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Editor's post: Our email address is edgefielddaily@att.net.  What's on your mind? 
web posted July 12, 2018
Subject: Cattle hauler and cars.
First on our way to the town of Edgefield today at Bettis and Hwy 25 a cattle hauler black Peterbilt Tenn tag on trailer U558792 did not even attempt to stop at the stop sign and pulled out in front of us. It was so fast we could not even see the company logo on the side of his truck. The only reason we were able to get the tag was he had to stop for a car turning. He was doing 50 to 60 in a 45 mile an hour road construction zone. Called *47 and got put on hold, then they hung up. Called again did not pick up. By then he had hauled tail North on Hwy121. Then coming back cars running up my tail.Got to Bettis and Hwy 25 and a car ran the stop sign and whipped out in front of us again. Do they not enforce 45 and 35 in the construction zone? This happens all the time, every time I go to town. Also on Mt. Zion road, there is a sign posted NO Thru Trucks, well guess what every day trucks turn and go down it. Wandering citizen wants to know?
web posted July 12, 2018
I recently saw the post Mayor Terrence Culbreath made on his Mayor’s Facebook page.  Immediately, I was disgusted and offended with this tasteless post.  I chose not to respond quickly because I knew as soon as I saw the post, there would be a flood of comments defending and tearing down the Mayor.  I wanted to hear both sides.  I wanted to let things settle and have a solid opinion.

Personally, when I saw the cartoon, I understood its intent to convey white cops being out to shoot/kill black people.  The cartoon was very clear by including bullet holes in the black figures back as he/she was running away.  There is no swaying my opinion on that.  The quote referring to separating children from parents just made the post more distasteful.  I interpreted the words to mean that white cops are racist and “out to get” black people and if white cops weren’t racist and “out to get” black people, then those black people would return home to their families.

Mayor Culbreath took to Facebook with an apology after the outrage began.  He said his post was “intended to start a dialogue about the media and media bias.”  Never once did it occur to me that this cartoon was to start a dialogue on media or media bias, since nothing in the cartoon referred to the media or its bias.

Now, I don’t know if the Mayor’s apology was heartfelt or if he is just trying to save face.  None of us really do.  I can accept an apology.  Who doesn’t make mistakes?  Who has never used poor judgement?  A single bad decision doesn’t make a “bad” person.  That being said, I do believe this post proves that Mayor Culbreath is too juvenile to think thing through, which in turn leads me to believe he isn’t capable of doing the job he signed up to do as Mayor.

So, I’d like to say this to Mayor Culbreath:  Be mindful of what you’re saying and doing at all times.  It is a MUST as an Elected Official.  If you’re unable or unwilling to do this, then it is time to resign.  As an Elected Official YOU must hold YOURSELF to a higher standard.  You’re representing an entire population of people.  You need to do what is best for everyone.  Deciding that you want to start a dialogue that can be misunderstood is a dangerous game.  It is a dangerous game that can negatively affect the people that are looking to you, to do what is best.  I know people have given you many things to consider over the last few days but I hope that you will take into consideration what I believe, to be the most important opinions and feelings that have come from this entire situation.  Those are the opinions and feelings of the officers that saw this post, including the officers that work in your town.  You may never know how your post may have truly offended them.  Of course, those officers will tell you to your face, “they know you” and that “you would never mean to say anything to offend them” but is that truly how they feel in their heart?  Or are they wondering in the back of their mind “maybe he does think I’m racist…maybe if I have to pull my gun, I will hesitate a little longer before pulling the trigger.”  Maybe…just maybe, that officer…your officer… won’t make it home to his family because you made him question your belief in his motives for serving and protecting your citizens.  And for what, a split-second decision of posting a distasteful cartoon on social media?  Would that cartoon be worth it Mr. Mayor?
web posted June 28, 2018
It’s a shame that we don’t have any really good  mechanics in Edgefield any more!  In my opinion we have a  rip off auto repair shop .  I had been hearing rumors about the bad  work and the over charging  of customers , but I  thought it  was  just sour grapes by someone until I tried it  myself!  In my opinion they are  the worst  repair service that I have  ever experienced and I won’t be going back.  Not only did they charge me  more than was quoted but the  work was  sub standard to my expectations. Of course this is simply my opinion and nobody cares until it happens to them!  So try it  at your own risk like I did!  Who wants to take their car in to be  fixed and get it  back in worse shape than it was  before you took it  in!    Is  it  just my opinion or are we being taken advantage of?
web posted June 26, 2018
I find it reprehensible that the Mayor posted this on social media.  This cartoon only serves to divide, not unite people with its racist overtones against our law enforcement.  Children are separated everyday from their families for various reasons.  I would hazard to guess that unfit parents,committing criminal acts,and separation from a parent due divorce are probably the top reasons.  I could go on and on; however, lets go back to the Mayor's post - I work as a manager in private industry and if I had posted this, my company would be reconsider my suitability as one of their leaders.
web posted June 26, 2018
I want to congratulate Mayor Culbreath on getting a conversation started, he did. As he says it had nothing to do with race. Right!
However, it appears that the conversation is centered around what a racist, bigot and anti- law enforcement mayor the town of Johnston has elected. Based on his apology he certainly thinks that we are all really dumb and if you believe a word of his apology you are really dumb. Mayor Culbreath doesn’t need to apologize he needs to resign immediately. This behavior is unacceptable at any level of government. This reflects on the entire town of Johnston and its citizens. A reflection this town does not need.
web posted June 26, 2018
I am going to have to say Johnston Mayor Terrence Culbreath has done it. He has gone onto his Facebook page and posted a picture of a White Police Officer Holding a gun and a black figure running away with three bullet holes in his back and in quote the picture states “Meanwhile, far from the border...Children are being separated from their families.”  Ladies and Gentlemen this is an elected public official talking like this. This man I don’t think has ever held a real job and yet he’s running a town. This is sickening. The Chief of Police and Terrence Culbreath are real close so who’s to say the chief of police doesn’t think like this. I feel sorry for the citizens of Johnston and also the Police Dept. because clearly he doesn’t respect you. God Bless the Thin Blue Line.
web posted June 25, 2018

I live in Edgefield. When I buy fuel for my vehicle in Edgefield, I purchase the Regular grade of fuel. My vehicle gets about 24 mpg using that fuel. When I travel, the same vehicle driven at the same speeds under the same conditions using the same grade of fuel or even a lower octane rating fuel than I buy at the stations in Edgefield results in fuel economy of 4-5mpg higher than the fuel I buy in Edgefield. On one section of road during my current trip away from Edgefield, I averaged 29.1mpg over 387 miles using 85 octane fuel. Since there are no 387 mile drives where one can drive downhill with the wind behind them, I would love to have an explanation as to why the same vehicle, same or lesser octane rating fuel, gets 4-5mpg better economy elsewhere than with Edgefield fuel. This is hardly my first experience with the difference in economy. Even fuel purchased as nearby as the Atlanta area results in 2-3mpg improvement and the fuel in some of the states a greater distance away at times results inconsistent fuel economy of 29mpg and sometimes goes a bit over 30mpg. Once again...same or lesser octane rating, same driving conditions, same speeds, same vehicle and consistent experience with the disparity...why?
web posted June 25, 2018
The roads in Edgefield county are getting in such bad shape!  I counted the pot holes from Edgefield  out highway 23 to 230 to N Augusta.  Guess what !   I counted one hundred and seventy six pot holes and some were pretty deep.  Why don’t the  county or the  State  do something to  keep up  the  roads.  I’m  getting tired of having my front  wheels  aligned  and  I bet I’m not alone!
web posted June 25, 2018
There is a Johnston town police officer that is a hazard to the general public. I have personally seen him driving at a high rate of speed to make a traffic stop of someone “speeding” past the IGA. There is no excuse for traveling eighty or more miles an hour in busy everyday traffic to catch a speeder doing five over. I also understand that this officer is unable to attend the Academy because of past behavior. Law enforcement is tough enough without inept individuals making it worse by bad behavior and practices. Wandering minds want to know.
web posted June 20, 2018
Editor's Note; Chief Robinson responded to this post very quickly, saying that he has an open door policy, and he would be more than happy to speak with the writer, or any citizen that has concerns.
Thank you Dr. Bagshaw and staff for all your work with Paws and Hooves Rescue, a 501(c)(3) which has been trapping and Spay/Neutering feral cats right here in Edgefield. For every female feral spayed, we stop the proliferation of unwanted kittens and control feline diseases. If you have been ‘adopted’ by a feral, contact the Vet and they can leave us a message, and we'll try to help you with your problem. This is a long project but it can work with your help!
web posted June 19, 2018

