both were well filled and no longer pose a threat to human nor animal. Believe me, my husband made sure of this having a trucking company bring in fill material and filling it himself!  A road had to be cut through a grown up mess to do so as it was an old house place in a thickly overgrown place, explaining why it was left hidden for so long. Land owners need to examine properties and take measures to rid dangerous old open wells which I'm sure probably exist where old home places once were.
web posted April 10, 2014

I for one am glad that I do not live in the town of Johnston!! Y'all have just elected a guy who has absolutely no idea how to live in the real world! He has never even had a real job! Livingston wasn't great but he had to be better than this choice!! This is almost as bad as Jesse Jackson jr getting benefits for being an idiot!
web posted April 10, 2014

Hey "mare" Livingston, glad to hear your gone. Couldn't happen to a nicer?? guy. Good bye, good riddance. By the way, " nice pants!!"
web posted April 10, 2014
Re:  There was nobody for me to vote "for" so I just didn't vote!
The mindset of this poster is exactly why our country is in the condition it is today!  In our prevous presidential election many people didn't want Obama elected, but did not particularly care for Mitt Romney either so they just sat on their butts at home and did not exercise their right and freedom to vote for the future of this country.  If those people had voted, the situation might be entirely different today. This is one of the primary reasons people of questionable beliefs can be elected to leadership positions in this country.  We need to do our homework and find out what candidates stand for and them VOTE for whomever we determine to be the candidate that will do the best job for the position.  People who do not vote have no right to ever complain about anything the elected official does or policies they put into place. When we exercise our right and freedom to vote at least we have a voice whether "our candidate" wins or not.
web posted April 10, 2014

In past administrations, does anyone remember the Senate Majority Leader singling out and criticizing specific American citizens? I am appalled by Harry Reid going after victims of Obamacare and the Koch brothers. He has actually benefited from the Koch brothers but now he is demonizing them from the Senate floor. Disgusting behavior from a U. S. Senator. If you are old enough, or maybe learned about it years ago, there were the Joe Macarthy trials and the demonizing of citizens then. Macarthy was a Republican Senator that created a witch hunt going after Communists. His actions destroyed many careers and lives. It looks like Macarthyism could be rearing its ugly head. For parents, this would be a good lesson to teach your children about. We need to know history in order not to repeat it. Unfortunately now it looks like this Macarthy type behavior is becoming the tactics of the Democrats. Shame on them!!!!
If parents are looking for ways to teach their children truth about the founders and the beginning of this country, I highly recommend Rush Limbaugh's two children's books. They are- Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and Rush Revere and the First Patriots. They are even a good read for adults who want to refresh their memories or learn the truth about the founding of this country. Isn't it interesting that one of these books is number one on the New York Times Best Seller List ( I believe in the children's category) and his other book is number five on the list? Seems like Americans want these kinds of resources for their children. They are informative and they are really fun to read. Also, they do not rewrite history to fit a liberal agenda.
I have just been thinking that conservatives need to help and encourage each other in the raising and training of their children. There are so many other forces out there. I say we share good things we find to help young people know the truth about this country.
web posted April 10, 2014
A big thank you to all the idiots that voted in our new thug mayor. I'm putting our house up for sale and getting out of this God forsaken hellhole called Johnston.
web posted April 10, 2014

If you didn't vote for Johnston Mayor...then don't weep about Cocaine Jackson and the National Socialist Negros who want to turn Johnston into another Allendale. The NAACP needs to stay out of Johnston's business and the new Mayor needs to clean up Edisto Street, keep slum lords from destroying the town and bring business back to Main Street. Does Jackson even live in Edgefield county? All you white people in Johnston who stayed at home because you don't like Andy Livingston deserve to have Lester, Vernon and others bother you and nothing be done. You think the new Mayor is going to let the Police arrest 'brothers on Edisto street' for exposing themselves and drinking and drugging? Supposedly, the new Mayor has two brothers serving in the State Pen. But, then, most who voted for the new Mayor have relatives in and out of the penal system. I hope everything I have written is going to be proven wrong...so Pray for Me Sisters.
web posted April 10, 2014

Obama vs. 3000 years of chaos. Who wins??
web posted April 10, 2014

RE: I got $50 that says [Mayor Andy] Livingston gets beat Tues. Any takers?

Glad I didn't take that bet!

Editor's note: It is illegal to bet on elections, or just about anything else, in South Carolina. Unless it is a lottery ticket.
web posted April 9, 2014

Coach Hillary has did a marvelous job / wow sounds like Cooks or Jackson sent in that comment .
web posted April 9, 2014

Johnston just fell into the hands of Nate Jackson and the NAACP!
web posted April 9, 2014
WOW!! [Johnston Mayor] Andy [Livingston] got his butt handed to him I didn't vote for him and I didn't vote against him. There was nobody for me to vote "for" so I just didn't vote!
web posted April 9, 2014

Who really cares who the football coach is this year? Everybody knows that Doug Painter will be the next coach. It doesn't matter who the stand in is for one year. This is ST football! Sawyer picked his replacement before he left if you ask me. And it just happened to be a homeboy.
web posted April 9, 2014

How can a well that big not be found that close to the road for so many years? It's a wonder nobody has been hurt before this. You can go to jail for not taking a door off a refrigerator but this person can leave a well open for any kid to fall in and die? Do you know if they are going to charge the landowner?

Editor's note: At this time I have no information on where the case stands. I do know it has to be reported to DHEC and the Sheriff's Office is identifying the landowner.
web posted April 9, 2014
I was thinking that in some ways Edgefielddaily is a bit like talk radio. Before talk radio (and primarily Rush Limbaugh in the beginning) all people knew was what they heard from the mainstream media. Since talk radio took off, people are able to get information that was not slanted by the liberal media.  With talk radio, people also have an opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts about what is happening in this country. Edgefielddaily does not seem to be an arm of the elite in Edgefield.

Maybe through this news outlet, residents of Edgefield county are becoming more aware of things that affect their lives. People have the opportunity to speak out about issues in Wandering Minds without a fear of being retaliated against. Maybe that bothers some folks. Who knows, Maybe some insights are shared that help us think about things like the penny tax proposal in Edgefield County.  Folks asked questions and got answers to things like what the money could legally be used for. Maybe the more people knew, the more they didn't want it. Sometimes the facts speak for themselves. People who have had control of things don't like informed people. Informed people may rock the boat. Informed people may make decisions that protect themselves from taxes they don't agree with. What a crazy thought-kind of like our forefathers.
Now Mayor Durham seems to think the editor of Edgefielddaily writes some of the Wandering Mind entries, at least I think I understood him to say that. I wonder how he came to that conclusion since the writers to Wandering Minds are anonymous. It is a real stretch for anyone to say something like that-almost silly if one really thinks about it. it really doesn't matter who writes in to Wandering Minds since everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I thought his accusation was a little conspiratorial. Again, silly may be a better word for it. Just sounds like a kid on the playground who didn't win a game. Politicians really need to have thick skin and I am not sure the mayor's is thick enough.
web posted April 9, 2014

A vote for this lady is a vote against freedom.

web posted April 9, 2014

I don't know who left a well uncovered for all these years but they are lucky it was just a dog. What if a kid fell in the well. There is no way they could have gotten out and how long would it have taken to find them? Whoever owns the well needs to be fined BIG TIME if not jailed. How long has that well been like that? It looks like a long time! Thank God this was just a dog. Just think if this was somebody's kid!
web posted April 8, 2014

Everyone is invited to attend the Edgefield County Alliance meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, April 15th at 8:00 a.m.,County Council building Edgefield.  Focus will be on Communities, Connecting, and Communicating and how this affects quality of life, education and economic development. 

Want to know more, got questions?  E-mail me or give me a call 803-279-4138
web posted April 8, 2014

So does this mean the penny tax is gone for good?

Editor's note: No. The county council did not vote it down and they did not vote to disband the 1% Sales Tax Committee. Everything at this time remains in limbo.
web posted April 8, 2014
As Barack Obama moves toward the end of his career, expect to hear lots of talk about his legacy.
I believe the first African-American president will be remembered kindly by the academic establishment, writing from their ivory towers, because of the historic nature of his election.
But for average Americans, it’ll be a different story. Most Americans judge a president based on what he promises versus what he delivers, and they judge him using the question Ronald Reagan asked voters in 1980: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”  At this point in the Obama presidency, the answer is a resounding “No.” Obama promised big results, but he’s failed to deliver.
For example, look at these four promises and the eventual results. They cover what are arguably his biggest accomplishments.

    Obama’s $825-billion stimulus failed to keep unemployment below 8% as he promised. After the stimulus passed, America still lost over one million jobs. If you count people who have become discouraged and are no longer seeking jobs, some economists believe that the real unemployment rate is still above 20%.
    Obama called his healthcare package one of his major accomplishments. He told CBS News’ Steve Kroft that he was “putting in place a system in which we’re going to start lowering healthcare costs.” Yet Obamacare has failed to make health insurance more affordable. According to FactCheck.org, Obamacare is actually making healthcare “less affordable.” Workers paid an average of $132 more for family coverage this year.
    Obama predicted that his investments in green energy would create five million jobs, but The Wall Street Journal reports: “The green jobs subsidy story gets more embarrassing by the day. Three years ago President Obama promised that by the end of the decade, America would have five million green jobs, but so far, some $90 billion in government spending has delivered very few.”
    Obama pledged to cut the deficit in half, saying: “And that’s why today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office.”  Obama then enacted his deficit reduction plan, which was comprised of a series of massive tax increases. Yet the deficit is still more than twice what he promised.

