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White's Auto Repair Inc.
864 Hyw 25 North
Edgefield, SC 29824
(803) 637-9100

Consumer Awareness Regarding Automotive Collision Repair and DRPs (Direct Repair Programs)

White’s Auto Repair would like to thank our customers for their loyalty. We believe consumers should know their rights and have the freedom and the right to choose regarding the servicing or repair of their automobiles. This information was taken from “The Collision Expert”, an industry trade paper offered through membership to the Independent Auto Body Association as a means to promote consumer awareness.

Erica Eversman, an attorney who works with body shops and consumers on collision repair issues states, “The independent repairers are systematically discriminated against by insurers. Insurers and their vast legal and advertising coffers drive business to DRP shops that are ‘obligated’ to them by agreement or contract to fraudulently compromise the interests of consumers.”

When the mantra of ‘holding down the cost of premiums, insurers “tortuously interfere” in established contracts of repair and discourage prospective consumers from going to non DRP shops that legally fuffill theft duties to the consumer and protect consumer rights. “Few consumers have any knowledge in the area of auto repair, and are therefore misleading about the cost and quality of repair. It’s a little dance in which the consumer wants the highest quality repair, and the insurer pays the bill and expects to pay as little as possible.”

A DRP shop has a special arrangement with the insurer, initiated by the insurer, which spells out the obligations of the body shop to adhere to specific regulations from the insurer.” These networks and DRPs encourage the use of imitation parts, cheap labor and other concessions by the body shop or auto glass shop in order for the cost of repair to be as low as possible in return for the promise of business referrals. Insurers sign these agreements to minimize repair costs, and the consumer’s rights often are neglected.”

The very definition of free enterprise, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance, The insurance industry is blatantly trampling on consumer rights and strangling the life out of the free enterprise system with regard to collision repair and auto glass replacement.

Bill White Jr.
Owner of White’s Auto Repair
864 Hwy 25 N. Edgefield
phone 637-9100


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