If a man misleads others in one job, who’s to say he won’t mislead in the next job, qualifications or not. As for the previous job, you must have been looking from the outside in.
web posted June 16, 2018
Greg Anderson was the right man for Edgefield County Schools at the time he was named Superintendent and it was time for him to go when he left. He cleaned up a lot of messes that were not his making and increased the morale. His time as Superintendent has nothing to do with his qualifications as Probate Judge. He is an attorney and knows the law. If a citizen didn’t care for Mr. Anderson, they had the choice to vote for someone else, but it isn’t because he is not well qualified for the position.
web posted June 14, 2018
Congratulations Mr. Anderson.  I hope you plan on taking your position seriously now.
web posted June 14, 2018
The poor librarians at the library cannot catch a break. They had such a wonderful Summer Reading program this morning with well over 75 children, but then some loud mouth ladies came in and showed out because they checked materials out and decided not to return them. But through it all they remained positive and even tried reasoning with the women, but no such luck. I just want the librarians to know that one or two bad apples does not spoil the bunch, so please stay encouraged and continue doing great things for our community, we appreciate you all very much. Also, if you all have time, stop by the library and check out the awesome programs they have planned for the Summer, you will not be disappointed.

web posted June 13, 2018
Greg Anderson was NOT qualified to be Edgefield School District Superintendent but that didn’t prevent the good ole boy system from giving him the job. The district was 1 state school board meeting away from losing accreditation because Anderson failed to complete the 2 courses required within the 3 year time limit. To add insult to injury, that same board gave him a 2 year extension knowing what was about to happen. Poor judgement all the way around. I guess the voters will have decided what’s most important by the time this is printed.
web posted June 13, 2018
To question someone’s health issues is a pretty low blow.  Health matters are generally private and the details don’t have to be discussed with the entire county.  Secondly, Greg Anderson was appointed by Governor McMaster over Paul Taylor because Greg is simply better qualified and more equipped to do the job.  Is Paul Taylor even eligible to run for probate judge?  A simple google search shows you have to have a four year college degree to be eligible for probate judge and Taylor doesn't have that.  If elected, wouldn't he have to prove eligibility (i.e. a bachelor's degree) and if he doesn't have one...won't he be forced to step down??  Is that really the best use of tax payers dollars?  Seems like Taylor lacks experience and education.  Greg Anderson is clearly more qualified and absolutely right for probate judge.
web posted June 12, 2018

On Tuesday June 12th voters will go to the polls to decide who the Republican Candidate for Probate Judge will be. I’m asking the citizens of Edgefield County not to take this task lightly.  Why would Greg Anderson want the position of Probate Judge? He “retired “ after 3 years as Superintendent of Edgefield County schools for “health reasons”. The true reason was due to him not being qualified for the job and the District was going to lose its accreditation. How convenient was it that the State uses your highest 3 contribution years for your pension. I wonder what his monthy pension is? Due to “health reasons” for leaving the district ,he continued practicing law on a daily basis. Was he misdiagnosed? Absolutely not! Also when he ran against Shane Massey for Senate, he ran as a Democrat. Why would he switch parties and run on the Republican ticket for Probate Judge? Do I have your attention yet? Last, but certainly not least, Greg Anderson was NOT who Judge Peeler wanted to fulfill his term. Judge Peeler recommended Paul Taylor for the position but due to the “Good Ole Boy” system he was over looked. Edgefield County doesn’t need someone who leaves a position due “health reasons” but continued his law practice and appears as healthy as ever. Please take time to process all of the information I’ve given you and I believe you will agree that Paul Taylor should be our Republican candidate.
web posted June 9, 2018
I may have missed information in Edgefield Daily. Has there been an article sharing information about the elections  coming up? I have seen signs but I don’t know what all is on the ballot. I know there are some primaries. Is there a place to get more information?  Thank you!
Editor's Note:  Great Question!  No sample ballots have been provided to us yet, but May is voter education month in South Carolina.  For more information on Voter Education Month activities and other issues related to voter registration and elections, visit www.scvotes.org or the Edgefield County registration and elections office.  Their phone number is 803-637-4072.
web posted May 25, 2018

The FCHS board election is not a "public election."  SC law dictates who may vote in the election. I would interpret low participation as a sign parents are satisfied. The salary listed is not out of line considering the responsibilities the principal has, which are greater than the principal of a regular public school.
web posted May 21, 2018

Just wondering why only certain obituaries show up on Edgefield Daily.

Editor's Note: We receive our obituaries from the funeral homes.  Both funeral homes located in Edgefield County send us all obituaries from their funeral home.  If you choose a different funeral home for a loved one, please tell that funeral home that you would like the obituary placed on Edgefield Daily, and they will send us the information.  You can also send us the link to the obituary you would like posted, and we will be more than happy to post it. 

Fox Creek High School. Has anyone noticed that the $20 million dollar school with a $10 million dollar annual budget of PUBLIC MONEY is having and PUBLIC ELECTION Thursday May 10th from 7am-7pm, but if you google search it, there is NO record of it anywhere? No newspaper, no television, no nothing. It is barely even visible on their school website. Why doesn't Fox Creek advertise the election? Why doesn't Principal Josh Trahan send out information to the local media about the election? Would it have something to do with his $105,000 salary? Some of you may think this is an exaggeration, but do a freedom of information act request and find out. Post it here. It is our public money under public record. The truth may "Greg Hurt". Why is it the incumbents always win? Because no one ever votes. Last year like 40 people out of 900 eligible voted. Why? Because no one ever knows one the largest spenders of tax payer dollars in the county is even having the election. ADVERTISE IT! Don't you want the public to be involved in your charter school and vote. I don't think you do.
web posted May 10, 2018
In the library yesterday I witnessed one of our "upstanding citizens" harass the library staff because of their no smoking signs in and on the library property, I mean he was really yelling at them. Apparently the sign says no smoking tobacco or marijuana at anytime, but when a public facility has had multiple problems with people smoking both products around the building, even inside the building, why not put up signs to protect their other customers. He yelled at them for at least ten minutes then he leaves yelling saying "how about put a no heroin or no cocaine sign up while you're at it!" I really felt back for the library staff because they're so nice and respectable, the entire time he was yelling, they were cool, calm, and collected, showing respect for someone who indeed didn't deserve their respect. It's very sad when upstanding citizens, people you tend to respect, show little to no respect to other upstanding citizens, no wonder he didn't win during election time.
web posted April 26, 2018

I do not understand how the assistant manager at a particular bank in Edgefield keeps his job. He is rude to customers and never helps anyone. Thank goodness we have transferred our investments and have paid off our house. We will never have to deal with him again.
web posted April 26, 2018
RESPOND: I would like to ask everyone that reads this section to respond with 1-2 positive things in your community that you are proud of and would like to share with others.
1. I have noticed several groups on litter patrol
2. Local PD are keeping speeds down in town limits.
1. NOTHING!!!!!
2. NOTHING!!!!
web posted April 20, 2018
I would like to ask everyone that reads this section to respond with 1-2 positive things in your community that you are proud of and would like to share with others.
1. I have noticed several groups on litter patrol
2. Local PD are keeping speeds down in town limits.
web posted April 14, 2018

My daughter is 10 years old and has proclaimed Edgefield as the best place to live ever (in her ten whole years). I hope we can continue as a town to make our next generation feel like her. I've left a few times myself and I always come back. Quiet, easy living can't be beat.
web posted April 10, 2018

I wonder what the poster of April 5 thought Mr. Deese was going to do that hasn't been done before. Or was it solely the fact that Mr. Deese was Caucasian and he could get rid of the drug den aka African Americans.  Because we all know there are no Caucasian drug dealers.
web posted April 6, 2018

Well there goes the town of Johnston down the toilet since Rick Deese didn't  win. This will continue to be a drug den and no new industry again for the next 2 years. I'm tired of seeing empty storefronts along the main street and business closing due to politics.
web posted April 5, 2018

The person that posted all the Answers for the Problems of the town of Johnston needs to speak up. If you have 1st hand knowledge that 2 councilman are receiving SS Disability Ins and working at any capacity for the town we need to file a report.
web posted March 16, 2018

I have been to the library, the Courthouse, the County Tax Office, Town Hall, and I have never had to defend myself at any of those locations or any of the other businesses or government buildings in Edgefield. If you have major concerns about needing to defend yourself, take heart. The signs on the doors are very clear that you can have no concealable weapons. Perhaps you could take them at their word and carry a black powder musket, a scimitar, a ball and chain, or perhaps a shillelagh. Spears are good, perhaps a long bow with a quiver full of arrows, and a felling axe would work as well.
web posted March 15, 2018

I have heard some many rumors about children being bullied at JET middle school and nothing is done about it. Do someone has to get hurt first in order for something to be Done? There is a principal and an office there and yet nothing. I encourage parents to be involved in their children lives ask questions, go to the school to check on them. Bullying is a crime, physically, verbally and socially. Bullying affects all youth, those who are bullied, those who bully others and those who see bullying going on. My point is we have so many authorities in the school that could help these children also. It all starts from home parents, if we as parents do our part, this will never happen. Again I say encourage our young children that bullying is not acceptable and to always help when help is needed... I thank God everyday my child/children never bullied or was bullied. I love to see all children happy and succeed....
web posted March 13, 2018