Based on these results, I’d give the president a solid “F”!
Don’t expect much reporting on the president’s record, though. Instead, watch as the media continues to focus on polls. They like to judge politicians this way because they can control the outcome. Just ask any honest pollster – it’s easy to game the outcome of a poll by manipulating the questions.
In fact, the news media is almost desperate to ignore Obama’s record… and so is the president himself. He’s constantly changing the subject when it comes to his record, focusing instead on topics like “income inequality.”
Lucky for Obama, the mainstream media will always help him out. Just wait… I fully expect them to work hard building the president a legacy he doesn’t deserve, as well.
web posted April 8, 2014
Here is the history of common core state standards, good in theory but everyone has to have a hand in the cookie jar.
web posted April 8, 2014

Editor's post: I have received around five or six emails asking why I did not take the time to get a comment from Edgefield Mayor Ken Durham after he left last week's County Council meeting. To save time, in case anyone else is wondering, the answer is simple. The report was on what took place at the meeting. I know this may come as a shock to some, it was not about Ken, how he felt, what he thought before or after the meeting.
web posted April 7, 2014
re: common core

Standards are really a moot point, it really all depends on the educators teaching the standards.
web posted April 7, 2014

RE: Common Core
This was tried before. All students were to have the common core. They were called Hitler Youth Camps.
web posted April 7, 2014
What are the laws concerning controlled burns? I passed through what I assumed was a controlled burn on Highway 23, Saturday about 4:30.It looked like the fire jumped the road. No one was attending the fire.  Seems careless to me. Not to mention irritating.

Editor's note: You have to call the Forestry Service and get a burn number. Then you have to call the 911 dispatch and advise them the day of the burn of the times it will be underway and the location.
web posted April 7, 2014

I believe Coach Hillary deserve the head coaching job. He is a true leader for those football players. Coach Hillary has did a marvelous job being the offense coordinator. This is the man for our program.  Football is big in this community so let's support Coach Hillary because he can get the job done.
web posted April 7, 2014

RE: "Dear Editor,   As you know, I seldom respond to any comments made by you or your readers because I realize that it is impossible to overcome the “SPIN PEN”,..........Ken Durham, Mayor of Edgefield"

(PREFACE-Before reading, picture Sy from Duck Dynasty)

I wouldn't know this buffoon if I walked into him on the street.  But what I do know, he is obviously another political hack that needs to be run out of office and run out of town!  It appears Durham's response illuminates the nerve that was struck.  And it appears, like most whining political hacks, since he didn't get his way, he took his ball and went home.  Whaaa.  Whaa. Whaa.

And how can you tell he is a self absorbed political hack - let's analyze.

(Durham) "You once again misled your readers without bothering to verify the facts. You neglected to call me after the meeting to ask my opinion regarding the outcome of the vote."

Boo hoo hoo.  You didn't come to me.  Boo hoo hoo.  You didn't ask me questions and make me look important.  Boo hoo hoo.

(Durham) "Fact 1:    As a result of a unanimous vote from the county council several months ago, the Town of Edgefield was asked to provide two volunteers to a newly formed 1% sales tax committee. The town of Edgefield had nothing to do with introducing the 1% sales tax proposal and simply asked two citizens to volunteer their time at the request of the county."

Huh? So you wasted the time of two volunteer citizens when you didn't have anything, anything at all, to do with the tax.  That sounds like the tax itself - Oh, oh, oh.  we need to impose a tax, but we don't know what we need the money for yet.

(Durham) "Fact 2:    My two committee members (volunteers) spent a large percentage of their time attending meetings as well as meeting with the public to gather input (per the request of the county). They attended 10 to 15 meetings over the past several months. My expectations were such that I really did not believe the county would vote positively on the issue but I attended the meeting last night simply to support the committee members (volunteers)..........."

You're kidding.  This moron is in charge of the town?  Notice "HIS" committee members.  He's important.  He has a committee. Wow. And in typical bureaucratic fashion, "HIS" committee met, and met, and met, and met again.  And then, then, when all else failed, they met again.  And while they were meeting, Durham was sooooooo intuitive that he knew it was all for naut, and yet let them spend countless hours chasing a ghost?

(Durham) "Fact 2:    My two committee members  It was always my belief that the county was just “testing the water” regarding a new sales tax and that the committee was basically a cover.  In my opinion,........."

And typical political hack speak, Durham lists "Fact 2"  but says out the other side of his mouth "In my opinion..." Fact.  Opinion.  Which is it?

(Durham) "Fact 3:  ........You were correct; I did hastily leave the meeting at 6:25PM last night, not because I was upset with the county vote but because I had my own meeting to attend.   A genuine reporter, who was interested in facts and not just juicy reading,  would have made a quick phone call to verify the accuracy of what they were reporting."

Again, typical of a political hack - It's all about him-"my own meeting"  to hell with the town! I had "my own meeting."  And notice how he slurs the "genuine" reporter.  What a condescending (removedhole). And again, you didn't make me look important, whaa, you didn't call me, whaa.

(Durham) "Fact 4:    I asked you to print something similar to the following statement several months ago and you refused to print it because I did not follow your rule of providing you the information first. I hope you will consider allowing it this time."

Whaa.  Whaa. Whaa.  You didn't give me the time of day before.  Whaa.  You didn't let me look important.  Whaa.

And last, but not least, how you can really tell he's a politcal hack - "If nothing else your spin on this letter, especially through your own letters to Wandering Minds,......"

Ahhhh. The old political hack trick of making false allegations - "especially through your own letters to Wandering Minds,......"

If you put a little more ugly and lipstick on his face, I'd swear he was Nancy Pelosi in drag.
web posted April 7, 2014

How to hold Federal, State and Local Government Officials accountable.

   The other day, I heard an interview by an author, Marinka Peschmann.  She’s authored several books about the Clintons…documenting much of their corruption.

    Anyway, she observed how frustrated many Americans are with all levels of their non-responsive government officials.  Especially, when our law enforcement officials are equally corrupt and will not pursue investigations and subsequent prosecutions of corrupted government officials.

     Ms Peschmann makes a compelling argument, that there is a very reasonable option available to ALL Americans….Civil RICO lawsuits.  She cites how this has been used by individuals to go after entire Police Departments (e.g. LAPD), Gov't and Public Officials, Mayor Kirkpatrick (Mayor of Detroit); and Business/Investment People, Michael Milkin (Junk Bond King).  While most associate RICO with Federal Racketeering charges against the mafia…(it was the only thing that has been successful against organized crime).  There is a civil option and can easily be applied against elected and gov't officials at all levels.  If you are ever deprived of your rights by corrupt public officials….and there is a demonstrated pattern to their actions…a civil RICO case can be brought.  Important to note….CIVIL RICO brings TRIPLE DAMAGES and only a “preponderance” of the evidence is required for guilt…vs “beyond reasonable doubt.”    Additionally, for government officials hiding behind their position…civil RICO does not protect them of “sovereign immunity”…because RICO implies in they violated the law in their "individual" capacity (e.g they should’ve known better).  Also, you can start at the lowest official (clerk, staffer, secretary...ect) and through the "discovery" process work your way to the highest official.  This is what happened with the LAPD....who wants to lose their home and savings because they were "carrying out their boss' orders?"  So the minions roll pretty quickly.

        Government officials all the way to local government should be fearful (including school boards)…because you can strip them of everything they own. This is also a tool against abusive IRS officials.  Anyway, this is a powerful tool all Americans should be made aware of…great article below. http://www.marinkapeschmann.com/2013/06/17/rico-tool-kit-how-to-hold-washington-accountable-using-the-racketeer-influence-corrupt-organizations-act/
web posted April 7, 2014

Re: For the second time in less than two years, Edgefield County has gained national attention in

This is such a sad situation.  Even though you may not be an animal owner or lover, it is such a shame that any living thing has to suffer like that.  I had heard that the county had approved a voucher to cover spay/neuter for those animal owners who could not afford to pay for it.  Does anyone have any info on that? Also, what happened to the animal shelter that was proposed for Edgefield?  We really need to do something about breeding, loose dogs,  and dogs tied to trees and such  for their whole lives. My neighbor has a habit of picking up stray dogs on the highway.  Recently she came across people trying to unload a puppy on the road.  She picked it up and found a home almost immediately. She also picked up a dog roaming around the Johnston recycling center on Yonce Pond Road area.  It had a injury on its ear and when taken to the vet for check up they found the worst case of heart worms and the poor dog had to be euthanized.  Another neighbor took in a pup that was hit by a car and the owners did nothing about it.  Can we change this problem?

Editor's note: The county is currently in the process of legally taking ownership of the Manor House property and will then place the bids out to build the animal shelter. I would expect this to be competed by the end of the year as all studies and preplanning has already been completed.
web posted April 5, 2014

I was at the meeting and i saw ken throw the paper in his hand down say something under his breathe and storm out. [removed] I was one row back!
web posted April 5, 2014

This evening [Thurs. April 3] we attended the Edgefield County Schools Fine Arts Festival.  We salute the music and arts educators of our public schools.  We are amazed at the talent displayed by the students and pray they will all go on to develop their God given gifts. We hope those who do not follow an arts career will not let the talent become dormant.
     Seeing and hearing all that talent brought to mind a very great need in our county.  Only the citizens of Edgefield County can address this need, that of an auditorium where our children can adequately display their gifts.  Regardless of the dedication of the teachers and diligent sacrifice and work of our kids a gym will never cut it!
     We don't favor raising taxes for the sake of enriching coffers but an auditorium would be an investment in the future of our county and would serve to enrich the lives of us all.  Just think of how many venues could be brought in to our county and would serve not just the schools but the community as a whole.  Such a facility could be under the control of the BOE giving priority to school events but properly managed could generate income to support the maintenance of a first class Cultural Arts Center.
web posted April 5, 2014

I wish they WOULD enforce the law regarding trash, etc. on one's personal property in the city limits.  There is a law, but when I complained, the mayor said you could not make them clean it up.  Why have the law, if this is the case.  Why can't they use the prisoners to do this if the owner cannot afford to have it done?
web posted April 4, 2014

I read the story about the meeting and the penny tax. I never even noticed the mention of Mr. Durham walking out of the meeting until I saw his letter. I thought the issue was the tax and not Mr. Durham. Why did he make the whole thing about him? Am I missing something?