I am required to enter county buildings to conduct business. In order to do so, I must give up my God-given right to self defense. Who is responsible for this asinine policy, and how do we change it?
web posted March 12, 2018

Vote for Rick Deese. He is a family man and cares about his town
web posted March 12, 2018

I am a business owner that move from Johnston 10 years ago. I came back a few days ago passing through and I could not believe what I saw. Johnston look like a ghost town. As a teenager living there we have had places to shop, things to do and past time away. Summer time we work in the peaches and after getting our pay checks we go to the local banks and cash our checks and when the weekend came around we did not go to North Augusta or Aiken to shop. There was Jack Neal Lot, Cassels and Citi Trends. Our parents shop the local food stores Piggy Wiggly, Fairway Food, Reeds, and Parkers. It hurts to see a beautiful place like Johnston just fade away to nothing. I believe Deese will help get Johnston back on the right track, at least he can not hurt anything, but he will not be able to do it by himself. The police well what can you say if you do not have a police force!!! I remember as a teen the police offer would be up town and sometimes be seating there at the main red light, in the little brick building. The parents really did not have to worry about their kids being up town, but Johnston PD was out and about. I know for a fact there was 2 officers on shift. So Deese needs to clean up the whole place starting with the town councilman, get new ones. Not any that receives a disability check. People of Johnston really do not even have a good place to eat. If you go the The Chicken Place the drunks peeing outside of Kneese's. Hello JPD where ware you? Oh wait back at the town hall watching the WWF. Well good luck Rick Deese you have your work cut out for you. I hope you have someone that can run your business because if you are going to do the things you say you are going to do, you will not have time to run you business. If you can not do that then you may want to fine someone you can support to get Johnston back on track.
web posted March 12, 2018

What is the status of ECH?  Very few managers/Directors are seen. When Self takes over what changes will impact the Edgefield residents? Just wondering
web posted March 8, 2018

Everyone please get out and vote Rick Deese for the Mayor of Johnston. I believe he CAN make a difference in this town. The future of Johnston depends on it!
web posted March 7, 2018
OMG! When I saw Deese signs all over town I almost peed my pants. He is a good family friend and a wonder man in Christ. We will vote for him anytime. He has a good heart and soul plus good business sense.
web posted March 2, 2018

From our Facebook page...
I have two grand daughters in the Edgefield County school system. I fall under the catagory of concerned parent. After the school shooting at Sandy Hook in 2012 I went to Merriwether Elementary School and volunteered my services to help in any way to bolster the security profile. I have no military or police background but do possess a CWP and have had some defensive firearms training. I am no stranger to firearms, been Q cleared by the federal government and have never had any adverse brushes with the law. The folks at the school looked at me the way a pig looks at a watch. They thanked me and nothing ever happened. No perceptible change in security profile or protocol. Everybody just stood around hoping nothing would happen and time marched on. Six years later and now the kids are in Fox Creek High School. Another shooting. This time in uber-liberal south Florida. As the layers of the onion are peeled back it appears ALL the liberal policies failed, resulting in the death of more kids and faculty. What's changed locally? Nothing. One of my kids questioned the policy at school of not locking the back door. Locking the door. Is that too much to ask? They called her a trouble maker. Dad had to go to the school and un-ruffle feathers to keep her from getting suspended. Again I volunteered. I am not some Rambo wanna be that wants to strut around armed to the teeth. I'll push a broom or pick up trash. I can be a presence, another set of eyes. Get a metal detector, I'll give you a few hours a month and I'm sure other parents will as well. Teachers are (or should be) compassionate, caring motivating souls. MOST not suitable for defensive work. SOME may be able to act as defenders, but I suspect VERY few.. The "arm the teachers" program is for volunteers. Well, I'm a concerned Grandpa and I'm volunteering. Time to step up.
web posted March 2, 2018
I know people write or post when they are angry or upset, but I just read a 32 word runon sentence. I had to read it 3 times before I understood what was being said. Please re-read you post. That's all I have to say. Thank you.
web posted March 1, 2018

To the poster from 2/22 Please review your facts before posting garbage here again. If you would like Dean to be your Mayor please write-in his name. You do realize the so call (drug dens) were in the same place the whole time your great Mayor was in office. Why didn't he do something. Maybe he was to preoccupied with the ( Social Club ) that has caused much heartache and divorce. It is all fun and games until someone falls in LOVE! One last point my Mayor does "Lookout for his own Own" his Own would be anyone that loves Johnston and wants to make this their Home. Anytime you want to step from behind your keyboard to not have your ID hidden and have a real conversation about the people of Johnston. I will debate you and we can sale tickets and give the money to the town of Johnston.
web posted February 26, 2018

Anyone remember when SC roads were clean and beautiful?   Over the years we noticed an increase in trash in our communities and along the interstates.  First, it is an indication there is a lack of respect and laziness.  Until the last few years, we had prisoners on the roads cleaning up, now those are few and far between.  The Merriwether Fire Department holds an annual community clean-up day and while we have plenty of people complaining about the trash, few show up to volunteer.  Perhaps we need to hold a roadblock event to pass out trash bags for vehicles along with information about the fines for littering.  If we posted signs and we started giving out tickets that might make some think twice.  In our churches, schools and other organizations shouldn't we be promoting beautification?   One program that has seen some interest is the  Palmetto Pride.  Here is the link:  http://palmettopride.org/   Isn't it time that we as a community step up.  There are grants available to help fund these efforts.

web posted February 24, 2018
I would vote for Dean any day because these new mayors have done NOTHING for this town because they are for their own. How about cleaning  and demolishing up those three drug dens past the liquor store and getting rid of that also so the thugs aren't hanging out there all day. My small children always ask why are they drinking out of paper bags mommy especially at 8am. The kneeces need to revamp that store just like Edgefield beverages and throw out the trash.
web posted February 22, 2018

I am so disappointed in the way the roadsides look. I travel between Johnston and Edgefield everyday and notice the trash everywhere. It is so sad that no one respects our community. Please stop littering and someone please help clean this up. I am not able or I would be out there.
web posted February 20, 2018

Folks do not answer your phone with a caller ID  855-733-5133.   They will trick you into logging on to your computer and will wipe out your bank account.   Got wiped out today for over $4000.   Report filed with Edgefield Police.   This 855 number is from Cambodia.   
web posted February 20, 2018

Will Edgefield ever get another cable company available?? How about Xfinity or Comcast!! Northland sucks!!
web posted February 20, 2018

So Dandy Dean is running again, and he will probably win because of the apathy of voters in his district to put up another candidate  ,  I read his accomplishments they are few but what about his failures.  Dandy Dean who is elected by Johnson and Pine Ridge please tell us what while on council you have done for your district? What improvements have you made in the town you reside.  Do you help the mayor?
When you talk about residential growth how many new homes are built in your district? How many new businesses have  come to the area of your district? 30 million = 100 jobs most of which are in Trenton , Edgefield and Merriweather.  Please tell us how many jobs Urban Outfitters  has today?   You point towards EMS as a accomplishment why isn't there a Unit in Johnston the district you serve. Why haven't they gotten raises in years ?  
Your 56 in the danger years , if a ambulance doesn't reach you in less than 8-12 min chances of survival 7-10%.( National Heart Association) If you knew that your district would demand you place a unit in your hometown.  South Carolina has a extreme low number of Paramedics how many work for Edgefield ?

Tell us about your accomplishments on healthcare how often are you going to Self Memorial for your doctors? Im glad that Self has come in to save healthcare in Edgefield but why not University Hospital.  Will i still pay taxes to support Greenwoods hospital or will that be reduced since Edgefield doesn't have one anymore.

A politician who that point to the past are not looking a the future so Dandy Dean what are you going to do for the future
web posted February 20, 2018

I would love to shop Edgefield, but with closing of Turkey Store (which should have stayed open even though not commercial profitable in support of the largest business in the County) shopping is very limited.
web posted February 13, 2018

David, let me be one of the first to welcome you to Edgefield Daily Wandering Minds.  You have some big shoes to fill but with Genia's confidence you should do well.  As people become more comfortable they will once again fill this page with their thoughts.

Editor's Note: I want to thank you, and others that have wished me well.  These really are some big shoes, but I'm looking forward to continuing Roy and Christin's work.  The Edgefield Daily has been valuable to the community, and I want to see it continue to serve our citizens.  
web posted February 8, 2018

Mark my word, it is only a matter of time before the National liberal Media flies into Edgefield ranting that Strom Thurmond high ranting to change the name "Rebels"!! If I ever go to a High school game and a player kneels, I will get up and never go back.
web posted September 26, 2017

the edgefield sheriff office need to help all people not just the ones that vote  but they give some people the run around
web posted September 26, 2017

edgefield water works tair up roads and don't put them back like they were one road is jones street number 200 down town edgefield I think they should fix it like its was  that all I have to say.
web posted August 4, 2017

Edgefield CDBG streetscape plan. Half million dollar tax payer funded bondoggle!
web posted July 13, 2017

I read that an unruly prisoner refusing to give up a cell phone caused the masive riot and fires resulting in injuries to six guards injured resulting in ambulance and medical air evacuation but there was NO PRISONER INJURIES!!
Security personal are handicapped by our laws that overly project the criminal thus the result of lopsided injuries in any conflict.
It is time for legal correct of these laws in order to protect our guardians!
web posted June 26, 2017

I have noticed that solar  panels have been installed at several Edgefield County Schools, some quite extensive such as the farm at parker. There has been considerable expense evolved there must be a purpose but I haven't seen any report.Perhaps some of your readers of wondering minds could comment.
web posted June 12, 2017

I am so angry with the town of Johnston trash pickup. These men are so lazy that for 2 weeks straight I have put out my 2 cans and they only empty 1. The other one is emptied a little bit and they leave the rest in there. They are so lazy and the town needs to look into hiring people who will do there job. If I was paid what they are I would do my job.
web posted June 5, 2017
Congratulations on your graduation

Editor's Note: Thank you!

web posted May 15, 2017
Surely it was a kid playing with a B.B gun I couldn't imagine a grown adult shooting at car windows especially that have children inside. hope however it was saw all the concern on the news, and put the gun up.
web posted April 25, 2017
Sounds to me like a child was out their shooting at those cars, my question is where were the parents? Even if it is a BB or pellet gun the parents should always be watching.
web posted April 19, 2017
Beautiful Easter Special:  Enjoy
web posted April 14, 2017

Burger King isn't much better than McDonalds, but at least Edgefield has another option finally. Lets just bring back Hardees!
web posted April 12, 2017
I am excited that the Burger King is coming into Edgefield for three reasons.  The first thing is that it will create some new jobs. Second , it should be good for the tax base in Edgefield. Third, it will give people an alternative to McDonald’s.  McDonald’s  has had the monopoly in fast food in for too long. Personally, I don’t eat much fast food-prefer Chick Fil A to all of them (healthier choices).  After the ridiculous situation with the woeker at McDonald’s being upset about someone not handing them money , I took McDonald’s off my list for everything-even something as small as a cup of coffee. The management handled that situation very poorly.   My guess is that with some competition, the management at McDonald’s will handle costumers’ concerns more seriously and fairly.

I think a new business in Edgefield is wonderful and we will need to support it.  It isn’t the healthiest place to eat but most meals out are not all that healthy.  Again my guess is people will complain about the health issues with fast food places and say everyone needs to eat at home.  Good luck with that advice-in this day and age people will support a fast food place, like it or not.  At least it gives more choice in the town and we need that.  We need to grow!
web posted April 7, 2017

It does my heart so much good to see how the community is coming together to help those affected by the tornado. 
web posted April 7, 2017
We are praying for the people of Johnston. So sad to see all the damage there.
web posted April 6, 2017
The ad about Belk’s charity sale was clear and it was clear who placed it. However, some feel it would be better to support charities directly rather than shop in businesses that chose to get political.  Sometimes the ends do not justify the means. Belk’s charity sale supports good causes-that wasn’t the point.  There will be lots of folks that will support the sale and Cornerstone will benefit- that wasn’t the point either. The point was that some consumers think  businesses should stay out of the political fray. Businesses have a right to do what they feel is appropriate but  people also have the right to support businesses they respect. There are lots of opportunities to directly support charities without compromising one’s conscience by shopping in stores that have policies they don’t agree with.  That’s all that was meant by the comment concerning the ad for Belk’s charity sale.  No one was questioning who placed the ad or the idea of the charity sale.
web posted March 29, 2017

Nice ad about Belk's Charity sale but I will never shop at Belk's again. They pulled Ivanka Trumps products from their website in response to the Nordstrom move. Any store that gets into politics is no longer on my list for shopping. That includes Target, Starbucks etc.  It was a bully move by Belk. I wonder what other charities they support. Why not give directly to charities one knows and agrees with? It's a win win- no middle man.  The article was a nice ad for Belk but certainly did not move me to take part!!!!!

Editor's Note: The ad was placed to help benefit Cornerstone, which is an alcohol and drug abuse commission located in Edgefield County. 

web posted March 27, 2017
I was very disappointed to see the article that the other local newspaper ran concerning the WRDW report on Strom Thurmond's accreditation. The headline was a blatant lie. I hope everyone read the article and still understood that Strom Thurmond is on probation and their accreditation is at risk. The probation is a result of having an uncertified teacher in the classroom last year (15-16). The principal made an announcement explaining to the students that he would never risk the schools accreditation. That is a lie because the 16-17 school year is in worse shape than last year. There are now 3 uncertified teachers and an inadequately certified administrator. This has been the case all year. Call the school and ask why the English and Spanish teacher's names that are in PowerSchool are not the same as the person who is actually teaching the class. Better yet, call the State Department of Education and demand answers as to why this has been happening at Strom Thurmond for years. Will the accreditation be pulled next year and the diplomas rendered worthless? Our children deserve way better than that!
web posted March 24, 2017

Glad to know that Congressman Jeff Duncan is part of the Freedom caucus. He was one of the founders of the group. Good for the Freedom Caucus to be holding these RINOs accountable. The Ryan plan was not what these people were elected to pass.  I am glad that they are not just pushing this thing through without honoring the promises made. I sure hope they get this right and I am glad people like Congressman Duncan are working hard to do that. If it is a bad bill, then I hope it doesn’t get the votes it needs to pass.   
web posted March 24, 2017
Calling the police about the old lady hitchhiking in Johnston will never work, because they are acting as her taxi most of the time. I have seen her in the patrol car at least 3 times. What a waste of the tax dollar. I maybe wrong but she lives outside the town limits, so why are the Johnston police playing Taxi outside of the town limits.
web posted March 24, 2017

Beautiful service for Mrs. Butler, will be greatly missed.
web posted March 20, 2017
I can’t believe that ECH (Edgefield County Hospital) admits to not being able to afford pay raises to any of its staff; however, the CEO and CFO are missing from work consistently; and NOW, they are asking employees to sign off on  a paper allowing payroll to deduct $2.00 every pay period in order to be allowed to wear jeans on dress down FRIDAY.  Maybe its time for new Administrative Management again and a New Board.  The last Board decided it would be financially beneficial to outsource billing……how did that work for them……lasted 9 months.  Now billing is outsourced for just what patient still owes i.e. 20% non-payable by medicare, co pays, deductibles with an 85% return.  WHOO HOO!  That’s nothing compared to the total day to day billing requires. The former employees who haven’t left are back doing the rest of billing just like they did before the Board’s Brain Child decided  to outsource.  Maybe you need a new Board Chairman and members who are knowledgeable about Fiscal Services.
web posted March 20, 2017

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Butler family.  She was a wonderful woman and teacher.
web posted March 16, 2017
I am very saddened to hear of the passing of Mrs. Butler, she was such a wonderful lady. She will be greatly missed.
web posted March 16, 2017
I drive down Hwy 23 several times a week and have seen an elderly lady hitchhiking, I don't know that anything can be done but I am concerned not only for her safety, but also for the safety of drivers as she steps off the sidewalk into the road and oncoming traffic.

Editor's Note: If you feel she is endangering herself, or others, notify the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office. 
web posted March 10, 2017
Has anyone heard if  Senator Lindsey Graham had or is going to have town halls? He may get an earful if he does. I got a call from Congressman Duncan and he had a phone town hall. Seems like a  sensible way of doing it in this time of paid protesters and divisive folks going to the town halls to just cause confusion.  However, I think the constituents need to make their views known to Senator Graham. Seems almost like he doesn’t feel like he needs to answer questions-he sure isn’t representing a lot of the people who voted for him.
web posted March 3, 2017
Our local politicians told us US 25 had to be widened in "hopes" of attracting new businesses to the County Industrial Park.   $25 million of our tax dollars are being spent on this.  Now, those same people are throwing in with Aiken County on a joint Industrial park.  Maybe they're "hoping" no one notices.  Only in politics is hope a plan.
web posted March 1, 2017

just wanted drop a line reference to this post from the other day..I completely understand the frustration of not having a law enforcement officer nearby on the call in to 911 as you were following a reckless/dui driver for so many miles...I will say tho its not the officers fault...nobody these days wants to do what police officers do and have to put up with on a daily basis for an income that just about qualifies them for food stamps...with that being said we are lucky to have the 2 or maybe 3 that are on shift at any given time...get you a scanner and listen to it...they deal with more bs than you can possibly imagine...and this day and time any given call usually needs 2 officers so that even makes less available..just the way it is and not going get any better because nobody cares...well the ones who can make a difference dont care..the highway patrol is near extinct with troopers because of working conditions and treatment to the employees..again listen to a scanner..it takes a trooper over an hour or longer to respond to a collision that happened in the county...ridiculous....its just going to get worse unfortunately...but I appreciate the ones who do come to work everyday for us citizens...for extremely low pay..and pretty much both hands tied behind their backs before starting there shift...God be with them
web posted February 28, 2017

RE: Edgefield Square Renovations
I completely agree with the earlier writer. It is half million dollars down a rat hole.
web posted February 28, 2017

I read the article about Little Village in Chicago. Here is another very interesting article about what has happened in Dearborn, MI. I think those of us that live here are a little protected from some of the realities of what is going on in this country. Read this article on Dearborn. It is interesting.   Celebrities can wear all the blue ribbons they want, supported by the ACLU, but we the people better stay alert to what is going on.
web posted February 28, 2017

We agree with yesterday's writer, where did  the Lindsey Graham go that we have supported since 3rd district days both vocally and financially.  While he has  had  a habit on occasion straying left he was a better choice to represent us than any of the other offerings. Lindsey come back and use your gifts to stand behind our elected Republican President , represent your people and stop acting like a spoiled "chap"
web posted February 27, 2017

QUOTE FROM CHICAGO TRIBUNE ,read the whole article
"While the scale of recent arrests was on par with operations conducted under former President Barack Obama, the effect was magnified in Little Village by President Trump's rhetoric about immigration and by his recent executive order that expanded the list of who can be deported.