Editor's note: Some people who live in a bubble think everything is about them.
web posted April 4, 2014
I read Ken's [Durham] letter and the more I read the smaller he got in my mind. To be that petty seems beneath the office of mayor. I'm sure most professional people would have sent an email disagreeing or perhaps asking for clarification. I will admit I didn't read the whole thing because it was like listening to a spoiled child pitch a hissy fit.
web posted April 4, 2014
Gas prices spike just in time for the Masters. Why should locals have to pay higher prices just so gas stations can gouge visitors?!
On another note, if gas prices weren't so high in this country the economy would get a boost because regular, hard-working folk like my self could afford to spend the extra money in local businesses. Just saying.
web posted April 4, 2014
I got $50 that says [Mayor Andy] Livingston gets beat Tues. Any takers?

Editor's note: It is illegal to gamble. But Andy might want a piece of the action.
web posted April 4, 2014
For the second time in less than two years, Edgefield County has gained national attention in the area of animal cruelty and neglect.  First it was the Holmes Pond Road puppy mill, now the 77 horses at High View Farm.  People we have an obligation to insure the humane treatment of all animals.  Mankind has taken upon itself the domestication of certain animals and with that the responsibility for their proper care.  If, in your travels, you observe what you believe to be a neglected or abused animal, please take the time to report it.  If you witness someone dumping animals along the side of the road, get a license number and report it.  If you constantly see the same dogs running at large, report it.  Let the authorities sort it out. If you are an owner, and find yourself unable to properly care for your animals, please do the right thing and turn them over to a reputable rescue.  Don't let them suffer neglect.  Thank you for allowing me to sound off.
web posted April 4, 2014

Good for you Mayor Durham!
Personally, it is my perspective that Mayor Durham is the best mayor Edgefield has had during my 33 years of living in Edgefield county. He DOES DO THINGS FOR EDGEFIELD! He is visibly active and not just occupying the position! Edgefield is fortunate to have a mayor that takes pride in the town!

Editor's note: I do not believe anyone has said anything about Durham's tenure as Mayor, unless I missed something.
web posted April 4, 2014

Give 'em hell Durham!
web posted April 4, 2014
Three fascinating and related links to Obama's Birth Certificate and the Death of the Lady who covered it up....

In this first video.....wait till the very end....you will be amazed I assure you....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xck4t1jVnAQ (Preview)
In this second video....well....judge for yourself.....


And she goes into more detail here....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usFBn99pJMc (Preview)
....and here's the source sites...


Just too many coincidences..... I'm beginning to believe there no longer is "rule of law"...we are
a co-opted nation.
web posted April 4, 2014
Editor's post: Why did the 1% sales tax fail so miserably? First, it was doomed to fail rushing it through in three months - Dean Campbell owns that one. Second, greed and self-absorption. What was proposed as a county tax to grow the county turned into a gimme-fest for Edgefield and Johnston requesting nearly three quarters of the money and tossing a few crumbs to the remaining 80% of the population. Yeah, that's a real winner at the ballot box with more people living in the Merriwether - Sweetwater area than Edgefield, Johnston and Trenton combined. And then "Thin-skin" Ken gets his briefs bunched because I reported what members of the county council said about his actions at the meeting. 684 words because of one sentence stating the way he left the meeting? Something hit home didn't it?
web posted April 3, 2014
RE: Beating Victim Remains Unresponsive
They say they have gotten numerous calls on this residence. They say the wife has a restraining order out on her and isn’t suppose to be anywhere around the house. But then again they say that the neighbors saw 2 ladies wandering around the house the day of the attack, why wasn’t the police called when they saw something suspicious. I live right down the street from the Victim but I don’t know him personally or what they drive but I do know that day he was attacked there was a small car in the garage which is usually not there. But it could of been his mothers or the attackers. The police has statements from others stating what type of vehicles were there why can’t they look up the vehicles his ex wife has to see if it was her. If she is dangerous she needs to be put away before she hurts someone else. And the house isn’t taped off anymore they have removed the tape. Was it the cops that did it or was it her trying to get into the house to remove evidence.

Editor's note: Mr. Wallace's mother and sister visited the day of the attack. Investigators are actively working the case at this time. They can only follow facts and evidence, not hunches or supposition.
web posted April 3, 2014
Kudos to The County Council for taking a stance in not voting for the 1% sales tax.
web posted April 3, 2014
Please, please --put a penny tax on us and then give every SINGLE PENNY to the Sherif's department to get some more police and pay them a half way decent salary then maybe just maybe-people will stop stealing my S*&^!!!!  Yet another incident -- utility trailer stolen right out of our drive way--If it ain't your's don't touch it D*&^ it!  It would be nice if we could have our own little separate Department for the Merriwether area.

Editor's note: 1% sales tax money cannot be used for officers. However, Merriwether could vote to form a special tax district to provide localized coverage.
web posted April 3, 2014

Re: Idiot comment about trash in yard...
You missed the point. There is already an ordinance in regards to your situation not to mention the law against littering. Have you spoken to the offending neighbor in regards to his trash ending up in your yard? If you have and he still doesn't remedy the situation I suggest contacting the appropriate officials at the county courthouse. (Although with your propensity for calling people idiots I can see why he hasn't remedied the situation. Heck, if I were your neighbor I'd get a couple guineas and a donkey.)
Republicans...making more laws to help enforce the laws already in place. Of course that makes sense, excuse me for being idiotic.
As far as that "right" you mentioned about not inflicting property negligence on your neighbor, you are partially correct. Your property rights do not supersede your neighbors property rights. Your so called  'right' to be offended by having to "look over at my crap" (your words) doesn't supersede your neighbor's property rights either. Property values. A number based not on the owners own evaluation of worth, but assigned by someone that assesses said property and then enters it in the books as an assessed value for taxation purposes. I think you may be referring to market value, another pesky number based on the property values of surrounding properties. What a vicious circle and I can see how it's so very important.
Bless your poor offended heart.
web posted April 3, 2014

Sister Sally for Probate Judge is like Cocaine Jackson running for School Board. Makes no sense and is an insult to any intelligent Edgefield County voter. Yet...Sister Sally and Brother Bibbs supported Jackson's bid to run for School Board and was endorsed by one of those pathetic Circuit Judges who ride their mules to Edgefield every so often to preside in General Sessions court. It is proven..most black voters in Edgefield county vote only based on color. Oh by the Way State Senator Massey...have you ever worked on a Bill to keep convicted felons from running for public office, such as Jackson? I am still waiting for this Bill. As a District 1 voter, guess who my County Council person is? Storming Norman Dorn. The good news is he has two competitors. My suggestion to his two competitors...Beware..
Norman goes around signing up absentee voters who have dementia or are so ignorant they can't fall out of a chair without help. Think I am joking. And for the two men who are running for Johnston Mayor...don't bankrupt the town, stop your slum lord pals from screwing up Calhoun street, get those slum lords to tear down the two burned up houses in town, get all the scumbags off Edisto Street, do something about the large number of sex offenders who make Johnston their home, and try to get businesses back to the town. You want to be Johnston Mayor...talk to the business owners and some will tell you they are tired of Lester, Vernon and David bothering them for money and bothering the customers.
You want to be Johnston Mayor...you are going to have to make the area scumbags know they are not welcome in Johnston. Who knows...these are the same scumbags who voted Obama and are Democrap. Not the kind of people I would allow near my home, small children or near farm animals. Ohhhh...future Mayor of Johnston...need more of a presence by the police. The obama voters have no respect for law. The only Democrat I will vote for is Bobby Peeler,and Sheriff Doeby. Won't be voting Democrap in Johnston.

Editor's note: Sheriff Dobey is not up for election this year. Judge Peeler is.
web posted April 3, 2014
This sums up what it is what it's like working in the Edgefield  County school district.

Editor's note: Ow....
web posted April 3, 2014

I’m the original poster criticizing COMMON CORE a few days ago.  To the second responder who provided additional information and a foreboding to parents, great job.  You provided some detailed and insightful analysis and recommendations…thanks.

To the first responder who claimed it there was no “COMMON  CORE” curriculum and that it was “stupid” to compare it to Obamacare.  Well, COMMON CORE is outcome based education.  Thus, a standard is set….and a course of instruction (aka…curriculum)  is put in place to “teach to that standard”.  Linked is an article from the Washington Post  about a New York Principal,  former teacher of the year (neither of which are bastions of conservatism) and a former supporter of COMMON CORE.  Throughout the article the Principal notes how companies and individuals, who developed the standards, are now profiting from “DEVELOPING THE SUPPORTING CURRICULUM”…(hmm there’s that phrase again…curriculum).  The principal makes a compelling argument, with facts to now support her ardent opposition to COMMON CORE.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2013/03/04/principal-i-was-naive-about-common-core/ ….as the principal concludes, “A fool with a tool is still a fool.  A fool with a powerful tool is a dangerous fool.”  This article is only from a Liberal and Educational perspective, I’m not even bringing up some of the chilling arguments on how COMMON CORE shreds the Constitution, makes a mockery of accepted forms of Mathematical instruction…etc, brought up by Conservatives on the Right....a great website which more fully documents their arguments is from Phyllis Schlafly listed here...http://www.eagleforum.org/topics/common-core.html

As for your other snotty remark that’s it’s stupid to compare Obamacare to Common Core.  Well, let’s see the analogous common points….1. Both are federally driven,  2.  Both severely limit, if not entirely removes individual choice 3.  Both severely penalize those who are not “co-opted” by the program;  Obamacare through taxes/penalties …COMMON CORE by no graduation certificate for private or homeschoolers if they don’t teach to the controversial standards.  4.  Both are highly “incentivized (e.g. political bribes)” to obtain critical support.  5. Obamacare was written by staffers and lobbyists with a political agenda, and passed by ONE PARTY ALONE using legislative hi-jinks and gimmickry; at the individual state level, in many states such as SC, it was passed without the full legislature in session, tied heavily to Federal subsidies (aka Federal Bribes)…and while many Republicans are appearing to support Common Core…they are usually PROGRESSIVE Republicans who would sell their soul for a Republican controlled Federal Program.