The neighborhood is home to one of the largest populations of immigrants without legal status in Chicago. About 20,000 immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally reside in Little Village, according to  an analysis of U.S. census data from 2010 to 2011. Little Village streets, restaurants quiet as deportation fears rise
web posted February 23, 2017

Is anyone else out there embarrassed by the views and actions of our Senator Lindsey Graham? It might help if he hears from his constituents about some of the obstructionist views he is spouting. It seems like he and McCain (two old men who should have been term limited a long time ago) finally have a platform by speaking for the Democrats. I think it is disgraceful. Does Senator Graham not know how SC voted in the Presidential election?  He is getting more press from the MSM by being against Trump. Well, Senator Graham, the majority of your constituents in SC voted for Trump and for what Trump promised he would do. Quit standing in his way.  Good for Senator Tim Scott. He is a great Senator and represents those who voted him in.   So, if you disagree with Graham, call him , email him or write him a letter. He needs to hear from those in SC-we are the ones that put him there (unfortunately).
web posted February 23, 2017

It appears that the Edgefield City Government is determined to re-do the area around the square no matter how little sense it makes to do what they plan on doing. I suspect the leadership would be hard-pressed to explain how the town would benefit from the expenditure. Remote parking might be nice, especially when there are court days, but the idea that widening the sidewalks to accommodate benches is going to draw crowds downtown is silliness. It is hot during the Summer, cold during the Winter, there are virtually no businesses open at night, and sitting around admiring Strom's statue is not much of a draw. One way streets with narrowed roads to accommodate wider sidewalks will give only one lane to back out into with parking on both sides of the street, and I have to wonder how box trucks or the occasional 18-wheeler will negotiate the narrowed turns much less not block the only lane while making deliveries on the one-way streets. At least making Penn Street one way was shot down, probably by the DOT, not the local government. The Town taking over the two one way streets and the two alleys and putting the town on the hook for road maintenance in perpetuity in order to be able to hurry the project through seems short-sighted as well. I would love to see the documentation published as to which business owners on the square support the project and which businesses on the square oppose it as well as where the City Government has made more than a token effort to solicit the input of the citizens in the Town of Edgefield. 
web posted February 23, 2017
To the retired U.S. Navy Chief:
Sir, I would like to thank you and all U.S. Military veterans...retired and active duty...for your service to our nation.  I will share the video you posted.  Born and raised in Johnston, S.C.  Wife of a 30-year retired United States Air Force Veteran.

Editor's Note: Thank you and your husband for your service.
web posted February 20, 2017
I have a question for all the females out there.  Do you have to be on booger patrol?  I mean does your husband or children stick boogers under the seats of your car?  I find these nasty things when cleaning my car.  My husband will no longer drive my car because of this.  Just saying!  This should get your mind off the stupid McDonalds complaints. Those people complaining will be replaced by machines for better quality of service and hopefully you will not get a booger in your food.
web posted February 16, 2017
As a 20 year retired U.S. Navy Chief, Vietnam Service and Desert Shield/Desert Storm,  I wish to share
this with you and ask Americans to thank those who fight for our freedom. Born and raised in Edgefield County.


Editor's Note: Thank you for your service.
web posted February 16, 2017

on Saturday Feb 11 as my sister and I  were driving home from Greenwood, we managed to get behind a reckless driver, not sure what he had been taking, smoking, drinking, but he was definitely "altered." his speed would change from 25- 60 mph, he would ride n the left lane , drive off the shoulder of the road, he had his MAP light on in the vehicle, then he turned on his left signal, and continued to ride with it on for the next 10 miles or so.I called 911 immediately,as soon as we realized he was driving erratically,and didn't just wander over while looking away , . when we started out our journey we were in Greenwood, on 25 S he pulled out in front of us at the HOT SPOT TRUCK STOP., I talked to 911 in Greenwood, who couldn't get in touch with the SC HP, was there no greenwood county police officers on that side of the county, they then transferred me to the SC HP office, they didn't have anyone in that area of Edgefield or greenwood county, so they transferred me to Edgefield County Dispatch, there were TWO officers for the county on duty, neither of which were in or near Edgefield Town limits, they were on S Martintown Road, on the other end of the county, prob 40 miles away from the side of the county we were located. there were ZERO officers. anywhere near that part of edgefield county. we followed this altered driver for over 20 MILES until he crossed into the city limits of Edgefield before a police officer was available to pull him over. The officer was waiting on him at the city limits. it is a shame that there were NO POLICE officers available to get this person off the road for over a TWO COUNTY area. this is how people get killed by drunk drivers, he was constantly in the wrong lane, off the shoulder of the road, changing speeds, they asked us to follow him at a safe distance in case he turned off of HWy 25 so they could keep up with his location, I was terrified the entire time he was going to hit a oncoming car head on. I don't know why staffing is at such a low point but to not have ANY officers, HP county, city, etc for a 2 county area on a MAJOR TRUCKING ROUTE is unacceptable. I made the drive every day for 3 years I saw HP on a daily basis during the day, I guess they can't patrol that route at night. I am glad they got him once he entered Edgefield and no he did not pull over, he stopped his car in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, with his car in BOTH LANES. this was a very dangerous situation, I am unsure of the outcome, but would like to know what he was charged with by the town. however, Edgefield and Greenwood should be ashamed that no one was available to take a very dangerous driver off of the road, we were very lucky on Saturday that no one was killed.
web posted February 16, 2017

Money is put on the counter so that it can be counted. Both can see how much is there. That's just smart. This made up race stuff is bunk.
web posted February 13, 2017
Time to boycott Belk, TJ Max, Marshalls, Starbucks,  etc. 
web posted February 10, 2017
Did you all see that a statue of Robert E. Lee is being removed in Charlottesville, VA?  So is there is an attempt to wipe out any history people don’t like? Better look it up-it is disturbing. There is an article on Breitbart news about it.
web posted February 10, 2017

I just read the most ridiculous statement about putting money on the counter when one pays for something. Seriously, someone that worked as a cashier expected people to hand them the money?  Is that some southern thing? Some courtesy or something? Maybe I have lived in a cave but I cannot believe that anyone would expect, or think it was appropriate , to hand someone money rather than laying it on the counter. What difference does it make? To me, if you lay the money on the counter, it is easier to see and therefore count.  I was just at the post office today and put my money on the counter. No one seemed offended in the least.  People, did you miss the reason the Mc Donald’s employee was “offended” ?  Talk about looking for a problem-making a stink over nothing.  I say, pay for what you buy. Pay for it anyway you choose and take your food or whatever and go on your way.  People that are providing the service, food or whatever-just be glad you got paid .  Life is way too short to get your panties in a knot over anything this silly!
web posted February 8, 2017

Re: McDonald's
Really! Now placing money on the counter is rascist? You are in the food service industry! You job is to take the order and get food. That's it.  Your feelings and opinions are not part of the job. If you don't like your job go work somewhere else. Eventually this McDonald's is going  to get remodeled and they will put in a kiosk that will take your job away. Customers are why you have a job. The money they spend is what gives you a paycheck. So the next time you get offended think again. Without that customer you would not have a job.
web posted February 8, 2017

If you are paying for something, why can’t you hand the person the money. We all know the reasoning behind putting money on the counter. We know most of the employees at McDonalds are mostly African American. By putting money on the counter, you are from the old school. That’s how it used to be. Its not like that now. We have a voice and we don’t have to take any kind of treatment. Just because you have been doing it for years, doesn’t mean you can’t change. You are just mad because you are being called out for your bad behavior. I applaud the management for sticking up for their employees. Handing someone their money shows respect. Your problem is that you expect respect but don’t feel the need to give respect. Doesn’t work like that anymore!!!!!
web posted February 8, 2017

I will tell you this-if folks start having an attitude toward customers because of their race, I am done with an establishment. The issue at Mc Donald’s , if it is based on some racial reason,  is absolutely ridiculous. With the way many places today are taking these stupid political stands , I am boycotting them-Starbucks, Macys, Nordstrom’s, Target etc etc. I guess McDonalds in Edgefield will another place I will have to avoid.  The management needs to understand the business philosophy that “ the customer is always right” and if they want business, they follow that idea. Putting one’s money on the counter is just the way most of us pay for things-nothing racist about it in any way,  unless the employee is just looking for an issue to jump on.  I sure have not had that problem at Chick Fil A, Subway, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Zaxby’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King and the list goes on.  Those places are happy to be paid no matter is it is handed to them or put on the counter (seriously how stupid is this whole thing?) . Granted not all are  of those places are not in Edgefield (unfortunately not much competition for Mc Donald’s) , but I think a lot of people can do without Mc Donald’s . If people have to deal with some employee’s immature and racist attitude toward customers, and the management ignores the customers, then customers should ignore the business.  Racism actually works both ways and in this case the employee is the one with a racist attitude. I say  to that employee…grow up and get the chip off your shoulder.  Quit acting like some kind of a victim. Good grief! One option is to use a credit card and let the business owner pay the 3% fee on every transaction. I wouldn’t use a debit card, I would use credit as that is how the business gets charged the 3% fee.  If I had been treated like that by an employee in any establishment and the management ignored it, I wouldn’t go back at all. But if one really needs to eat at Mc Donald’s, don’t pay in cash.  Simple solution.
web posted February 7, 2017

It seems anymore that the customer doesn't come first. Like with the person who wrote in about the employees at McDonalds. I would think with the attitude of the employees & the owner  business would not be good. If or when I go in there they will take my money however I give it to them or I will walk out & never step back foot in there. I also will tell everybody I know how this business is being run. So I would hope the manager/owner would but a stop to this behavior before they loose a lot of customers.
web posted February 7, 2017

The money spent on widening Hwy 25 should have been spent on fixing the roads that we currently have.  If we can’t keep the roads that we currently have, how do you think adding more is a good idea.
web posted February 7, 2017

This is in response to the person complaining about McDonalds employees not picking his money up off the counter. I find it completely RUDE to place your money down on the counter when paying. I was a cashier (over twenty years ago) when I was in high school. I would wait on the rare customer that placed their money on the counter instead of handing it to me. This completely flabbergasted me. In return, I would place their change and receipt on the counter also. This is about respect and good manners, not a race issue at all.
web posted February 7, 2017

I have lived in Edgefield county for over 40 years and  eaten at McDonalds on a regular basis since it opened.  I have always  paid for my meals in the same way. I have Laid my money on the counter when told  the price! However now there are some of the employees  that  refuse  to take  the money unless you actually hand it to them.  They actually say” I’m not taking that money unless you hand it to me”!.  You can’t place it on the counter any more, as  I always have over  the years!    I asked them why? And why would it make any diffrance?.  Their response was  that, they felt that  the customer didn’t want to touch them and they were going to make them do it!  That’s not the problem at all in my opinion, Yet, when I told the owner about this unusual behavior, he said that he was having the same problem in his other stores.  Naturally, this leads me to believe that  this is  some kind of raciest power play movement on the part of some of the employees.  It  shows a lack common sense and a disrespect for the customers.  I actually don’t care which way I pay for the meal, but it seems that  finally  a raciest power play has reached Edgefield like it has with other cities.   I just don’t see the common sense behind this and I wonder if other customers have had the same problem?
web posted February 6, 2017

I get it, you're one of those folks who doesn't want to be taxed for anything other than what you deem to be beneficial.  Again, I pay county school taxes, yet none of my children attend public school. Are you suggesting that my public school tax burden be erased? Now there's something we can agree on.  I suppose you don't believe in giving companies like Walmart a tax break, even though they provide hundreds of jobs that strengthen the economy? Or maybe you don't believe in any taxes at all. Of course we both know that will never happen. As for being defensive, I will always defend tax spending that helps care for our natural resources. The more successful the Palmetto Shooting Complex is, the more lands NWTF can save from urban sprawl, the more inner city children can be introduced to the outdoors, the more disabled veterans can once again enjoy the great outdoors. As hard as you try and make it, this simply isn't a "bridge to nowhere" situation. I've enjoyed the debate but I'm afraid we will need to simply agree to disagree on this issue. 
web posted February 6, 2017
The people who go out protesting "for peace" seem to be the least tolerant. Last time I checked burning up college campuses, and prohibiting someone to speak isn't peaceful.  What a shame...
web posted February 3, 2017
Thank you Congressman Duncan for shedding light on the “Muslim Ban”. It is nice to hear a voice of reason and actually look at the facts.   Reasonable and wise people know  that what is going on is good for our safety.  We need to listen to the wise words and not the loud, clanging voices.  I just wish people would calm down, but when you have the expert community organizer weighing in yesterday and praising all the protests, what can one expect?
web posted February 1, 2017

Why I Love Her

Editor's Note: Beautiful
web posted January 31, 2017

The “protests” over the weekend were just more of the organized effort to hurt Trump.  The people from the women’s march last week seem to have just drifted into another protest. Trouble is , a lot of these folks are paid by Soros and others.   I saw one at the Atlanta airport that appeared to take place in the baggage claim area, and all I could think of was what had happened in Ft Lauderdale.  If this is where it was taking place, or if any of the protests were inside an airport, I have to think that security should have stopped them.  Airports have seen enough violence without these crazies ranting around them.
Trump has not done anything illegal.  The seven countries affected by this are the seven where  most Jihadists are coming from and training in ,   All the protests, women’s marches, celebrities screaming and yelling is getting the cause of the left absolutely no where!  What they do not understand is that the quiet Trump voters will not be swayed. They voted for him because he promised to do all of these things. Duh!  None of them are surprised or troubled by his actions. They are cheering!!!  The left has been trying to intimidate the quiet Trump supporters from the get go, but the left doesn’t  get it and they won’t get it.  The more inconvenience these ridiculous protests cause,  the quiet Trump supporters will just stand firmer.  I just say, relax you folks on the left.  You make things worse for your side with all the ridiculous actions, words, hate, violence, vulgarity etc that you keep spewing. Maybe you think it is working, but then you thought you were going to win the election didn’t you?  How did that work out?
web posted January 31, 2017

Here is a good article on the restrictions that the new administration is putting on immigrants.  It is facts, not hysteria.

web posted January 30, 2017

After reading the Bloomberg link on the countries where Trump has business ties, all one has to do is look at the map. Good grief-the countries that we are so called "banning" are countries like Syria, Iran etc. Where are the ISIS training camps etc?  This is a war, folks-wake up. I am tired of the left stating part of a story and trying to undermine who and what the American people voted for. All these so called smart people who do not seem to understand the dangers some that come from these countries pose for us, the American public. Just keep undermining our new President-like the last one did us any favors?  Maybe if this person had a relative killed or injured from the terror attacks ("work place violence" according to the last administration)  we have seen in this country, they would have more concern for the safety of the American public.  Where are all these so called refugees coming from? I have not heard about a big influx of Egyptians coming to the US or into Europe. People will still be admitted here on a per case basis and this is a temporary ban to get hold of the situation. The best way to help these refugees in the countries affected is to put money over there to help. The past eight years caused much of what is happening now with this whole situation.  Maybe do complete research on this topic. The left just wants to focus on the wrong things. As a mother and grandmother, I don't want my family afraid or at risk because of terrorism in this country, plain and simple. 
web posted January 30, 2017
Trump's Muslim Ban works but he's not included countries where his companies have business ties

Trump’s Immigration Ban Excludes Countries With Business Ties

"Don't stop, belieeeeevvvvinnnn..."
web posted January 27, 2017
I sure wish these people would get caught littering on Moore Rd. and be made to keep the road clean for awhile. The people doing this has a routine throwing their morning and afternoon trash in the same place. Coffee cups and beer cans. Please stop doing this and help keep OUR neighborhood clean
web posted January 26, 2017

Why so defensive?   You offered no justification for a non-profit to take tax payer money other than "everyone else does it".  This is a point lost on so many Americans and a big reason we are $20 trillion in debt.  
Nowhere in my post did I belittle the NWTF, its activities and people it serves.  You try to shame me with Obama and ignoring veterans?  I am a 20 year veteran and belong to 2 Veteran's Service Organizations.  I contribute generously to several veteran's charities.  These organizations do great things for veterans locally and nationally, without tax payer money.  Again, you need money, raise it.  You're right, there is an endless list of things tax money goes for.   Perhaps our difference is that you accept it and I do not.  Unless citizens get involved, this mindless spending will continue unchecked. Pittman-Robertson?  What's your point?  Power of outdoorsmen/women?  It was enacted in 1937 and is a government imposed tax of 10% - 11% on wholesale price of weapons and ammunition.  ATF collects it, passes it to NFWS and then to states.  Thanks for letting us in on another little known government tax.  It's an example of what you point out.  With this law, people who buy weapons for self defense, not hunting, end up subsidizing hunting and other activities they may never take part in. "...it appears you're on an island in your criticism of the NWTF."    So?  Does that mean I'm wrong?  I could not care less what NWTF does with the funds it raises.  $ 2 million in tax dollars were spent here without much mention and that is every citizen's business to know about and demand answers.  I will be asking Sen Massey to provide us with information.  However, since NWTF came out touting an ROI, I want the NWTF to quantify this for us.  We are bombarded with spending being promoted as "investment", and how the ROI is more than the cost.  Seems no one ever gets back to us on that.  Break the mold and let the SC tax payer know how and when you've returned that $ 2 million.