So before you get snarky and snotty….do your homework….or go back to your bong….but please, don’t do both…because as that NY Principal stated, “A fool with a tool is still a fool.  A fool with a powerful tool is a dangerous fool” and your access to the internet confirms this statement on many levels.
web posted April 3, 2014
Re: "Gentlemen's Club" [April Fool]
Love it! Too funny!!!
You get an A for being creative!

Editor's note: I stole the idea from a news report I read of a similar situation in another small town up north near a major city.
web posted April 2, 2014

VOTE Peeler for Probate! If anyone votes for Sallie Cooks, the future estate matters of our dearly departed will be in ruins! I witnessed many school board meetings where Sallie ran our schools into the dirt. Anyone remember the bus driver issue where Sallie stated at the meeting, "the bus driver didn't say the F word, she said "fubbin", because that's one our ethnic slang terms." That's what the citizens of Edgefield County will have to deal with if Sallie Cooks is elected. People, please remember that you can vote for Bobby Peeler in the Democratic primary and still vote Republican in the general election. Keep someone who cares about his responsibilities to the community...VOTE Peeler for Probate!
web posted April 2, 2014

Just a comment to the idiot that believes it's the Republicans fault for making you clean up:  I don't think there needs to be a state law but I am so glad we have the Ordinance.  We moved out to the country so that we could have some small piece of the World to call our own.  When we moved in- the neighbors property was cleaned up, kept up with the other Neighbor so far into the woods you can't see his house.   If your are in the middle of the woods or back off the road and don't live ANYWHERE in close proximity to ANYONE else- live like a PIG I DO NOT CARE.  But when your filth makes my Property Value go down EVEN BY A Dollar- Clean up your space.  I don't want to have to look over at your CRAP and go in my yard to pick up trash that has blown from your yard to mine on a freaking daily basis.
I did not know that there was such a Nuisance bill until I did some County research-  I think a lot of people in the county feel that there is nothing they can do.  Just call the court house and ask-- and for those of you who don't think that the county enforces that ordinance -That is Rubbish because they do.   
I have No Right even in the Country- to inflict my Property negligence on my neighbors.
web posted April 2, 2014

Bill H3288.
I just can't understand why people think the government needs to fight our battles for us.
We keep on approving and asking for more regulation, regulation, and more regulation...one day we'll get exactly what we want.
web posted April 2, 2014

RE: "SC Schools: Is Anyone Listening? ........According to Education Week (via 24/7 Wall Street), South Carolina is tied for having the 6th worst schools in the United States."

If you have looked at our school board you'd know why.  Two of the seven have good ideas and are with the times-Ball and Hammond.  Three are awash in their own self importance-Herrin, Covar, Waites. Clarke, a coin toss-too indecisive, but at least listens. And Bibbs...........We need some young, smart people on the board.
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Re: Common core state standards

I have heard of the common core state standards for ELA and Math, never heard of the common core curriculum, can you please point me to some information on that.

My understanding was that the school districts and states could still pick the curriculum they wanted to use to teach the CCSS.  Comparing the affordable care act to CCSS is just plain stupid and retarded!
web posted April 2, 2014

Common Core is a federalized program that is taking away local control of school curriculum. It is a one size fit all program. Rob Astorino who is a Republican running for governor of New York and you can go to his web site to view a video on the program. He is not allowing his children to be part of the testing with Common Core. This idea of  federal control over education is not new. No Child Left Behind was similar and had the one size fits all philosophy. It was a masked version of Outcome Based Education which was around years ago. Conservatives fought Outcome Based Education yet many embraced No Child Left Behind, maybe because it came out of a Republican administration. If they had looked at it carefully, they would have seen a lot of red flags. The red flags with Common Core are so numerous that it is hard to see through them. It is insidious and overall it will brain wash children in progressive ideas. One thing to keep in mind is that federal dollars are connected to these programs. Schools are not going to do anything that will affect them getting those federal dollars. All I can say is for parents to get really educated in what the correct views of society, our country, history, values etc. and make sure they can combat what their children are forced to learn. Oh my!! What a job for parents and how many are up for the job?
Just keep in mind that the federalization of education has been going on for some time. These extreme standardized testing mechanisms have been around for a long time, at least in many states. The NEA etc. has had an enormous input in curriculum for a long time. History has been rewritten and much about the founding of this country, the Constitution etc has been left out. Why would this country not be in more of an uproar over the abuse of power by this administration, unless they didn't even know or care about the Constitution? Conservatives are aware but many average, uninformed voters don't know the difference. What better way to change society than to educate them young?
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From an Email: I just had to write you to say that I did not find the "April Fools" joke funny. When I read it I thought that Edgefield was finally going to get out of the 1800's and into today. Then I saw it was all a big joke. [the rest of this email redacted - suffice it to say he was not happy].  
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Has anybody looked at the Confederate Monument on the[ Edgefield Town] square since the earthquake? I was up there for lunch and it looks like it's leaning. I eyeballed it with a 2 ft level on 3 sides and it's leaning if you ask me. Maybe they should get a surveyor to take measurements so they can fix it before it gets worse.
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Re:   Editor's note: There is no need in a state law to force property owners with junk piled around their home to clean the property. The county already has a nuisance ordinance that is in effect in zoned and unzoned areas.
The problem is getting the county to enforce that "Nuisance Ordinance."  If the ordinance was upheld, places like the Holmes Pond Rd "puppy mill" would never had gotten to the condition it was in.  If the "Nuisance Ordinance" was upheld properties that have numerous derelict vehicles decaying, and possibly leaching contaminants into the ground water would not exist.  The bill states, "... free of rubbish, debris, and other unhealthy and unsightly material or conditions that constitute a public nuisance".  For me the operative word - "Unhealthy".  Another poster on this forum is concerned that his farm equipment left in the field will constitute his being targeted by the bill.  If the equipment is operable, I doubt it.  If it has been left there to rot and hasn't been used in years, I say "you betchya!"

Editor's note: Before the county can act there has to be a complaint filed by someone directly affected by the offending property.
web posted April 1, 2014

Sister Sallie as Probate Judge? God help us if idiots elect her! All the white people will lose their jobs.
web posted April 1, 2014
For Strom Thurmond Sports go to RebelsBoosters.com Click on the sports section and check out your favorite sports team at Strom Thurmond High School. A special thanks to Sonny Reel for all of his hard work. Go Rebels!
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RE: "Maybe as a country we should start giving more thought to the fact that these jihadists' are just like rattlesnakes, and act accordingly!"

A better suggestion would be the ranch in D.C. that is infested with rattlesnakes.
web posted April 1, 2014

COMMON CORE STANDARDS NEED TO BE DUMPED!   If "Common Core" for education is such a good idea....why was it adopted when the SC Legislature was not in session.  The more one reads about "Common Core"...the more it stinks like ObamaCare....and the nefarious manner in which it had to be passed...i.e. gimmicks, trickery and "incentives." 

This is also the manner by which Leftists get their hands around private and home schools.  In order for home-schoolers and private school graduates to obtain a "graduate certificate"...they have to pass a standardized test.  The test is written so that the material tested comes from "common core" curriculum.  So by default they "indirectly" force non-public education entities to use "Common Core" developed by Leftist and Politically Correct curriculum.  Also. it's assessed that communities and local school boards will have less than 10% authority/input over the curriculum and standards.  Our Founders knew instinctively that local control where the constituent is nearest to their government entities is the best government.
web posted April 1, 2014
RE: proposed bill to force property owners to clean up their rubbish

To the poster who has brought this proposed bill to our attention: THANK YOU!

If this bill passes, then maybe a certain area in Merriwether that is notorious for its strewn debris & trash conditions, can finally be cleaned up!!!  A tractor parked outside of its barn on a farm, is hardly an eyesore.  However, rubbish, debris, trash and garbage strewn all over the yards, along the roads, and in the gutters, are not only eyesores, but health hazards as well, and negatively affects surrounding property values.

Editor's note: There is no need in a state law to force property owners with junk piled around their home to clean the property. The county already has a nuisance ordinance that is in effect in zoned and unzoned areas.
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Re: So what's wrong with this bill....

The main thing wrong with this bill is the very fact that it targets private property outside of city limits and incorporated areas. Maybe you don't mind being told what to do and where to do it on your own land but many of us do and that's the very reason we choose to NOT reside in the city or a neighborhood where these measures are already in place. Not that I think my property is trashy, but that's a matter of opinion anyway isn't it? I also don't want a business any where around me unless it's a cattle pasture or the like, hence the reason I choose to live in a rural area. I have farm equipment as well as livestock scattered everywhere. Someoneone could indeed be offended were they to move to the area beside me. I suppose he's more important than myself so a government entity should have the power of law to force me to curtail my way of life?  Where are people such as myself supposed to go if not a rural area? What's even funnier to me than your acceptance of such infringing laws being passed is the fact that republicans are the ones coming up with this crap!
By the way, the property next to me has a mound of scrap metal at least a story high on it and guess what? I could care less. It's not my property, bottom line. If more people would quit worrying about other people and other people's possessions(and some ridiculous number given to you as a property value) the world would be a much better place.
web posted March 31, 2014

The mainstream media is at it again. I guess we have a corrupt mayor in Charlotte (a Democrat) but you won't read about it in the mainstream media. If you do read about it, the mayor's party will conveniently be left out of the coverage. It is just like the corrupt politicians recently discovered in CA. One really needs to search to see what party they belong to. Ooops-they are Democrats too. Chris Christie sure was in the mainstream news wasn't he? Of course he could be a threat to the Democratic candidate in 2016 so, yes, the mainstream media will cover it full blown. There is no doubt in anyone's mind what party Christie is with.
Now we have Harry Reid back at it. First of all he has had some pretty shady dealings with campaign money to his granddaughter's business. Not the first time he has had shading dealings. Latest crazy actions by this man is for him to deny that he accused people suffering from Obamacare to be liars. He didn't say that??? Who was the person making those accusations on video? A clone? Is he that warped and delusional that he can't remember what he has said? I guess you have to have an excellent memory to be a good liar.  Lying comes too easily for this man. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy that these kinds of people are leading this country. Will the mainstream media be running the video of him calling these people liars and then denying that he said it?  I would doubt it but I sure hope the video shows up in some Republican political ads. People need to know the truth about these liars.

Editor's note: The proof is in the video. As if Obama, Reid, or any other Democrat cares about getting caught lying. The media is not going to call them on it, they're Democrats too.
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I used to live in Aiken County and know that a penny tax can do a lot of good. I think the tax there is around 9% now. I also hear the same argument here that I did there before we moved to Edgefield. It's a tax on people that pass through or shop to boost revenues. But Edgefield County isn't Aiken County. Hundreds of thousands of people a day are not swarming to Edgefield County to shop like they do in Aiken County. Most of the people in Edgefield County flock to N. Augusta or Aiken. So who would really pay the penny tax in Edgefield County? The people in Edgefield County. A penny tax here is a vote to raise your own taxes.
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Texas Rattlesnake Logic
After the Boston bombing the news media has spent days and weeks trying to determine why these men did what they did. They want to know what America did to make these brothers so angry with us.

They want to know why these men were not arrested before they did something so terrible. The media is in a tizzy about this new era of home grown radicals, and about why they could live among us and still hate us.

A friend of mine from Texas explained it all to me: “Here in west Texas I have rattlesnakes on my place, living among us. I have killed a rattlesnake on the front porch. I have killed a rattlesnake on the back porch. I have killed rattlesnakes in the barn, in the shop and on the driveway. In fact, I kill every rattlesnake I encounter.

I kill rattlesnakes because I know a rattlesnake will bite me and inject me with poison. I don’t stop to wonder why a rattlesnake will bite me; I know: It will bite me because it's a rattlesnake and that's what rattlesnakes do.

I don’t try to reason with a rattlesnake…I just kill it. I don’t try to get to know the rattlesnake better so I can find a way to live with the rattlesnakes and convince them not to bite me…I just kill them.

I don’t quiz a rattlesnake to see it I can find out where the other snakes are, because (a) it won’t tell me, and (b) I already know they live on my place. So, I just kill the rattlesnake and move on to the next one.

I don’t look for ways I might be able to change the rattlesnake to a non-poisonous rat snake...I just kill it. Oh, and on occasion, I accidentally kill a rat snake because I thought it was a rattlesnake at the time. Also, I know, for every rattlesnake I kill, two more are lurking out there in the brush.

In my lifetime I will never be able to rid my place of rattlesnakes. Do I fear them? No! Do I respect what they can do to me? Yes! And because of that respect I give them the fair justice they deserve...I kill them....”

Maybe as a country we should start giving more thought to the fact that these jihadists' are just like rattlesnakes, and act accordingly!
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RE: "wonderful ice storm bringing family together"
RE: ” I'm so glad you enjoyed the ice storm We sure didn't. We had no heat, no lights…it was miserable”.

WOW…what a contrast of attitudes!!  Same circumstances, but totally different reactions.  One person takes the sour lemons and makes the best of a bad circumstance, and makes sweet lemonade!

The other person’s attitude IS a sour lemon!!   If you are upset about being inconvenienced for a few days now, what would you possibly do if we REALLY had a catastrophe, say like a tornado that totally flattens whole towns, like in the mid-west?  Or fires that leave behind houses in ashes, like in California?  Or hurricanes that trash mile after mile of neighborhoods, like in Louisiana & Florida? 

As bad as things were, they could have been SO much worse !!!  Driving around, we don’t see any tarps on roofs, or did we hear of anyone getting killed by a falling tree.  Think we would do well to step back and count our blessings, like the family making lemonade.
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They were to announce new head coach today , you got breaking news on that ? I don't know who yet ?

Editor's note: No word yet.
web posted March 29, 2014

I am not sure who will be hired for the ST football job, but if past hiring practices are kept, then I am sure that a family member will be the new coach.
web posted March 29, 2014
I really enjoyed the article on Tori Whatley. She seems to be a remarkable young lady and I know her parents are proud. I wish her well in all her future endeavors.

Editor's note: She is very special and talented.
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Re:  If you don't think the county council should be able to come to rural areas of a county and force you to park the Farmall in the barn,

So what is wrong with this bill.  The condition of a property not only affects its value, but the value of the neighboring properties.  Just drive around the county, look with objective eyes and ask yourself "would I want to live next door to that?"  The appearance of the county also has an affect on the decision of business leaders looking to bring their companies into an area.  Think about these things if and when you contact your state representative.
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I hope they actually find some wreckage from the missing plane. If they don't then we won't really know what happened to it. The thought that the plane is in a place like Pakistan will be haunting. The families already think they are being lied to. I have to wonder about the whole thing. It sure seems suspicious to me. There are some pretty troubling things people could do with an airliner that size. It just seems odd that the Malaysian government can be so definite in their statements that it went down in the Indian Ocean. How can they be so definite about something without any tangible proof? Maybe it is the old saying that if you say it loud enough and long enough people will eventually just believe it.
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So none of the penny tax is going towards any of the schools...  That will not get my vote!
web posted March 28, 2014
Genia Blackwell is doing a great job representing the people in her district. She does so much good behind the scenes that people never hear about. Just open your eyes and you can see the results. Everyone has a right to run for public office. I commend them for stepping up. But I will do everything I can to see to it that Mrs. Blackwell remains our representative. We are blessed to have this lady in our corner. Keep up the good work Mrs. Blackwell. God bless.
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"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' "  Psalm 14:1     "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction."  Proverbs 1:7    "By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established:"   Proverbs 24:3   The Bible has a lot to say about being wise and not being foolish. We are surrounded by a lot of foolishness these days. Hopefully we can be wise enough to see it  as foolishness and rise above it.
web posted March 28, 2014

If you don't think the county council should be able to come to rural areas of a county and force you to park the Farmall in the barn, please contact your SC House Representative, Senator, and the members of The House Committee on Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs about this bill.
It has received favorable reports and has been referred to committee mentioned above.

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RE: "What a leader looks like. No lap dog this one. This is what fighting back looks like.

Oh, but to listen to the drivel in this comment, "To the person accusing the author of one of the posts of being a Democrat pretending to be a Republican all I can say is that you are part of the reason we are where we are."

The sniveling above would be exactly the reason why we are where we are.  Ted Cruz is just so "hateful and mean." Whaaaaaa!  Whaaaaa!  See, RINOs and Libs don't like it when you get in their face, so they play the "hateful and mean" card.  They'd rather have you wanting to "reach across the aisle" and be civil about it.  Sounds a lot like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, et al.  And you see where we are.  Sure, you always try diplomacy and reason first, but when that doesn't work-it's time to take the gloves off.  And we all can see very clearly that it is not working and we are in big trouble.

The Libs didn't want to go into WWII because kicking that Nazi's [rumps] would be to "hateful and mean," even though they new exactly what was happening to the Jews.

The Libs didn't want to go into Iraq and take out that PoS that was putting live humans through wood chippers, because that would be too "hateful and mean" to beat up on some punk [removed] Bully.

I call what's going on in Washington HATEFUL and MEAN-the LIBS with their RINO cohorts are trying to destroy this country because in their warped minds this country is filled with hate, bigotry, and greed, and WE need to be taken down a notch or two.  Yet if the un-rewritten history serves me well, we haven't tried to conquer anyone ala Russia v. Crimea, Hitler v. Europe, etc.  As a matter of fact, we have spent our treasures and blood freeing people from tyranny.

So, you sir! YOU, are the reason we are where we are!
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SC Schools: Is Anyone Listening?

According to Education Week (via 24/7 Wall Street), South Carolina is tied for having the 6th worst schools in the United States. It may be a great day in South Carolina, what with all those Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places, but things aren't happy, happy, happy with our educational system.

Read more of this post

Editor's note: You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. No matter how much money you spend on the water.
web posted March 28, 2014

I think it is very strange that in the list for Johnston it list out the Armory Building for Renovations but in Edgefield it just says Building renovations. I want to know what building in Edgefield is getting the renovation. What are they trying to hide?

Editor's note: Obviously not their belief that they deserve the lion's share of the money. IF the tax even sees the light of day, it could not be used on private property. It has to be owned by a government entity.
web posted March 27, 2014

If there are 3 Repubs then Blackwell could be chair if she wanted.

Editor's note: Perhaps. But when the Republicans took control of council in 2010, the majority wanted to name Blackwell as Chair. Dean Campbell voted against his fellow Republicans and got the two Democrat members (Norman Dorn and Willie Bright) to vote for him. Blackwell and Ashcraft have left it alone so far.
web posted March 27, 2014
Sure hope the new head football coach is not someone who has had a recent DUI or been in any public club fights lately , sure hope Mr Anderson does his homework and the benefit of our children's leadership will be someone with dignity and class .
web posted March 27, 2014
I read the list for the penny tax. That was a joke and you're going to post the real list later right?