web posted January 26, 2017

So excited to see what Trump will do in office! It has been a long 8 years.  I believe he will make America great again.
web posted January 23, 2017
I don't understand these "womens marches" as a women, I don't feel like I am missing out on anything, or treated unfairly.  It seems to me they just want to make a big deal out of nothing and draw attention to themselves.  Not to mention, not many that were marching with them were respectable people. 
web posted January 23, 2017
In regards to your rebuttal on the NWTF.....
You state that it's not the job of the South Carolina taxpayer to create new hunters. I would tell you that my children attend private school, so therefore it's not my job to pay for public education. Certainly you don't want to play that game do you? I could list dozens of things my tax dollars pay for that do not directly benefit me or my family. However, I'm mature enough to realize that this is the way our society works. Read more
web posted January 23, 2017
I agree with the other reader. The trash along Martintown is terrible. It's hard to believe people litter this much. There were previous comments that it was coming from a local trash company hauling trash on open trailers. Someone need to find the source and put an end to it.
web posted January 20, 2017

Shame on any lawmaker not attending the inauguration! All these poor losers make me yawn! I heard President Elect Trump ask them to turn in their tickets because he has a lot of folks who need them ! I love how he isn't phased by these unAmerican people. Seems that Rep. John Lewis forgot he boycotted George Bush's  inauguration also- he said this is the first one he has boycotted??? Inconvenient truth comes out! The liberals are such sad and sorry losers!!!
web posted January 20, 2017

Re:  $2 million SC Tax Dollars to NWTF
1st, NWTF is a non-profit.  Thank you for your good deeds.  Numerous non-profits such as Veterans Service Organizations, Red Cross, churches, SPCA, Shriners,etc,  also contribute to our communities but without $2 million in taxpayer dollars.  If NWTF needs money for their non-profit operations do like the others. Raise it on your own, not on the backs of taxpayers.   Most do not know of this deal or of the NWTF. Read More.
web posted January 20, 2017
Re: Teacher's money stolen at school
Did they ever find out who took that money? It's not like teachers make so much money. I heard that many of the rest of the teachers didn't even know it happened. Why didn't  they warn the rest of the school? Teachers work hard for their money and if it was important enough to be a headline, then maybe there should've been more follow up in trying to find out who did it than just a report made.

Editor's Note: I believe the school did what they could to find the person responsible, but I'm not sure if they caught them or not.
web posted January 17, 2017
There is so much litter on Martintown Rd. It looks like someone threw out bags of trash along the road.  It's close to the county line so I don't know if North Augusta is responsible or Edgefield County. Either way, it looks awful.
web posted January 12, 2017

Trump acknowledges Russia Role in US election hacking


This is a little misleading of a title, the "aide" is Reince Priebus, aka Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, aka former RNC Chairperson.

Those Facts Will Get You Every Time. 
web posted January 11, 2017
I would be interested to know who the logging operation is on Sweetwater Road just past Mays Way? I would also be interested to know why they are not being held accountable for all the mud on the road. It was terrible today (Tuesday). It was worse with all the rain last week. Why are they not being made to keep the road cleaned off or gravel put down before they enter the roadway?
web posted January 11, 2017
Well, the so called intelligence agencies have spoken! It was the Russians that "hacked" the DNC servers and lost Hillary the presidential race! B.S.! Don't you people believe it for a second! The Russians hacked NO ONE! They had nothing to do with rigging the outcome of our presidential election. But, you may say, Lindsay Graham and John McCain both said they did. They are not only wrong, they think YOU are stupid! But why would they say this - putting America in peril of a nuclear war with Russia? Because of two words that Wikileaks uncovered in the John Podesta emails: Cheese Pizza otherwise known as Pizza Gate. Google it! It is code and stands for Child Molesting!

My fellow American, you must understand that 90% of our congress and senate are pedophiles either by choice or by trickery and are so scared of regular people like you and me finding out that they would rather have the country destroyed by nuclear conflagration than face you with the truth. The Main Stream Media is complicit, also! This sickens me! These SOBs that we elected to make our laws and keep us safe are dirty child molesters and would rather have a Nuclear War with Russia that face you!

Russia did NOT plant child porn on their computers! Russia did NOT kill Seth Rich, the real DNC leak! Russia did NOT create these pedophiles that are in our government. Maybe we should be nuked, to get rid of these dirty child molesters and murderers and us for allowing them to keep existing.

Sending letters and emails to your congressmen won't work. Instead, we need to send in the Marines! God help us all!
web posted January 10, 2017

Re: House fire
Heartbreaking news to read this morning.  Really hate this happened to such good people.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them as they lost priceless items and a lifetime of memories. 
web posted January 3, 2017
To the individual who promised to talk about the SCDNR giving $2 million to the NWTF........

To begin with, the NWTF employes over 100 local men and women. How much do you think those people invest back into Edgefield County yearly? Secondly, the money is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come for our natural resources. The number of hunters has been declining for years, and without a proactive approach to countering that trend, money from license sales will be lost, in turn preventing the SCDNR from managing our those resources at the needed levels.

Studies have shown that the best way to introduce young people or new hunters to the sport is through the shooting sports. The undeniable success of the Palmetto Shooting Complex will introduce thousands upon thousands to the shooting sports and in turn create hunters........ hunters who purchase firearms, ammunition, clothing and yes, purchase hunting licenses which in turn help fuel our SCDNR.  I look forward to your rebuttal.
web posted December 29, 2016

I would like to know why our police department in Johnston does not do anything about the 3 houses on Edisto Street after the railroad tracks , by the liquor store. I drive down this street daily with my children in the car and all I see is drug transactions from cars pulling up or they are drinking out of brown bags as early as 7am. These properties need to be cleaned up and it is nothing but a hangout for all the druggies and town drunks sitting on the porches and wandering the street. There have been many a time I drive down this street and the people in front of the house do not move from the street and give you a look like go ahead and hit me. They are rude, crude and a disgrace to this town.
web posted December 29, 2016

To see all these scammers targeting the elderly makes me sick.  It's time this people get a real job and leave the elderly alone to enjoy their retirement.
web posted December 27, 2016
I am so glad they caught the guy responsible for the death of Mr. and Mrs. Deas  Great job to our law enforcement. Justicee has been served!!
web posted December 20, 2016
This is probably a repeat for most of you but if it isn't you will enjoy how well these two people preform together and also how well they do this song.
Just beautiful
Click here:  https://www.facebook.com/ASaviorIsBornChristmas/videos/1119123908098839/
web posted December 19, 2016

Re:  Electoral College.  Since the Electoral College is a part of the Constitution, it would take 3/4 of the states and 2/3 of Congress to approve any amendment to change it.  Please ignore the idiots who think it can be changed with Obama's "pen and phone".  Obviously, civics hasn't been taught for quite some time.

And liberals, if you're really serious about this popular vote thing, put up or shut up.  Your primary awards delegates like the general election EXCEPT, Super Delegates that can cast a ballot for any candidate.  Those rules were written in by the DNC, stacking the deck in favor of the "chosen" candidate, this time Hillary.  If the popular vote means so much to you as a Party, show the country and run your primary on popular vote alone.
web posted December 19, 2016
I am requesting the Edgefield Country Sheriff's office visit ( removed ) McQueen Street in Johnston where for several weeks I have observed a black & white dog chained to a tree behind the small rental house, and appear unable to get into the dog house. The owner has been reported numerous times to Animal Control for animal abuse. There is no excuse for this abuse by someone who doesn't work and is home all day

Editor's Note: We hope you have reached out to the Sheriff's Department about this matter.  If not, they can be reached at (803) 278-1625
web posted December 16, 2016

To the person driving a black Mazda pickup truck with some fake looking rims - I hope to see you out on Hwy25 cleaning up your mess of old aluminum cans that fell off your truck. I seen a whole huge bag fall off and hit the car behind you as well as another that exploded all over the road. Please pick up your mess! I have dashcam footage of the entire incident.
web posted December 15, 2016

There is a vacant house across from the hospital with a huge pile of garbage by the road.  It looks horrible.  Obviously the owner doesn’t live there, but aren’t they still responsible for trash removal?  Who within our town or county government manages this type of problem?

Editor's Note: I would talk with the mayor.  The Edgefield Town Council holds meetings the first Monday of every month, this can also be addressed then.
web posted December 14, 2016

 $493,000 in tax money is going to be given to Edgefield in the form of a Community Block Grant.  The town square will be rebuilt with "areas" for people to gather and perhaps...perhaps entice Tourism!  Good grief.  If there was a news story about oh, say, Salina, KS getting $493,000 tax dollars for a town facelift, most of us would call it out as Pork Barrel Spending.  But no, not when it's for us, right?