Editor's note: That's the list.
web posted March 27, 2014
What project "can't or won't" be built that is on the list?

Editor's note: The "infrastructure" project for Merriwether. That is from a standing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the county and the sewer authority in the event that a developer buys the former N.A. Country Club and builds a large subdivision and only after he has installed all of the taps and infrastructure would the project get underway.

That has not happened over the years and is not likely to happen anytime soon in this economy. Besides, that is already in place with or without the sales tax.
web posted March 27, 2014
RE: "To the person accusing the author of one of the posts of being a Democrat pretending to be a Republican all I can say is that you are part of the reason we are where we are."

My, my, my.  Hit a chord.  Wow, you got anger and hatred out of that?  If you aren't a Democrat you sure as hell act like one-go on the defensive, have thin skin, make unfounded accusations, and slyly try to make your case with a house of cards of opinion.  Next you'll be calling me a racist and a bigot.  And then you'll be calling me a homophobe.  Yup, right out of the ole playbook.  And you're exactly right, they "accuse" Republicans of being mean and hateful, because that's what they want everyone to believe, but when you ask them to back it up with facts they can't.  And the operative word is "accuse".  Believe me, if you are a Republican, I'll guarantee you'll want me on your side if the fecal matter ever hits the fan!  You definitely won't want to be on the opposite side!  That's not mean and hateful, that's standing strong for our country and ridding it of slick talking people like you-Rhino and demo alike!  Let the purge begin.
web posted March 27, 2014

What a leader looks like. No lap dog this one. This is what fighting back looks like.

web posted March 27, 2014
I thought the penny tax was dead and gone?

Editor's note: No, it is very much alive. The final list to be presented to the County Council was released on Tuesday.
web posted March 26, 2014
Edgefield, District 1 any Republican candidate on the horizon?

Editor's note: Not that I am aware of at this time.
web posted March 26, 2014
I very seldom comment on wandering minds but I feel like this is definitely worth saying. I am glad to see that Genia Blackwell is running again for a seat on the county council. I just wish that the other four had the talent and concern for the county that she does. Mrs. Blackwell always takes each matter presented to the county council seriously. She takes the time to study each issue. She asks intelligent questions on each issue. She is always prepared before she votes on any issue presented. I say all of this to make sure that everyone knows how much she genuinely cares about the good of the county and why she should be chairperson after she is re-elected. With all due respect to the current chairperson, he does does have the skills that are needed to run the council efficiently. All of the actions that he takes are for show and to try to convince the public that he knows what he is doing. However, he simply does not have any real ability to get things done. I mean no disrespect but it is time for Mrs. Blackwell to take the lead. Mr Campbell has had his chance. The county deserves better leadership. Mrs. Blackwell can provide that leadership.

Editor's note: I could not agree more, but I am biased in the matter.
web posted March 26, 2014
To the person accusing the author of one of the posts of being a Democrat pretending to be a Republican all I can say is that you are part of the reason we are where we are.  Republicans are accused of being hateful and extreme and you are a good example of those characteristics, at least judging from your hateful response. I am the one who wrote that post and I am a very strong conservative. No wonder many people continue to vote Democratic.  Have you ever heard of the saying that you draw more bees with honey than with vinegar? Is your goal to just sit in a cave and spew your anger or do you want to see something change?  I doubt a lot of people on the fence right now are lining up to join you in your anger.
Yes. I am angry that people did not see through Obama from the get go. Yes, I am angry that people did not see through Obama after he was in office. Yes, I am angry that people voted for him simply because of his race. But, I am also angry at the RINO Republicans that have sold us down the river. If this hateful person is going to vote a straight Republican ticket in the future, than I say Liberals line up, register as Republicans and run for office. Oh, you know what? A lot of liberals already do that. If this writer is as smart and wise as they appear to be I would guess they already know that. Hmmmm , I wonder.
I stand by what I wrote. I do applaud Mr. Bledsoe for being humble enough and honest enough to admit where his thinking is today. He cannot be accused of not thinking things through as he obviously has done that. Hopefully many in this country have come to the same realizations. Maybe it took some longer to figure it out. If you weren't a conservative to start with, you wouldn't have seen it so quickly.  Beating people over the head when they have actually seen the truth in something is not going to draw them in, it will push them away. I would hope we can draw more and more people to see the truth of what is going on.  What better way to help liberals see the truth than another liberal who has seen the truth?  Who would they more likely listen to? Some hateful Republican or an honest liberal who has changed his mind?
If we want to see a real change in this country we are going to need to show a positive alternative and not be a party of hate and accusations. Republicans better act like what Republicans are suppose to be. At this point I would rather be considered a conservative and not a Republican. I don't trust wolves in sheep's clothing.  We better get behind a real conservative and get rid of as many of the RINOs as we can.
web posted March 26, 2014

Editor's post: The 1% Sale Tax Committee was supposed to finalize their list of projects to be submitted to the County Council on April 1 at last night's meeting. I cannot wait to see the list. 

web posted March 25, 2014
I read the story on the raid on the horse farm today [Monday]. Then I saw there was a comment on it in the wandering minds on Monday. That's a pretty slick trick mr. editor.

Editor's note: Not at all. If you look at the time stamp on the report on the raid was posted at 12:55 pm Saturday afternoon as breaking news. Those who read on the weekends read it before the Monday edition.
web posted March 25, 2014
I can't believe the daily has been around 10 yrs.You should be proud!

Editor's note: I am proud of all the hard work that everyone who makes Edgefield Daily possible has paid off for the publication, and them individually. Sports Editor Tim Crane is now know across the state as "Mr. Football" when it comes to high school sports.
web posted March 25, 2014
RE: "I hope that Mr. Bledsoe and other more informed voters will support  candidates and not the party they belong to. I do not want to claim a party any more. I am pretty frustrated with many in the Republican party and that was always my party of choice. I plan to look carefully at the candidates and their actions and support those that want this country to once again be strong."

Appears to be one of the Dumb Masses from the Democratic Party masquerading as a Republican.  The latter part of the statement is the give away.  There is nothing about any Democrat that remotely fits into what this country was born from, born as, or once was.  They want absolute control over your life. PERIOD!  So to "look carefully" at a Democrat is just a stupid idiotic notion.  Republicans aren't lily white or pure as the driven snow, however, there are those that still hold core values of liberty and freedom!  Case in point, A Senator or Congressman in the Republican party is found having an extra marital affair and is kicked out of office by his own party-yet when a Democrat does it, they actually move up the chain-can anyone say Slick Willie?  And if it took you five years to figure out who Obama was/is, you're a moron.  Oh, but you didn't want to be called a racist so you voted for him to assuage your own self-imposed guilt-FROM WHAT?! You're a Dumb Mass and now you want forgiveness from your fellow countrymen?  BULL??!  You sold your country down the river with the rest of the thugs that wanted for themselves but didn't get because the Liar in Chief reneged on his promise.  You voted for the goodies, and now that you didn't get them, you have buyers remorse.  Well screw you.  You're a traitor and you should be treated as such.  Just like that idiot Dorn who keeps getting re-elected by DUMB MASSES who think he's doing something for them.  He hasn't done a [darn] thing for his constituents, but guess what-he still has a job as councilman.  Boy are we lucky the Feds have term limits or we'd have that DUMB MASS in the white house for another 15 years.  Whew!
web posted March 25, 2014

Re: Mr. Bledsoe.
I believe that Mr. Bledsoe is sincere in what he says. I do not understand his somewhat twisted thinking of sticking with a party that has been so destructive to African-Americans. It's as if they all suffer from battered wife syndrome. They keep getting beat up, and the beating is escalating each time, but they will not let go.
web posted March 25, 2014

Why I Do Not Like The Obamas - a black man's view
web posted March 25, 2014
Editor's post: It is hard to believe that Edgefield Daily is in its 10th year of publication. It seems like at least 20, maybe 25 years. I know I feel that much older.

web posted March 24, 2014
I have to disagree with the criticism of Mr. Bledsoe. I actually admired him for saying he was wrong. He also had the gumption to sign his name to his opinion. His eyes are open to what has and is going on with this administration.  There is nothing wrong with him wanting a stronger candidate for the Democratic party. This issue with the Democratic party is that it is no longer the same party it used to be. It is now the Progressive Party and their goals go against what this country has been. The problem I see is that the options for a Democratic candidate are not different from Obama. Hillary would just continue the downward slide for this country. Biden would be a disaster. So if people really want to see anything change they may need to bite the bullet and vote differently than Democrat,  If another Democrat gets in , and if the Conservatives do not take back the Senate in 2014, this country's future is bleak.
I think many folks have believed the hype from Obama. He is a good communicator. He is good at saying he is doing things (or that he is going to do things) and yet he does exactly the opposite. If he had been honest about what his goals and attitudes really are, people would never have voted for him.  We have to remember that actions speak so much louder than words.
I hope that Mr. Bledsoe and other more informed voters will support  candidates and not the party they belong to. I do not want to claim a party any more. I am pretty frustrated with many in the Republican party and that was always my party of choice. I plan to look carefully at the candidates and their actions and support those that want this country to once again be strong.
web posted March 24, 2014
Your cousin will be a fool when he attempts to vote for Mr. Obama for the third time I also know that you too voted for President Obama both times thinking that he was going to get you out of that trailer park , on food stamps and on Obamacare. You really don’t know how to be a racist because you don’t know what side of your family to hate.
I know that you really love the President because he got you out of the recession that George W. put you in; you only wished that it was a white president that did it.
web posted March 24, 2014

How do 70 horses just disappear in a few days? I bet the first ones to go were the really sick ones. Nice job bringing animal abusers to justice. Why wasn't SOMEONE watching the place?!!
web posted March 24, 2014
Nepotism Rules!!!!!!
web posted March 24, 2014

RE: "Just read that Sister Sally Cooks is going to challenge Judge Peeler for the position of Probate Judge."

Now that's funny.  Could you imagine, close your eyes-breath deep, and see with your minds-eye.  Sally Cooks and Norman Dorn hijacking the council meetings speaking to each other sounding like aliens from other planets.  Yet they both are presumably speaking English.  They are carrying on a great conversation with each other.  No one else has a clue as to what they are rambling about, but they are having a good ole time.  If Bibbs, Cocaine Jackson, Dorn, and the other NAACP cohorts are seeking to seize power at the council level-you'd think they put someone forth that had some panache, some wit, some charisma.  Cooks has the personality of a dial-tone, and little more brain power than Dorn and Bibbs combined.  This is too funny.  Oh, but we should not say anything, she's an African American woman, and a Reverend at that.  Now, if she was a Muslim, we'd really be in PC trouble.  Think Bledsoe will vote for her?  After all he's a proven, self confessed idiot. Birds of feather........
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RE: Democrat regrets
Your cousin will be a fool when he attempts to vote for Mr. Obama for the third time
I also know that you too voted for President Obama both times thinking that he was going to get you out of that trailer park , on food stamps and on Obamacare. You really don’t know how to be a racist because you don’t know what side of your family to hate.
I know that you really love the President because he got you out of the recession that George W. put you in; you only wished that it was a white president that did it.
web posted March 24, 2014
We live in the Philippi Church area. We have been hearing a lot of booms. Can you tell us what we are hearing or maybe some of your readers know what it is. thank you.
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Re: Blackwell running for reelection

I went to ST with Gina [Genia] Blackwell.  She's prettier now than she was back then. That's a fine looking woman. I'd move back just to vote for her!!

Editor's note: Yes, she is, and I am the lucky man that she allowed to marry her. And it took just six years to get her to say yes.
web posted March 22, 2014
I have heard that they are going to build a new Waffle House beside Burger King and tear the other one down. Don’t hold me to it but that is what I have been told and I have been hearing. To the comment of the fast Drivers on Martintown Road, I do agree with you people do need to slow down and also stop for school buses at 6:30 in the morning. There is young children getting on the bus and you are passing the bus you are more than likely to end up hitting the child if you keep passing when the lights are going and sign is out. But again that is for anywhere. Yea you may be adults now and have your license but you got to remember there is children out here that want to grow up and become adults as you and I. So please slow down and Remember Children come first.
web posted March 22, 2014

RE: Democrat regrets Obama vote.

I read Mr. Bledsoe's letter. He talks about what a "fool" he was voting for Obama TWICE and then says he's gonna vote DEMOCRAT again!?! He's not a fool, HE'S STUPID! Typical Democrat voter.
web posted March 22, 2014
RE: "Democrat Regrets Voting for Obama"

So there you have it.  Another low information voter that voted for a socialist President because he had the (D) after his name AND he was black (or half black), and not based on the person's background, accomplishments, or experience, or lack thereof in this case.  Did you marry your wife using the same standards? Do you buy a car using the same standards?  Do you buy a home using the same standards?  Do you buy anything using the same standards?  Hope not.

Oh, oh, oh.  But I'm a racist because I chose to evaluate the experience and qualifications, and because there was a lack thereof, I didn't vote for him.  So I'm a racist because I sought product knowledge before making a decision.

Even though he's (the author of the article) man enough to fess up to his two mistakes, he still needs to wear the hat with the inscription-JAFI. I'd surely hate to be his wife or kids-it's now public knowledge that "I'm married to an idiot," or "I have a father that's an idiot."  Oh, but at least he's no racist.
web posted March 22, 2014

Just read that Sister Sally Cooks is going to challenge Judge Peeler for the position of Probate Judge.
If any of you have forgotten...Sister Sally is the same person who used to be on the Edgefield County School Board with fellow idiots..Brother Bibbs, and The Jackson Sisters. These are the same morons who destroyed our school system when they hired Sister Crenshaw as Superintendent and her icon Sister Clunkscales. The same idiots who hired the Strom Thurmond Principle who liked to flex his  muscles for all the ladies.

Only an idiot and racist would vote for Sister Sally who has a hard time falling out of a chair. Judge Peeler keeps the Probate Office on a steady course and knows Probate law better than anyone in this state. Sister Sally has wreaked more havoc and destruction to our county as a member of the School Board. Imagine Sister Sally (who is also a
Reverend...and I am the Pope) as someone who regulates the law for people who are experiencing serious personal issues? And just what are Sister Sally's qualifications for Probate Judge?

I am not a Democrat or personal friend of Judge Peeler, but I and my family and all my friends will vote for him. Ohhhhh....let me finish by stating...Sister Sally supported Cocaine Jackson for his run for School Board. Just what we parents needed...a convicted Federally imprisoned cocaine dealer on our school board with Sister Sally's support. All intelligent Edgefield County voters (not you idiot Sister Sally supporters) make sure you vote against Sister Sally whether you are Democrat or Republican.
Don't sit at home because you don't care to vote.
web posted March 22, 2014
So glad that you are doing better.  I know that God will heal you in time and you will be as good as new.  As for Lee Sawyer, I was infuriated at the derogatory remarks made about him.  Sounds like sour grapes to me.  This person must have wanted some idle chat when lee was so consumed with this job that he did not have time for such.  We will miss him dearly; he gave so much of his life and time to the football team and the welfare of his players.  He will go down as one of the greatest coaches in High School.  Kudos to Lee.

Editor's note: Thank you.
web posted March 21, 2014
RE: "I guess Bill Smith can kiss his always talked about political career out the window."

Nah, to a politician, that's a resume enhancer.  If he wants to rise to the top quickly, he'll register as a democrat.  If he wants to hold an office as a Republican he'll have to be a rhino.

Either way, little Billy's political career is still in tact. ;-)
web posted March 21, 2014
Seems to me there is a county policy for missed school days. Unfortunately it usually involves going to school later in the summer or missing holidays. There are usually so many required school days for a district and they need to be met. I am not sure what Fox Creek is doing but it does not seem to be the norm in taking care of missed school days. Maybe they don't have to play by the others' rules.
web posted March 21, 2014
REF: "Why is soccer at the bottom of the list at sths  and at jet!"

While it is true that soccer and some other sports do not get much coverage,the STHS Booster Club has a website that attempts to showcase all sports. If you have any pictures, or articles, you can submit them
to the site and it will be uploaded. I am trying to attend home sports games (soccer, baseball, and softball) to get pictures, but cannot make it to the away games. The site is http://www.rebelboosters.com
web posted March 21, 2014
The only way you will see a Spring Sports picture of any sport at ST will have to be sent in by a parent . The paper does not cover the Spring Sports. We have tried to get them to cover the games. They said they don't have enough reporters to cover them. So get out your Smart Phones and load the paper up with any Spring Sports pictures.  They welcome any pictures that are sent in.

Editor's note: We cannot afford to cover all sports. We will run any article and photos submitted.
web posted March 21, 2014

Editor's post: Okay, I've got a little better idea of what the doctor means when he says "take it easy". I drove for the first time this month today and made short stops at the Sheriff's Office, Post Office, County Admin building and the hospital. Obviously, that's not what he meant by taking it easy. I'm paying for it tonight.

web posted March 20, 2014
Re: I have been waiting so long to say this. Good bye and good riddance lee Sawyer.

You apparently had a child who was not good enough to play...JEALOUS!  You are probably THE ONLY person who does not like Sawyer.  As a teacher at ST & ST alumnus it was a sad day to hear he was retiring.  We will dearly miss him.  He has been a wonderful coach & mentor to so many young men!
web posted March 20, 2014
I am a student at Fox Creek High school, and a new thing we do on Wednesdays is going to school thirty minutes earlier and leaving thirty minutes later in order to make up the days we didn't go to school due to the snow storms.  It is a hassle and inconvenience to get up thirty minutes earlier and to leave thirty minutes later.  Not only do you have to remember to set your alarm earlier for Wednesday but if you have work after school you may have to rush so that you won't be late. Also if you have to pick up a sibling from the middle school or elementary school they have to wait for you to get out of school to pick them up.  Instead of making school longer on Wednesdays we should have Saturday school from 8-12.  Also we could be required to go to school on the holidays we have off.  I just think it's too much trouble to wake up earlier and leave later in the middle of the week.

Editor's note: I do not believe that going an extra hour a day is actually allowed. I believe it has to be at least a half days of "instructional time".
web posted March 20, 2014
Not sure what Lee Sawyer this person is speaking about.... Both of my boys were coached by Lee and they both hold him in the highest regard.  He held them to high standards and they are better men due to his influence.  As far as him being called ungrateful?  I helped feed the football team more times than I can count over the years.  Not only did he always express his thanks, but each and every one of his football players did the same.  I worked with the Athletic Booster Club for years and he was always quick to tell us thank you.  I think because he is not a big talker that he may have been misunderstood to a degree.  Certainly, he is not a Saluda outcast.  If so, why were so many schools trying to recruit him year after year.  His record at Strom Thurmond speaks for itself.  Even greater than that record is the degree of respect his football players have for him.  He will be sorely missed!!!  I hope he does not let a few sour grapes ruin all the great memories of the past ten years.
web posted March 20, 2014

I guess Bill Smith can kiss his always talked about political career out the window.

Editor's note: Unless he wants to become a Democrat, they do not object to "moral issues". They never get booted out of office and if they do resign they get a show on CNN.
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Why is soccer at the bottom of the list at sths  and at jet! Those Kids work there butt off. There is more running then any other sport . In  the school! No news paper report!!!!
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Food City is a Southeastern grocery chain with their home office in Bristol, TN.  This is a great commercial with not a word spoken and none needed.  Not many commercials deserve to go viral but this one surely does.