Why not Ridge Spring?  Why not Johnston or Graniteville?  Say this does attract "tourists".  Say they spend $75 here on their visit.  That's $75 that wasn't spent in their community, at their local businesses.  This is another shade of government choosing winners and losers.  Just what is the Constitutional basis for taking tax money from other people and giving it to Edgefield or any other community so that it can try to increase its tax base on false hopes?

The federal and state governments are spending $25 million to widen US 25 in the "hopes" of attracting tenants to the Business Park.  Guess what.   They are going to stay closer to a larger workforce in the I-20 / I-520 corridors.  What are politicians are about to give us is more truck traffic through the county, resulting in even worse road conditions in Johnston.   Main St in Saluda is a washboard.

I'll talk about the $2 million that SCDNR gave NWTF another time.
web posted December 14, 2016

It's terrible that people are trying to hack into other's information especially here at Christmas time.  Seems like new ways of hacking information is becoming more and more common.  What a shame.  I love Amazon and do a great bit of Christmas shopping on there, I'll have to be sure to watch out for this scam.
web posted December 12, 2016
Well, seems like the right person won the Sheriff’s election. If the other candidate cannot collect his signs, or his supporters cannot, then it shows a lot of irresponsibility on his part and on his supporters’ parts. Good grief, collect your signs!
web posted December 12, 2016

You can add Stephens Road, Hwy #25, Shortcut Road as well as other roads in the Merriwether district to the post for the other candidate for sheriff to come get his signs. Probably are spread through out the county.   How long can you leave them up before you get fined?  Guess he went back to Saluda and forgot about Edgefield County.  Most likely it was his supporters who have failed to remove the signs.
web posted December 7, 2016

The residents on Gregory Lake Road and Martintown Road in North Augusta would appreciate the candidate for  sheriff who did not win to take his signs down.
web posted December 6, 2016

So glad to see the giveaway still being continued! This is the best times of the year

Editor's Note: We are excited to continue the tradition as well.
web posted December 5, 2016
Why do people keep leaving their keys in their cars? I keep seeing all these stories about vehicles being stolen on here, and it never fails, the keys are always left in the car….And then people are surprised when their car is stolen….. Find a place in your house to put your keys, and then you wont have to worry as much about your car being stolen.  Good grief
web posted December 5, 2016

It is a sad truth but I guess a word to the wise- always lock your car or truck! I know that is obvious, but I also know how easy it is to forget or think nothing will happen. What a crummy situation that people steal and hurt people!
web posted November 28, 2016

The tree on the square in Edgefied already looks beautiful, cant wait for the ceremony to see it all lit up.  Always such a wonderful tradition following Thanksgiving
web posted November 22, 2016
How awful to see that someone ripped off that older woman like that.  Its bad enough to rip off anyone but especially our elderly. I hate to see this happened to someone. Theres a special place for people like that
web posted November 18, 2016

So glad to see the daily is back up again. I have missed getting the local news

Editor's Note: Thank you for reading.  We are glad to be back up again as well!
web posted November 17, 2016
Sincere thanks to the town of Edgefield and everyone involved in providing the Trunk or Treat on the square.  The children had a safe and happy place to celebrate.  Although many folks love Trick or Treat, for others, it can be a bit of a hardship, especially for folks on a limited income.  So, again, gratitude for a win-win situation.
web posted November 16, 2016

I came across this letter & just felt it in my heart to share. This is not about any particular athlete, it is to all of the athletes that are working & have worked their butts off, to become & have become outstanding in the sport that they so love. I have attended many sports at Strom Thurmond High School over many, many years. From all of the talk going around this small knit community we live in, there are a number of coaches that I believe this letter really speaks to. I hope that this will grab the hearts of those coaches & open their eyes to the talent right in front of them. It isn't about what last name you have, who's parent(s) give the most money or who is related to you. It is about the true talent that is literally slapping you in the face.

I have watched many athletes come & go over the years from Strom Thurmond. I have seen many of those with outstanding talent never go to the next level, because of stories just like this. I am truly heartbroken like many in our community to see things like this happening. 😢 Read more here.
web posted November 15, 2016

How sad that people are so ugly on both sides of the sheriff contest. The fact that Edgefield  Daily cannot keep the poll going due to inappropriate comments is disturbing. This whole election cycle is showing some real heart issues with people! People are entitled to opinions! To see campaign headquarters in NC and now CO vandalized and fire bombed is ridiculous! People are hurting each other etc. Good grief!! I worry how people will react when their candidates lose.We know there will be winners and losers.  We need to pray for level heads and God's wisdom to prevail. I believe in a sovereign God Who is in control. It is people I worry about!
web posted November 14, 2016
Thankful my child didn't want to do a pumpkin carving this year.  Just another added expense to having to buy drinks, snack cakes, chips, etc., for them to turn around and sell it back to me.  I participate with my child in as many school functions as possible, and definitely contribute my part as well as others that don't/can't contribute.  Yes, I want my child to be involved.  But when did painting a pumpkin be considered as Pumpkin Carving?  Carving means, cut it open, get the great smelling insides out, reminding me of my childhood when we actually carved pumpkins, and cut out the triangle eyes and nose with a mouth missing many teeth.  Let the children be children and have fun!!!  They grow up way too fast these days.
web posted November 14, 2016

Re:  pumpkin carving
I don’t know who the kid was, or the parents, but I heard about it.  I told my kid that he’d grow up to be a better man if he did his projects on his own, without help from his Mom and I. Will we help him when he needs it? Absolutely. But I flat out refuse to do things like this FOR HIM, when he’d get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of doing it himself. And people wonder why there’s an entire generation of 20 something year old entitled acting brats running around with their hands out……
web posted October 27, 2016

Re:  Will someone in education please tell us why, in this day of modern educational methods.
Will someone please tell me what pumpkin carving has to do with education, and why is it a school project?
web posted October 27, 2016

RE:  what happens on a national level is definitely going to affect localities.

At a recent exam visit with my doctor, I asked him during a discussion why he had emigrated to this country from Canada.  His reply: "because of Canada's socialized medicine."  He continued saying that "a vote for Hillary will result in socialized medicine here, but by the time it is completely implemented, and the public realizes they didn't like it, it will be too late".  Interesting take from someone who worked under that system.
web posted October 27, 2016

To the administrator at the nursing home, when are you going to get your head out of your butt and do your job?  How many complaints do you need against a staff member before you grow a pair and fire them? When is right for a patient to be scared to get out of bed because they don't want their CNA to get mad for asking? You have staff members sitting in patients room doing nothing, hiding from people that actually need their assistance. How many falls with injuries that are undocumented do you need? When is it ever appropriate for a CNA to tell a patient "to use their brief" vs them actually doing their job and taking them to the restroom. The only time your staff does anything productive is when state is there to make your building look better than it actually is. How about you start holding people accountable for their actions, instead of sweeping it under the rug, or admit that nursing home is WAY under staff and that's the reason it takes a CNA 30 plus minutes to answer a call light.
web posted October 27, 2016

In the past, Sheriff Dobey has always refused to attend and/or participate in any type of public forum.  Now, after the publication in the Jailhouse Report, he seems to be a little more willing.  He seems to have an explanation to the report but no documentation regarding his military time served.  If he's decided to come clean about his service record it might be a good time to explain to taxpayers why the county provides 3 different vehicles (Dodge Charger, a White SUV and a Black Crown Victoria) solely for the Sheriff's use.  How many vehicles can one person drive at a time?
web posted October 27, 2016

Sounds like things haven’t changed since my kids were in school and now my kids have kids in school. So, that means my kids were in school a long time ago. That being said, parents that do their kids’ projects are only hurting their children.  A child takes that behavior as a way of saying that what the child produces isn’t good enough. It really is a hurtful thing for a child’s self esteem. Plus, why aren’t those judging the projects a little more wise as to what a child can produce on their own? We saw that a lot with science projects. The winners were usually the ones that were obviously done by an adult.  So, good for the adult-they can produce something that wins on a child’s level. To me that is a lose/lose for the child and the parent.  What is wrong with parents? Problem is , there have been those parents in every decade.  So do they go to college and then to work with their child and do their work for them?  Must make those kids feel like real failures to have mommy or daddy bailing them out.   Just some words from a former teacher that saw way too much of that stuff .  I could tell when a kid did their own homework or project and when they didn’t. It wasn’t my job to grade the parents.  Good Grief!
web posted October 25, 2016

To the person who is more interested in the local election than the national election, all I can say is I am still scratching my head. Both are important but what happens on a national level is definitely going to affect localities. Our local election, however, will have no affect on the nation.  Also, to go into the gutter with some vague accusation about a candidate on business trips is pretty low. That is enough for me to vote for the one that is being attacked. And I thought the liberals had taken this