Editor's note: The best 60 seconds I've spent in a while. Thank you for sharing.
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Convicted Al-Qaeda Spy Mohammad Weiss Rasool Now Works for IRS
Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/03/convicted-al-qaeda-spy-mohammad-weiss-rasool-now-works-irs/
web posted March 20, 2014
Editor's post: Tuesday was a very good day for myself and our family. Although running on only four hours sleep, I met with my IDS Doctor today. I no longer need the wheelchair and I no longer have to keep my legs wrapped like a mummy from my knees to my toes. I may not be out of the woods yet, but I can see the pasture from here. For the first time this month I will be able to wear socks, shoes, jeans, and golf shirt. It's going to be a good day indeed.

web posted March 19, 2014
Re:  Coach Painter cannot coach football next year. Due to the transfer he has to take a season off.

I'm a bit confused. Since when does a coach have to sit out a season for transferring from one school to another? I thought that only applied to athletes.

Editor's note: That is what I was told by those involved in the program.
web posted March 19, 2014

I'm going to miss Lee Sawyer. Both of my boys played for him and they are better men for it. Most people don't know how close he is to his players. They're his boys too. Enjoy retirement Lee.
web posted March 19, 2014

RE: What is being built next to Burger King at Frontage Rd. -
The SC Dept of Transportation is building a Park & Ride lot to encourage carpooling. This is what I was told by someone in the real estate business.
web posted March 19, 2014

I hope they [county council] ditch the sales tax. Dumbest idea since electing Obama!
web posted March 19, 2014
I have been waiting so long to say this. Good bye and good riddance lee Sawyer. I have never met a man so conceited. I have never met a man that does not know how to say thank you. Me and several others quit giving our hard earned money to Thurmond athletics or paying for meals because you never said thank you one time. This community rallied around you and you have not even thanked them for their support. I have read everything you said to the press. Not one acknowledgement that you were at a great school with great support. You are such a fake and I regret that our fine young men got coached by an outcast from Saluda. It is always about you. You think you should be treated special. Keith Mcalister was a class act. You Lee Sawyer are class-less. Go back to Saluda and stay there. You think you know so much, see how you survive without this community. Pout when you don't get your way. I have been told that the teachers at Thurmond are glad you are finally gone. Bye bye.
web posted March 19, 2014

I know some very important people must travel Martintown road. Because they feel the need to pass me when I am going 55 or 60 mph. Just because you are able to pass doesn't mean you should. When you are in the ditch and the police are giving you a speeding ticket I will be sure to wave.
web posted March 19, 2014

Speak up people or you will regret not doing so.
web posted March 19, 2014

I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.
~Thomas Paine
web posted March 19, 2014

A Pentagon official who asked to remain nameless because they were not authorized to speak on the matter said even young officers, down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They are purging everyone and if you want to keep your job just keep your mouth shut. Now this trend appears to be accelerating.
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Mencken: Choose Legislators Like We Do Jurors
The disadvantages of the plan are very few, and most of them, I believe, yield readily to analysis. Do I hear argument that a miscellaneous gang of tin-roofers, delicatessen dealers and retired bookkeepers, chosen by hazard, would lack the vast knowledge of public affairs needed by makers of laws? Then I can only answer (a) that no such knowledge is actually necessary, and (b) that few, if any, of the existing legislators possess it...

Read more of this post
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Is Jill Jett having another rally this morning to try and keep Coach Sawyer?  Staff and students you don't want to be late or miss out!   With tears and football players begging this coach to stay and not go to Batesburg-Leesville was given the title of administrator assignment, a raise, and a new football stadium.  What will be offered for him to stay makes us wander.  Hopefully  this rally won't take up any academic time like the last one.  I guess everyone will be sad and disappointed at STHS.

Editor's note: All the crying and gnashing of teeth won't bring him back. He made the decision last year, but very few knew.
web posted March 18, 2014 
Does anyone know what is coming on Hwy 25 behind the Burger King in that area that is being cleared closest to I-20? Some people say Cracker Barrel and others have said it is parking for motorists? Any ideas?
web posted March 18, 2014

Glad to see you back at work! Nice to have things back to normal.

Editor's note: I am not back at work as I stated Monday, only part-time, and I continue being seen by a specialist in Aiken for ongoing treatment. I hope to be back later this week or next week. The weekend gave me a lot of extra time to put Monday's edition together.

web posted March 18, 2014
I was shocked to see Coach Sawyer leaving! I guess Coach Painter will take over next year.

Editor's note: Coach Painter cannot coach football next year. Due to the transfer he has to take a season off. Odds on favorite at this time is Coach Hillary.
web posted March 18, 2014
Many today think this is no longer a Christian country. I believe there is truth in that thought. Some even say our country was not founded on Christian principles. If one reads the writings of our founders, there is no doubt about their Christian faith and the part that faith played in our founding. There is the debate on Benjamin Franklin's faith. Some say he was a Christian, some say he was a Deist. I am not sure it matters what his faith was, but this is a quote from his "Speech to the Convention for Forming a Constitution for the United States" given in Philadelphia in 1787.
 "In the beginning of the contest with Britain when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for the Divine protection. Our prayers, Sir, were heard, and they were graciously answered...And have we now forgotten this powerful Friend? Or do we imagine that we no longer need his assistance? I have lived for a long time (81 years) , and the longer I live the more convincing proof I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it possible that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings that "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it." I firmly believe this, and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall proceed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel."
What profound words to ponder as we look at our country today.
web posted March 18, 2014
Regarding the STHS baseball coach......

I never questioned the coaches integrity, although I am somewhat suspect of it based on what he told two of our JV players upon being named to the team.  I simply pointed out that he's yet to make a "community buy", which in the long run will spell disaster for the program.  As for the JV wins over Saluda this past Saturday, I would pose one question to you.  How much of a role did this coach play in the development of these 8th and 9th graders?  I can answer that for you, little to none.  You see, those JV players never saw or heard from this coach a single time when they were being developed by "less talented" recreational coaches.  You know, the guys who give of their time for no money in return, or the travel team coach who doesn't draw a paycheck?

I'm simply the messenger.  I represent a large contingency of parents, who for one reason or another can't "rock the boat" for fear of losing a job or their child being benched.  In regards to your assumption that this coach will flourish and have successful programs in the future, let me lay the facts out for you.  Edgefield Dixie Youth Baseball numbers are down more than a third.  Johnston Dixie Youth Baseball numbers are down almost half.  Where do you suppose these future baseball players are going to come from in order for this coach to flourish?  You, like most parents or bystanders only see what takes place on the field, before your eyes.  I, as well as several concerned parents aren't just looking at what is presently happening on the field, rather we choose to look at the health of our STHS baseball program long term. 

Our ranks include former college players, high school coaches, recreational coaches and travel team coaches.  Only fools choose to debate a topic they know nothing about and it's always easy to respond with "they think they can coach."  If this head coach is here for the long haul, he will need to start looking beyond the field of play.  You're correct that playing baseball or softball is an honor, it comes with certain responsibilities, but we as parents, administrators and coaches also have certain responsibilities to not only the athletes themselves but to the long term health of those programs.

Editor's note: Let's try to keep it brief.
web posted March 18, 2014

In response to interestingly enough,

Please do not post wrong facts to support your argument or present opinions of others as facts.

You stated that, “the mainstream media has been strangely quiet”. This is true. However, the facts are not as you presented. We have not lost 1000 personnel in the last 27 months. Since the beginning of 2012, there have been 581 casualties. This is the number combining all American, UK and other soldiers we have supporting us in our effort.  You even go so far as to say that “in the last month over 50 personnel have been murdered”. This is not true. I have to wonder what month you are living in since there have only been 14 American lives lost since we began 2014. There have been a total of 19 lives lost if we add the UK and every other country. I will agree with you that the Media is TOO silent on these lives lost. Even one of our soldiers and my Battles that have lost their lives is one to many. However, reporting myth as fact does not help any cause and only leaves a reader ill informed.

Without quoting every single sentence you wrote I will continue. I sir do take exception to your tone when you mention Obama ordering the flag reduced to half-staff for the deaths of Sikhs. Again I do not know if you realize that this is 2014. I can only assume you are referring to the deaths of the Sikhs in Wisconsin. If that is the case I will leave that to you as your right to your own OPINION. However, I should remind you as well as any other person who is not aware that SIKHS are NOT Muslim. Edgefield County for any Sikhs you may find that would want to live here. I can promise you this. Although they do not follow the Christian religion, you will not find a more “Godly people”. The Sikhs have also been allies of the US for many years. I have fought and served beside more than one in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. A Sikh warrior is one of the finest soldiers to ever ley foot in the field of battle and they give their lives for the right for you to have your opinion as have any other American.

Your opinion on the military having a massive drive to get out the vote was definitely misleading as much as any other comment you made. In the military every single soldier is encouraged highly to vote. However, you are not allowed to promote your views on one party or the other. You may not ever use your uniform or position to promote a candidate and to do so would be to lay your career on the line. Is there a huge push in the military to vote out OBAMA, or has there ever been one. NO. Are the soldiers in the military happy with their commander chief? I will answer this with another question. Are Doctors happy with Obama care? To this I will also add that what we like or dislike as military members past our write to vote, amounts to a hill of beans. Obama IS our commander in chief and The President of our country. Whether we like it or not, we will enforce his orders. It is our duty to enforce the rules and laws of our land as ordered by our President.

We can all sit back and complain about the past presidential failures and probably more to come. However, I would like to spend my time knowing that this period in our history will come to an end.
web posted March 18, 2014

Tim Scott, Black Voters and the GOP
If leaders like Rev. Darby are honest with themselves and with their congregants, they will talk things out with reason and without prejudice and consider which tent is the best for them as individuals, as a minority and as a race.

Read more of this post here.
web posted March 18, 2014

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